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Shipwrecked (Open)

It seemed too good to be true, a cruise traveling across the world and so cheap. it was perfect for Axel as he had wanted to go on a new adventure for some time. He sat at the helm of the ship starring off into the distance, he couldn't believe it, water for miles. There was something about the water he had come to love but he could never quite figure it out. He decided in that instant that he didn't want to enjoy the view alone, he pulled two Pokeballs from his waist and enlarged them before releasing the Pokemon from inside. "Come on out guys!" He said with a cheer as a Buizel and Dewott emerged from their respective Pokeballs. "Wott Dew-Wott!" "Bui Bui." The Pokemon cried as they were happy to join there trainers side. Buizel took it's usual place on Axel's shoulder and Dewott stood next to him staring off into the distance. "It's a great view isn't it?"

The ship continued cruising through the water when something mysterious happened, the ship became covered in a coat of mist. Axel and his Pokemon looked up into the sky seeing a large pair of red eyes staring back at them. Suddenly the ship would be struck by a great force and almost split in two. The ship slowly sunk to the bottom of the seas floor and sent the guests into a panic, what would happen to the people on board?
Max struck it odd as the mist cover the ship, and almost disregarded it until the entire ship was rocked to its core. He noticed that the ship was spilt and sinking. "Oh crap! What do I do!?," He said in a panic but then regained his composer, and though of a backup plan, "GO, FERALIGATR!" He threw he pokeball into the air and released the large blue reptile. He then made sure that the pokeball's for his trapinch, elekid, and duskull were tightly secured and began to search for a safe way off the ship as his feraligatr followed.
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Sonya felt a great sense of accomplishment, her milk-chocolate hair flowing gracefully in the sea breeze underneath an overly large sunhat. "I cant believe that we got a ticket on this ship! This better be an adventure of a lifetime!" She cooed to no one in particular. Sleeping in her arms was a Cleffa, gently babbling about something pleasant in her dream. The Cleffa was not overly odd at first glance, but after careful examination, a tint of yellow could be seen on the Cleffa's pink body. The colors contrasted beautifully with Sonya's pale blue sundress with black straps underneath, revealing that she had a swimsuit on. "Luma, I do think that we should move somewhere else, the water is spraying too much on my face." Sonya finally decided as she hopped down from her perch on the side of the cruise. Almost as soon as her sandals hit the deck of the ship, a mysterious fog filled the air. "Cleffa! Clef!" The fairy type cried in unease. The event happened faster than Sonya's mind could process it. All she remembers was Cleffa digging deeper into her stomach and her reaching for her pokeballs that she always kept strapped around her waist. "Go! Dragonair!" Sonya's voice was drowned by the deafening sound of a crack. Marvel, her Dragonair, quickly took the opportunity to wrap her tail around Sonya, who was desperately holding onto Luma (the Cleffa), and safely swim to a calm spot in the now quickly rising water. After what seemed like ages, Sonya gasped for oxygen and realized that they were now floating in a stuffy patch of air, with a cabin floor above them. She had no idea as to how or why she happened to get there, but that wasn't important. "Marvel! Help get us to safety! If anyone else is around, help them as much as you can!" She commanded before holding her breath once again to dive deeper under the water, hopefully, to safety.
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Jacob sighed as he sat down on a chair. The sun was slowly beginning to disappear behind the clouds, and a thick mist had begun to set in. Truthfully, Jacob preferred this weather. It was the bets he had felt on the entire trip. He hadn’t been able to relax on the boat, thinking about the last time he had taken a ship ride, and a group of Gyarados had destroyed the ship and wrecked him on an island. That wouldn’t happen this time, Jacob kept telling himself. What were the odds?

Paris, his Cubchoo, climbed up onto his belly, as if to prevent him from relaxing. The pokemon was generally lethargic, almost living up to his appearance as ill nearly all the time. But for whatever reason, he had plenty of energy today. Jacob usually liked Paris’s laidback attitude, and he was disappointed more than irritated at his pokemon’s new found activity. He brushed Paris off to the side, and the pokemon dropped backwards off the chair. Pouting, Paris took a deep breath and released a small burst of cold air towards Jacob, whose rear end nearly immediately became encased in a block of ice.

