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Open Pokemon roleplay~

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The Lucario turned around sharply, all snarling teeth and angry eyes.
"Are you trying to die? Why are you following us yelling like a freaking maniac?! If you're that desperate to die I'll kill you myself. Somebody is trying to rest!" He snapped, holding the girl to his chest. He hid her tails so she would appear human and not reveal their secret.
"and we're not scared. We never will be."
"Hey I'm not stupid er most of the time I'm not and no one will hurt us my brother is going to make sure of that." He said that as he fluffs his red and black hair.
"Yeah have you seen him he is real quiet though just don't make him mad."
When the Zoroark suddenly appeared, Mercury stumbled back in shock. He didn't know much about Pokemon, but he knew enough to know that Zoroarks were pretty rare. And something to stay away from. Lucas snapped something at the Zoroark, who replied. The Zoroark didn't really look like it was looking for a fight, but Mercury hoped it didn't hate humans. His hand started to go for the wrecking bar sticking out of his bag, but Mercury stopped and simply rested his hand on his backpack strap, watching the Zoroark uneasily.

Katie's reaction to the appearance of the Zoroark was similar to her trainer's. But being an Audino, she could understand what was being said. She wasn't quite sure about what Lucas was saying. She felt pretty scared. Then again, she wasn't as strong or as tough-looking as Lucas or Jetta.
"W-what do you want?" She asked the Zoroark timidly.
The Zoroark scoffs at the Audino
"Aww aren't you precious and you got a trainer that's cute, but actually I wanted some entertainment since my brother is gone off somewhere probably to get some food."
The Zoroark looks around at the party.
"Well then I'm Cadus, a zoroark as you can see, and I have some cool powers of illusion to make stuff like that Cobalion."
"Watch how you handle the Audino. And we don't care about your stupid illusions. What are you, five?" Lucas snapped. He made it to where both human and pokemon could understand him. He stood next to the audino with a bored expression, crossing his arms, Vee on his back.
"And the miracle cure does exist. I've seen it with my own eyes. It's-" He stopped abrubtly and looked to the east, smelling. Suddenly he began to tremble, quivering from his nose to his toes.
"Do you smell that? Smells sweet. And healthy. Bursting with vitality. Smells so familiar, almost like-" He began to grin.
"Like the world's best medicine."

The lucario let out a yip of happiness and began to sprawl around the clearing, with all the excitment and energy of a newborn pup. He danced around the Zorark, back flipped over the trainer and landed behind the audino.
He suddenly remembered he was in public and cleared his throat, all seriousness and snarls.
"You weren't supposed to see that."
Cadus raises an eyebrow.
"Ok you're confusing me now you act like a tough guy emo then start acting happy then try to brush it away let it flow out and wait you said the worlds best medicine."
Cadus has a very big grin.
"Oh this could be nice. Very very niiiiiice."
Two small glowing gold orbs are high up in a tree.
(Dude tought guy emo? XD Also, don't think I'm an ass, 'cuz Lucas is an ass. But he will start to like you once you spend more time with him.)
(Awwwe, is that what everyone sees my Lucas? XC)

