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Ask to Join Warrior Cats :] The Hopefully Cry of The Forest

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Oak’Star gazed up at the stars shining brightly above her small clan. ‘ oh Starclan, Thank you for hearing our prayers. I am forever in your diet.’ Looking down at the cats below her she couldn’t help but wonder how did she get chosen to lead this clan, there a few older then her here. Passing thoughts thoughts aside and smile down from her place on Faith Rock. Like all clans having named there rock she chose this name for one simple reason it was the rock where there prayers where heard, faith in Starclan as even restored in their hearts.

Tonight we shall celebrate the reunion to our ancestors !“ The longhaired dark ombré tabby cheered. Oak’Star stood proudly on her rock, she and few others have reconnected with Starclan. They have done something deemed impossible by others, and have done so proudly. Oak was not gonna let her clan fall like the few before them. Faithclan is now the first and only remaining clan after there dark ages. This generation will hold this title with great honor and pride.


Previously 'Candle'
Rose’Splash; Deputy

Rose’Splash smiled as she glanced from her position on the rock. She knew that tonight, it was going to cheerful and happy. There was no cowering in Faithclan, She thought. “Tonight we shall celebrate our strong, healthy future in this clan. Our ancestors, our family, we are one all together.” Rose’Splash said to the clan after Owl’Star finished hoping that her speech wouldn’t have been to much of a bother to her and the clan mates. She rubbed her paws against the smooth rock below nervously, breathing in to calm her nerves. She felt, that tonight anything would have deemed to be possible in any way shape or form. “May StarClan look down upon all of you in pride and joy.” She muttered loudly, allowing anyone closer to the rock would have heard her.
Bat’Nose; Warrior

Bat’Nose looked at the two figures spotted on the rock, both being she’s. Yes, we are one. He thought, moving his black paws around as he began stare up at Sliverpelt. “We have been declined by all, maybe someday. Somehow we will all find our places in Faithclan.” He said to himself, not loud enough to quite hear. Bat’Nose looked down, before looking over at the nursery to notify himself that Twig’Snow was there.
She gazed down at her deputy with a smile and nodded at her small speech.” We are one “ she said back. She then gracefully got up from her position on the rock, leaping down. “ Get some food from the kill pile everyone. We shall all go to bed full and happy. “ Giving a wide smile to all the cats in front of her, then gestures to the small pile of food.

Don’t mind if I do ! “ The joyful Tom trotted off to the kill pile to pick up a small vole. He may have rushed off for food, but he would leave the better prey for the other cats. Then trotting over to sit under the willow tree in the middle of camp. Digging into the small creature he could help but smile. Faith is restored, this night of prayers were answered.


Previously Toasty|

The chimera cat bounced off from the meeting to the Kill Pile, soon searching for the seemingly better prey. He was one of the only apprentice’s anyway besides SablePaw, but he was medicine cat. The two faced cat grabbed a plump robin who looked like they had their feathers all puffed out all the time. It was about the size of his paw but he didn’t mind it. WhisperPaw padded over towards the app den, he had it all by himself and could spread at anyway and sleep on whatever nests. He plopped down into his stomach into a crouch like form to bite at the feathery robin. He spat some of the feathers out as he recoiled from the first bite. Soon pink flesh was showing and it allowed for a more standardized eating form. “Thanks StarClan?” He mumbled as he finished finding himself hungry still. He growled as he padded past the kill pile, saying “I’m heading Hunting!” To any warrior who looked at him confused. He exited through the camp exit scratching, the forest around was fresh and green and the sounds that billowed through the careful night was amazing. “Catch a prey and leave.” WhisperPaw muttered under his breath as he saw his darkening vision blur. Scattering sounds made him crouch and make sure he was downwind in case of a mouse or vole running around. He smelled, It was a mouse! And he was going to catch it. He breathed lightly, walking slowly towards the soon to be dead prey. Don’t get your hopes up! His mind raced as he was about to catch his first prey alone without his mentor, MuddyFoot to tell him what to do. Snap! WhisperPaw broke a twig lost in thought which caused the mouse to look towards around and sprint away in a hurry. “Oh fox-dung!” He shouted angrily.