Jacob’s nose twitched. Now Paris(Cubchoo) was getting on his nerves. He stood up, patting the ice off his butt and back, and turned towards his pokemon. Paris was covering his mouth trying to hide a smile, but Jacob wasn’t laughing. He was about to yell at his ice pokemon when Jacob heard something loud coming from the other side of the ship. Soon after a crash, and people began to scream. He ran over to Paris and picked the pokemon up, placing him on his shoulder.

It appeared Jacob couldn’t escape mishaps on the sea. At least this time he would be prepared.
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Axel was in full panic, it was no secret that he wasn't typically good under pressure so when the ship started sinking he waded in the water for a moment frozen, as if he didn't believe what was happening directly in front of him. It would take a knock upside the head from his Dewott to instill a sense of urgency in him.

"The ship's sinking fast, what do I do?" He said loudly as he pulled up the Pokeballs for Dewott and Buizel. "Return guys!" The beams would fire sending both Buizel and Dewott back to their respective Pokeballs. He then pulled another Pokeball from his waist and tossed it up into the air. "GO GYARADOS!"

Gyarados emerged from the Pokeball with a loud roar. Gyarados examined the incident and leaned down as to let Axel get on his back. Axel climbed on top of Gyarados and Gyarados rose it's head back into the air. "Let's see if there's anyone who needs help Gyarados!" Gyarados would roar loudly and move through the water surrounding the ship to look for other passengers in need of help.
Max and feraligatr helped guide the passengers with no water type pokemon to lifeboats he had seen earlier or pointed out things that hopefully would float in case they couldn't make it to one. Max figured he should help as many people survive as possible, sense his feraligatr almost assured him a way off the boat if things turned to hectic. "I think there's some more room one the lifeboat over there!" He pointed as a group of panicking people ran in that direction. Feraligatr stood behind me, helping me keep my balance, and instructing pokemon that got separated from there trainers. Max kept looking back at ship personal, looking for ques on when to send people to a new lifeboat and to try and get a read on a good time to bail. "Please everyone remain calm and try and help others if you can!"
As the other trainers began to release their water types or head to life boats, Jacob reached for a pokeball of his own. In a flash of white, his Blastoise, Nero, appeared beside him on the deck of the ship. The ship, now slanted, was sinking quickly; it would only be another few minutes before the ship had sunk entirely beneath the water. With Paris(Cubchoo) hanging tightly onto his shoulder, Jacob barked his orders.

“Nero, jump on overboard! We need to get off this ship.” Jacob nodded in the direction he wanted his Blastoise to go.

“Bla-stoise!” the pokemon said in its deep voice before turning around and diving off the ship into the water. Jacob followed, Paris(Cubchoo) still clinging onto his back. He landed in the water with a loud splash. He swam over towards Nero(Blastoise) but it was taking him some time with Paris still hanging onto him and limiting the movement of his arms. Nero swam over at a great speed, and Jacob quickly grabbed on and climbed up onto his pokemon’s back.

He looked around. He saw a young man on a Gyarados looking through the wreckage for anyone needing help, and just a bit further away another young man on a Feraligatr was directing those still left on the speedily disappearing ship. Jacob thought about helping them, but decided against it. They looked like they had things under control, and Jacob wasn’t much of a people person. Nero began speeding towards the wreckage to help, but Jacob tapped the pokemon on his head.

“Nero, let’s find some land. After all, all of these people will need somewhere to… dry off.” The Blastoise stopped in its tracks. Unfortunately, Jacob had no map, and his cell phone had no connection. He knew how dangerous the ocean could be, with all of the wild pokemon around. It would be important to find somewhere safe. Jacob scanned the horizon, looking for any land he might be able to spot. Having no success, he reached for another pokeball. His Pidgeotto, Kro, appeared in the air, flapping his wings. It gave off a rather muted “Toh!” as he appeared.

“Kro, I need you to find the nearest land. Do a fly by and bring back some information.” The flying type nodded, and flew off to Jacob’s right, heading in the opposite direction of the shipwreck. In the meantime, Jacob, Nero(Blastoise) and Paris(Cubchoo) turned back to the others. Nero, carrying Jacob and Paris on his back, slowly approached the others.
Axel looked over the situation seeing many people struggling to get to life boats. He did see another young trainer directing traffic from his Ferligator but he knew they would need more help. He grabbed a few Pokeballs from his waist and tossed them into the air. "Come one out guys!"

