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Open The Vorem Region

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Hello and welcome, my name is Professor Willian Lodgepole and on behalf of the Habeat Company, I welcome you to my lab. Now if you would turn your attention to the screen on your right, we have a short but educational video about the Vorem Region.

Welcome to the Habeat Company's HQ located in the southern city of Plainson. If you are watching this then you have been chosen to travel around the Vorem Region helping us study Pokemon along the way. You will be traveling all around from the hill covered plains and forests of the south and east to desert and jungles of the west to, if your brave enough, frozen tundra and mountains of the north. Do not fret if your looking for a challenge as the Vorem Region has a gym and elite four system in place. If that is not your style then you can take part in the Vorem Pokemon Showcase. So have fun and remember, the Habeat Company leading way to the future.

Okay. Now that is finished, please fill out your forum and hand it in to the assistant on your way to the main room.
Name: Gale Makwa
Gender: female
Age: 13
Looks: long black hair with a neon blue streak in the front tied back into a bun, grey eyes, wears a sleeveless orange turtle neck, black tights, dark blue and orange boots, light grey sash tied around her waist
Which type of Pokemon do you feel most comfortable with: water type

Gale filled out her forum and handed it to the assistant who stood by the door. She pulled on her sash tightening its hold around her waist before entering the main room which was filled with both scientists and Pokemon, some testing and analyzing moves and others take notes on how certain Pokemon interacted. She took her place off to the side of the door where there was a good view of the room and waited for what was going to happen next.
Name:Hikari Yamashita.
Apperance:Green Hair,Green Pants,White Jacket,Wears A green glove on his left hand and a white one on his right hand and white headphones that are usually around his neck.
Hikari arrived the laboratory of Professor Willian.Hikari asked Gale."Excuse me...do you know where i can find Professor Willian?"
"Hmm? Oh yeah it seems your a little late if you were here for the introduction but uh he should be somewhere over there," Gale pointed towards where a group of scientists were talking about something. The raven haired girl ran her fingers through her sash, "atleast that's where I saw him last".
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"Thank you!Iam really excited cuz i will get my first pokemon!Thank you again miss!" Hikari gave her a oran berrie."Thank you once again miss!" Hikari dashed to the group of scientists
Hikari came out with a electrike grabbing it."Wow!So this is my first pokemon!"Hikari dashed to the girl showing her his pokemon"Look Look!"
Gale looked over at the boy and nodded. Her eyes trailed down to the electric type, her muscles tensing a little as she made eye contact with it. She looked back at the boy in front of her, smiling as she did so, "good for you. I'm waiting for everyone else to show up and then seeing which one I get".
Gale shrugged flinching a little when he dropped the Pokemon, not knowing if it had gotten hurt. She looked around scanning the room again, "I thought it would be a nice thing to do and there might be announcements after everyone has their Pokemon. I don't know really".

Gale leaned back into the wall watching as some of the Pokemon the scientists were studying started to fight, some of them rushing to break it up while others started to take notes.
"Oh...did you already got a pokemon?Iam asking this cuz probably iam the only one that have no pokemon as a pet and that things..." Hikari Smiled.
"No I don't have a Pokemon. My dad had a floatzel and a panpour but I've never had one myself," Gale smiled scratching the back of her head before looking back at the Pokemon that had been fight, to see that they still were and the people that were trying to stop them to have completely given up, "my mom has a dustox".
"I wish your first pokemon suits you like mine electrike!"Hikari smiled once again and Electrike unleash a thundershock at him."Owww!"
Gale laughed lightly at this, she crouched down to look at the electric type. The girl pulled out a pink pokeblock and placed it on the ground for the Pokemon to eat, " I don't think they like you bragging".
"Whats that pink pokeblock?" Jado rubbed his neck while he talked to her"I would like to know how to do them...it seems electrike really like it."
"People who compete in contests use them. Some buy them and some make them. My mom makes them in our families shop along with pokepuffs and other baked goods", Gale laughed when a scientist was knocked over by a poochyena, the dark type pokemon yapping as it ran away.
Name: Nash Kethra
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Looks: Tall, Skinny, Brown hair, red cap worn backwards, orange jacket, has a satchel, has a sash wrapped around him with his Pokemon on them, blue pants, yellow tennis shoes
Which type of Pokemon do you feel most comfortable with:Fire
Nash walks into the science laboratory "Well this is a neat lab" he said after turning in his form awaiting to see what other trainers had been invited to go to this new region.
Hikari laughed too."Lets go electrike!I mean Sparkles!" Hikari punched the air"Ok use thunder shock on that poochyena!"
The poochyena atacked with tackle electrike"Sparkles!"The poochyena got paralyzed-
"Right now lets flash once again!Thunder shock!" Sparkles landed the hit and knocked out poochyena.
"Good job Sparkles!"Electrike atacked me with thunder shock.Before electrike atacked me he got a colar."Bolt?"Bolt licked my face."Ok so from now on your Bolt!"
"Ahhh...actually i just got him so this moves probably are the basic ones...but dont worry me and Bolt will become the strongest team in this region!"
"Hmm... well i'm gonna go get a pokemon as well." Nash walked up to the scientists to get a pokemon. he walks back to the other pokemon trainers. "I got a charmander!"
"OK! Come on Flare." he said putting his new Charmander back in his ball and running up to the person he didn't know yet
Gale picked up the poochyena, carrying the dark type over to a healin station they had in the room. Her grey eyes flickered over to the two boys talking then back to the fainted Pokemon. She moved over to the scientists who were managing the pokemon. She talked with them for a moment before one walked away and returned with a pokeball. She stepped away from the group and called out her new partner, "come on out, I would like to meet my new friend".

The Pokemon came out of its pokeball, a totadile appeared looking up at Gale. The girl smiled and picked up her Pokemon, "hello, little one".
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