After WhisperPaw got back he seized the app den in a sleepily hurry. It was known for him to be grumpy so it wasn’t much of a bother as he padded back to the den. “That’s what I get.” He said softly to the walls of the den. Sleep controlled him as he later his head on his paws and curled his long black tail covered in orange patches over his two colored nose. His eyelids fell heavy and he was soon asleep in a heap of fluff and moss.


Previously Night's Shadow
The rich scent of rabbit filled Dusk’s nose as she carried her catch back to the rogue camp. A large male jackrabbit and a family of voles dangled from her jaws, swinging back and forth as she padded through the woods, pine needles pricking her paws. The heather-colored she-cat kept her ears pricked, even as she passed between two boulders into rogue territory—her home. She dropped the dead creatures, still warm, on the bony remains of the previous day’s prey pile. There was a scrawny mouse and a pair of fat larks, but it was early; most of the rogues weren’t even awake yet, let alone returned from their hunting trips.

Dusk blinked up at the ivy-covered cave the rogue leader slept in, a much nicer shelter than the openness of the rest of the camp—but she supposed that was a luxury one could afford when they were an alpha with… relatively… loyal followers, willing to kill for one reason or another. But it was the momentary lull in the morning hours that was the most peaceful, when only a few insane cats or just early risers were awake.

One of the aforementioned insane cats approached Dusk then; the wind brought his scent right to her. “Hey, Dusky,” he growled. “Nice catch you brought back. That rabbit looks… juicy.” The tomcat licked his lips, making a show of revealing long, sharp canines as he took an only half-joking swipe at Dusk’s ears, which she promptly ducked.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Ripper. You know the leader gets first pick.” Whenever he wakes up, anyway. “What did you bring back, that mouse? It’s all fur and skin, I’m not surprised.” Ripper’s lip curled in disgust as he turned with a lash of his tail. He cast a disdainful look over his shoulder before loping off into the woods. The lanky tom was mostly talk, but he was a formidable fighter—it was only Dusk’s tentative luck that had kept her from getting killed. She made her way back to a dead tree, which she curled up next to, keeping one eye open and alert.
Rainfall quietly hissed. Why in the name of StarClan was this inexperienced cat chosen to be clan leader?! She was pretty sure the cat never had an apprentice before! Unlike her, who started training an apprentice before... well. That incident wasn't her fault. Still, did Oakstar ever have an apprentice? She doubted it. She flicked her tail and turned away after the speech. Celebration? When did a clan celebrate something? And shouldn't there be more clans? There had always been four clans. Always! Was this actually StarClan's will? StarClan had returned to them, but what about the other clans? She gave a sigh and shook her head, turning to the fresh-kill pile to eat something small. After all, she didn't really want to participate in this "celebration," however she was also hungry. She ate away from the other cats.

Dapplemoss laid in the entrance of the medicine cat den, listening to the Clan-meeting. She honestly thought the speech her leader and deputy gave was a bit... cheesy. Sure, it might be needed, but it didn't mean it was less cheesy. The medicine-cat was glad to be working on the health of her Clanmates again. It was refreshing and she no longer needed to worry about cats trying to kill her while she struggled to hunt. After all, she was only taught the basics of fighting and she mostly relied on instinct when it came to hunting. Hunting herbs was much more fulfilling to her, and she was very glad to be back at it. She stood up and stretched, flexing her claws out before sheathing them again. The calico made her way to the fresh-kill pile before picking up two mice, one for her and one for her apprentice and brought one to her apprentice.

Pine didn't notice StarClan disappearing. And he never noticed their return. He was not born in a Clan, nor did he live in one. He lived alone. He used to have a small group with his mother and siblings, but then he chased off when he was old enough to live on his own. He hunted, stalking a mouse, the rodent's pink, worm-like twitching. He was far from his tree-hallow, closer to the weird cats who lived in a group. Nasty cats, in his opinion, as they were violent. He hated fighting other cats. He pounced at the mouse, it scampering away from his paws. "Curses," he growled to himself as he ran after the mouse. That was his meal! He chased it down, his paws thumping against the ground with each bound, until it squirmed down into a thin burrow. He hissed to himself before he looked around him. He looked around, hoping that he wasn't close to the strange violent cats. Dark fur caught his eye, and he slunk over to the she-cat. "Um, hello?" He said quietly, his amber eyes sparkling with a friendly curiosity.