Three Pokeballs flew into the air releasing his Buizel and Dewott from earlier as well as a Vaporeon. "Alright guys I want you to try and help anyone you see, we can cover more ground if we split up." The Pokemon would utter their cries before beginning their search and aiding the other passengers.

Axel then looked to the sky seeing a Pidgeotto flying about, at first it seemed strange to see a Pidgeotto in the middle of the ocean but then he realized it probably belonged to another passenger who was searching for land. "I hope he has some luck at that, otherwise I don't know if we'll all make it."
Sonya felt her head start to pound and her vision start to blur. Weakly she pulled out Luma's pokeball and returned it, barely grabbing it in the fast moving water after the Cleffa dissipated into the pokeball. Dragonair had lived in many lakes before becoming Sonya's Pokemon, so Marvel was doing fine, but also running out of air. Suddenly Marvel stopped with a jerk, and a weight grew on Sonya's shoulders. Slowly she twisted her head around to see that her sundress was caught in the doorway of a door that conveniently shut when Marvel swam through.

'Oh dear Arceus Save me' she thought in panic.

With a sudden impulse of bravery, Sonya let go of Marvel's deep blue snakelike body and shoved her way out of the pale blue sundress. She was so thankful for her quick thinking this morning with putting on her swimsuit underneath. Marvel noticed the lack of weight on her and started to swim back towards Sonya, who was holding onto the doorknob like it was her last chance at life. Sonya sluggishly held onto the Dragonair once more, even more aware of the looming danger of drowning now that black spots threatened to take over her line of sight. Finally the water grew brighter and Sonya realized that in only a few seconds there would be air, precious, luxurious air. In her excitement, she took a small breath one second too soon and when Marvel emerged with Sonya on her back, the brown-haired girl in a swimsuit was coughing violently. "Haha, its colder without my sundress, Vert will be able to sew me normal attire as soon as we get the chance." Sonya laughed at the mention of her Leavanny between coughs as she rode Marvel to the nearest signs of life, a trainer with his Blastoise directing passengers to safety.


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Azure was sitting on a chair, a Houndour sitting on her lap, playing with her long blue hair. He growled and jumped on it like it was a butterfly. Azure laughed and petted him. "Oh, Doom. You silly pup." She said. Then she noticed the mist that had blocked the sunshine. But she ignored it, she liked cold weather. She tapped the heels of her converse on the wood deck. The water splashed her feet and wet her shoes. "Yikes! It's cold! Wait..." The water started splashing over the rails some more. "Return Doom." She put away Doom and took out her vaporeon. "Bubble! Come help!" Bubble came out of her pokeball and started yipping to get into the water.
Max noticed the ships staff start to crowd on of the last life boat as most of the people on the upper floor were evacuated. What, no metal? He joked as he turned to his feraligatr and climbed onto his back. "Time for us to make our exit don't you think?" The feraligatr the dove into the water very close to a dragonair. "Sorry 'bout that love." He said after they resurfaced. He look around and saw some people needed some help near a trainer and his blastoise and decided to lend a helping hand.
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Jacob was confused at the events that followed. All of the trainers seemed to gather around him and Nero(Blastoise) as they began to get comfortable on their pokemon in the water. Not only had several rafts of people surrounded him, but trainers riding all kinds of swimming-capable pokemon; from Dragonair to a Feraligatr. Why had they come to him? He had purposely tried to avoid these people, but he guessed they had chosen him for whatever reason to lead them. Jacob took a deep breath, trying to figure out what he should do, when Kro, his Pidgeotto returned. A few “Kaw”s and a nod to Jacob’s left and Jacob knew what to do.