(Crawls away depressed)
Flame followed Lucas as he saw the Zoroark apper as he was a bit shocked when Lucas suddenly Got furious at it. Flame listened to the Conversation Closely and Laughing very loudly when Lucas started Dancing. He then looked up as he Saw the two small glowing Orbs in the trees and went closer to it, not knowing what it is.
(It's just Cadus he can't really keep his mouth shut and Lux is the only reason he survives. Lucas is a good oc, and Cadus is like Deadpool but not nearly as strong and a lot less smart than Deadpool.)
The glowing orbs move to look towards flame then they disappear. Then a voice whispers,
"Turn around now and forget you saw anything."
Cadus looks around anxiously and speaks quickly,
"So when do we get the good good you know the medicine for healing purposes."
Flame looked around very confused And scared about what just happened as he had Questions Flowing threw his mind, But just decided to do what the voice said. Turn around and pretened nothing happened as he looked at Cadus, observing him carfully
Jetta perked her ears in concern after what just happened. She was confused by the Zoroark’s urgency. “ Okay, let me ask a few questions of my own. What were those orbs, what was that voice, and why are you so anxious? “ She asked.
Cadus keeps looking around nervously. He gulps and starts to quiver.
"W-What oh it n-n-nothing I... I promise it's nothing. I didn't hear anything. Nope nada didn't see anything either."
Cadus keeps looking back at the trees.
Flame knew Something was Wrong After Cadus Was acting really strange. Flame then went up to Jetta as he Climbed up onto her shoulder as he whispered in her ear. "Theirs probably something in Trees. Thats why he is acting weird when you talked about the trees." Flame whispered in her ear.
Out of nowhere a Groudon with a red and black spot on its chest with gold eyes emerges and picks up Cadus as he screams.
"Put me down put me down put me down AHHHH"
The Groudon then eats Cadus and turns to the others chuckling.
(It was another illusion)
The Groudon continues to laugh then it reverts to Cadus laughing hysterically.
"Oh man oh man I gotcha good where hehehe where did you come up with gold orbs appearing and a voice talking that's unnatural dude."
Cadus falls to the ground then stops laughing.
"Ok that hurt."
(Zoroark illusions are kinda weird I got some inspiration from the Zoroark movie where it could make fire water and lightning illusions though nothing really happened. For example if it transformed into an Ampharos and it made a thunder wave illusion the opposing pokemon wouldn't really have paralysis)
Jetta stumbled back in shock at the Groudon’s presence. But when the illusion melted away to show the Zoroark, she growled deeply. “ You think this is all some kind of joke?! We need to find this cure, if you’re just here for some laughs then leave. “
Flame Fell off of Jetta when the "Groundon" Appeared as when it disappeared and showed Cadus and he was very mad as well, But didn't Anything, he just made a mad Expression on his face .
Cadus chuckles then gets back up then the glowing gold orbs are behind him.
"Nah I think I will stick around for a little bit I mean that miracle cure sound reeeeeeeally important"
Cadus fluffs his hair as he grins.
Mercury let out a yelp and actually fell on the ground when the legendary Pokemon burst up. He scrambled back, but when it turned out it was just the Zoroark playing a trick he stopped. Katie had hugged her trainer in fear, and Mercury petted her, showing her that it was just the Zoroark. Infuriated, Katie stormed towards the Zoroark. Mercury, on the other hand, still remembered what Lucas had said earlier. The trainer stood up and walked over to the Lucario.
"The miracle cure... You sensed it?" Mercury asked, hopeful. "Do you know where we need to go?"

"Alright, enough is enough!" Katie said to Cadus. Even though the Audino was barely half the size of the Zoroark, she still looked infuriated. "You cut those illusions out, you big bully!"
This Zoroark was getting on her nerves. Jetta’s eyes glowed a furious purple and she snarled. She turned away from the others. She faced a tree and started to punch it.
Flame finally had enough of Cudas as he Yelled. "Can you just leave all of us Alone?! You have already gotten on everyone Nerves, Played Mean Pranks on use, Do i need to to On?!" Flame said as he sounded furious.
Cadus chuckles and says,
"Ok ok chill out jeez"
The orbs behind him disappear and the same voice says,
"Play nice Cadus"
Cadus turns around to see a Luxray glaring at him and the Luxray's paw swats him to the ground and shocks him lightly.
"Excuse my intrusion but I see he has been a nuisance for far too long. Don't worry he should remain quiet when I'm around. His allusions all have marks to give him away it's usually a color like red or black."
"Jetta, Jetta!" Lucas exclaimed, putting Vee down before running over and getting in front of the tree, taking her blows so she wouldn't hurt her paws on the rought bark. He looked up with glittering eyes full of rage, and he drew back his lips into a snarl, exposing his fangs.
"That's it. I've had enough." The Lucario dropped to a crouch and closed his eyes, centering his aura admist all the chaos, and he began to glow, and from hus aura winds started. There was the burst of light, and when the light dimmed, Lucas was changed.
He had mega-evolved, without the help of a trainer.
"Human! I can only keep this transformation up for 3 minutes without the help of a trainer. There, on Vee's wrist is a mega-stone! Get it!"
He winced at the heat he was expelling, and glared at the Luxray that appeared.
"Too late for apoligies. He radiates chaos!" The lucario snarled, saliva dripping from his maw as he lunged with hyper-speed. He powered up with swords dance twice before loading an aura sphere in his hand. As soon as he met the Zorark with his fist, the aurasphere slammed into the pokemon's stomach, and there was a sonic boom. The Lucario was thrown back but he landed on his feet, smoke making it hard to see. He used his aura to find the other pokemon and readied himself for the pokemon's retaliation.
Cadus coughs up some blood and coughs and winces and the Luxray scoops him up with his jaws and leaps into a tree and disappears for a moment. The Luxray then hops down electricity radiating.
"I see there is no reasoning with a mega evolved pokemon but I don't fight for the sake of fighting, but I must hold you off as long as I can until you listen to reason."
The Luxray starts charging up electricity with his teeth.
Mercury stared at the Mega-Evolved Lucario in shock. He had never seen anything like it, and could feel the power radiating off of him. The supersonic attack snapped Mercury out of his daze, and he ran over to the sleeping Vee. Mercury gently took the bracelet off of Vee and put it on, then pulled his wrecking bar out of his backpack. The human carefully moved in, looking for an opening to help.