“Thanks, Kro,” Jacob said, recalling his pokemon. He turned back to the crowd and looked out over them. “Alright everyone! There’s some land a few miles to our west. Everyone who has a ride-able pokemon should head that direction straight away!” Jacob said, pointing in the direction his pidgeotto had just come from. “Anyone on a raft should try to find a pokemon to pull them along. Everyone who still needs he-”

Jacob was interrupted by a huge splash. A large Gyarados violently popped its head out of the water, thrashing about. The waves caused Jacob to lose his balance, and he dropped to his knees on Nero’s back. “Whose Gyarados is that!?!?” Jacob shouted, angrily looking about for the annoying trainer at fault for the disruption. No trainer immediately stepped forward, but the Gyarados released a hyper beam attack into the water. The attack hit just besides Jacob, and Nero(Blastoise) was sent tumbling over, forcing Jacob and his Cubchoo, Paris, into the water. The huge splash sent a large amount of water into the air, falling down as rain. As Jacob tried to figure out what was going on, he opened his eyes to see several more Gyarados under the water, swimming about.

He reached backwards frantically, trying to grab someone or something to pull him out of the water. He felt a cold hand grab him and pull him up to the surface. He turned to see Nero beside him, swimming calmly. Jacob pulled himself onto his pokemon’s back. The Gyarados was still causing a commotion, and the others below would cause more of a problem if they had the chance. The group needed to get out of the area as quickly as possible. He saw out of the corner of his eye the Gyarados’s tail flipping over one of the rafts, sending a group of people and pokemon back into the water.

Just then a thought went through his mind; where was Paris(Cubchoo). He began scanning the water, but he couldn’t see anything. “Paris!” he shouted, spinning his head around, looking for the ice bear pokemon as the Gyarados continued to cause an uproar.
It can never be simple can it. "Lead the gyarados away from the boats! We can't battle them here!," Max yelled at any trainer that would listen, "Feraligatr let's go!" Feraligatr swam up behind the gyarados and bit down on his tail in an attempt to pull him away. The gyarados whined in pain and thrashed around while being pulled back. Max tighten his grip on his Feraligatr knowing this was going to be a bumpy ride.
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"Marvel, Take my bag.... please...." Sonya rasped between her new bout of violent coughs. Quickly she strapped her waist bag to Marvel right above the blue gem displayed on the Dragonair's neck. Sonya was sure she was going to die, until she screamed. The Gyrados that has been on a rampage scared the living daylights out of the poor Traveler. When Sonya screamed, the water in her throat dislodged, allowing her to breathe semi-normally again. Breathing was still difficult because of all the water being splashed everywhere, but it was better than drowning internally. "Marvel, I'm going to be ok, for the moment. Please refrain from going underwater for a few minutes please." She commanded. "In the mean time, Use Dragon Rage on the Gyrados!" The Dragonair obliged, throwing massive amounts of Dragon energy at the large attacker.


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Azure leaped into the water and so did Bubble.(Vaporeon) Azure noticed the gyrados having a rampage on the water. "Bubble! Control the water and send a wave on the Gyrados!" Bubble did as told, although it was a little hard, as she was only one Vaporeon. The water sent the gyrados flying their side but they all skidded to a stop and continued fighting. "OK Bubble, use Hyper Whirlpool!"
"Watch out for the boats!" Max said, as he heard the word whirlpool, from behind the gyarados as his feraligatr continued to restraint the tail fin. Max was unable to see what was going on but he could hear it growing increasingly chaotic. This gyarados is to small to be alone witch means a pack is coming to back it up...what do I do? "Lets go Feraligatr! We don't got all day!" He said as the feraligatr pulled harder, inching the huge blue fish backwards.
Axel heard the commotion forming behind him and and tapped on the back of his Gyarados to have it turn in that direction. He scanned the area to see several wild Gyarados attacking the others. "Where there's one there's more, we have to move." Axel and his Gyarados would move through the water towards the pack of wild Gyarados. "Alright team let's take it to these wild Gyarados!"

Axel's Pokemon assembled around him and Gyarados in a hurry, Buizel and Dewott would swim out to attack one of the wild Gyarados, both using Aqua Jet on either side of them. Vaporeon would use it's Acid Armor to move seamlessly through the water to sneak up on another one of the Gyarados and then it followed up with and Ice Beam.

"Yeah good job guys! Now come on Gyarados, use Outrage and take out the two over there!" Axel would point in the direction of a couple of Gyarados that were about to take out one of the life rafts that remained a float. Gyarados would glow and let out a huge fiery blast which would almost immediately knock out the two wild Gyarados's.
Jacob could only look on as the others began to battle the wild Gyarados. As they did, several more Gyarados popped out of the water, as if to aid the original. There were a lot of them, and Jacob was worried the group wouldn’t be able to handle them; not while they were so divided and distracted. After all, most trainers had a very limited number of pokemon prepared for this kind of combat.

Jacob didn’t have time to worry about all that, however. He was too busy searching for Paris(Cubchoo) through the shifting waves. The water was very choppy with all the movement, and Jacob was afraid he wouldn’t be able to find him. But Nero, Jacob’s Blastoise, let out a small noise, and Jacob grabbed on. Nero dived, with Jacob grabbing tensely on his back. After a few seconds, they resurfaced, the small ice bear pokemon in hand.

“That was close,” Jacob said aloud as his Cubchoo coughed up water onto Nero’s back. They were too close to the action, and with all the attacks flying around it would be dangerous. “Let’s get out of here, Nero!”

“Blaaaaa” the pokemon responded before turning around and jetting off in the opposite direction of the battle, heading towards land. Jacob hoped that others would follow suit; why would they even battle these wild Gyarados if they didn’t have to? They needed their pokemon to keep up their strength so they could ride them to shore, rather than waste all their energy in a battle against random Gyarados.
Feraligatr pulled the gyarados a good distance away and did a decent amount of damage to the tail fin to preventing him from swimming back any time soon. Sorry friend but your a bit to hectic for the situation. He thought towards the gyarados as his feraligatr swam back to the group. Max saw the trainer with the blastoise that sent out a flying pokemon earlier leave the battle zone and hoped he was putting two and two together correctly. If he's not helping he better of found land. "Everyone that can fight keep them busy! Everyone who can't, follow the Blastoise!" Max ordered thought the chaos. God...When did I become so bossy? What am I getting out of this? He thought as he pointed out a gyarados for feraligatr, "Feraligatr use ice fang!" Feraligatr swam up behind it clamped down on his tail with his ice cold teeth.


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@Creepypasta56 We are on a boat, there is no land.

Azure shook the water out of her eyes as she appeared out of the water. She kept bobbing up and down as she screamed. "Bubble! Use Bubble Beam!" Then she let out her Emolga. "Blaze! Search for land, quick! The boat is going to sink!" Blaze gave out a quick "Emu!" Then flew off.
Evon was sailing around with his boat. It wasn't often that he got a chance to get away from his gym, and he was enjoying the time as much as possible. He had decided to take a vacation at his summer house in Kanto, and was currently enjoying a nice round of fishing. He opened his eye to see his Eevee, Jolteon and Vaporeon start to freak out. "What is it?" he responded sleepily. "The fishing rod's secure... WHAT THE HECK?!" The gym leader snapped to attention as he saw a trail of smoke coming from a downed ship. "Let's see if we can help." Evon said, starting the motor. The boat started to ride off towards the wreckage.
Vince was flying around on his Swellow on a nearby island, his Infernape and Lopunny following through the trees. They had been training like this for a couple hours now. Vince had been training to take on the Kalos League for awhile now and had been residing on this remote island for awhile now. As he barked orders at his Pokemon, his Lopunny paused with her head above the trees. "What is it Mare? Back to training!" Mare wouldn't listen though. It pointed out to the sea where smoke was rising and what looked like a forlorn Emolga flying for the island. "Guess training is over for the day...Lets go team!" as he recalled Mare and Pyro (Infernape) and took off on his Swellow towards the smoke. "Buizel come on out!" as he tosses the PokeBall towards the sea. "Bui-Bui!" it chirped as it poked its head out of the water. "Towards the smoke!" Vince calls out to Buizel as he points and swoops down closer to the water on Swellow and Buizel takes off.
A lone boy by the name of Kraus sat in a corner of the deck. His small Klefki looking out his coat pocket. He had waited so long to ride on this boat and the day had finally come. He called out Klef and pulled out a container filled with food. He pulled out a sandwich and gave Klef half of it. As they were enjoying their lunch together Kraus started to notice a faint smokey smell. He looked in horror as that smoke was coming from the boat. The same boat he was on. In panic he grabbed Klef and raced to try and find a way to get out, but there was nothing.