Katie gasped at the power of Lucas' attack. Yeah, the Zoroark was annoying, and a jerk, but this seemed way too much!
"S-stop!" Katie exclaimed. Focusing, the Audino put up a Light Screen between Lucas and the other Pokemon. She hoped it would stop the Pokemon from hurting each other. "D-don't! They're not worth it!"
Flame was shocked when Lucas Mega Evolved as he didn't execpt he could actually do it. Flame just stared at his as he didn't really want to move, hejust watch. But when Lucas punched Cadus and saw his Cough out blood, Flame knew what was happening as he yelled. "Stop! You two kepp on fighting you'll Kill each other! please Stop!" Flame yelled hoping Lucas would hear him and stop.
(I like the luxray!)
Lucas wanted to use earthquake but it would hurt Vee, and his allies. He centered himself once more, and prepared to use sky uppercut, when the Audino used the stupid lightscreen.
"DON'T INTERVENE!" He yelled, and used brick break, destroying the screen. He wasn't thinking clearly, the energy altering his personality for a moment. It was too much- the energy and the rage- it beginning to get hard to discern enemy from friend. He'd need the help of a trainer to center him- and suddenly, the winds stopped. He was still mega-evolved but in control.
"This Zorark is a threat to my pack. He must learn to respect the way of the Alpha." Lucas said, and readied sky uppercut once more. He was about to attack when Vee stumbled in front of him, all tired eyes and lagging tails from sickness
"Papa, stop!" She said, and Lucas paused. He faintly heard the litwic, but his eyes were trained on Vee. She seemed to sway back and forth in the wind, sick. She came forward and held up her arms, and he picked her up. The mega-evolution faded. He still regarded the Luxray distrustfully, but he wasn't out for blood. The Zorark had taken his punishment- the aura sphere.
The Luxray bows and looks back up with a glare.
"If you truly are out for more blood to be shed we can do so later, but not here and not now too many innocents around that do not need to see that."
The Luxray hops up to the tree then hops down with Cadus.
"I understand the importance of territory in this land and I thank you for acting mercifully."
(@C65 we should to let them battle later on- it looks fun! Also, my idea for the ending of this roleplay will need you guy's approval. My idea was when they find it, there's only one cure. Of course, Lucas wants it but so does Mercury. And Katie, Flame, Mercury, Jetta, and Lucas battles. Perhaps even the Luxray and Zorark take sides too, it's up to you what side you choose. Lucas and Jetta win, but barely- Lucas is maimed for life or whatever. And Vee refuses the cure, meaning Mercury gets it. Vee dies. Yep. Are you guys okay with the battle later on?)
@Cardboard Shinobi
@Comet Blaster

The Lucario scoffs. "I would've kept going if Vee hadn't intervened." He said, and he held Vee to his chest. The girl whimpered again, and he gently licked her cheek to comfort her.
"Thank you for the apology. But it's not for me, its for my team." He gestured to them.
Katie let out a small cry as Lucas broke through her Light Screen. The Audino cowed in fear as the Lucario continued his rampage. When it was over, she stood back up, looking around with concern.

Mercury watched the conversation between the Luxray and Lucario, and realized the situation has de-esclated. The human took off the Mega Stone bracelet and walked over to the Lucario, handing it to Lucas.
"Here." Mercury said to the Lucario.

(@GottaKetchumAll I gotta problem with this ending, but you should probably make a Discussion thread for this.)
(I really don't know about the ending but the one on one battle would seem cool to see happen and the big battle seems a little pointless since what would Flame and Jetta really fight for. Just my opinion, but it is your RP, so your rules.)
Lux bows to the others.
"Please forgive me and my brother on my behalf I know just an apology isn't enough but these words are all I have to offer."
Cadus coughs and squeaks out,
"Y-yes w-we s-should leave l-like now"
Lux glares at him,
"Also to make up for my brothers wrongdoings we shall be accompanying the pack and serving under Lucas until the cure is found."
Cadus grumbles at this, but can barely say anything to counter the Luxray's words.
Jetta stopped punching the tree. She watched in awe as Lucas mega evolved, and proceeded to beat the Zoroark. She thought that she should intervene, but ultimately decided against it. She walked over to Lucas. “ That was pretty cool. “
(Thread has been made! And it's everyone's rules. I am not in charge. I think Jetta would fight for Vee, and litwic would just chill)
Lucas nodded in respect, hoping he could keep everyone in line. He smiled a genuine smile at Jetta, happy to be noticed. He scratched her behind the ears impulsively, then realized she could find that offensive and and drew his hand back.
"We need to find the cure... tonight."
Jetta flinched at Lucas’s touch and pulled away. She wasn’t used to it still, she wasn’t afraid of Vee because Jetta knew Vee wouldn’t harm her.
“ I agree. We gotta get moving. “
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