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Open Lives we Choose

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This is a simple RP, it has a few simple rules.
1. Make things realistic (Realistic like something extra ordinary like aleans or super powers appear)
2. post your character info before RPing

Appearance (you can draw what you look like if you want):
Memorable by(A cirtan characteristic or event that people think of you when the topic comes up):

here's mine
Name: Isaac
Personality: relaxed, kind, keeps to himself,
Appearance: whatever t-shirt he has in is wardrobe, a light blue sweatshirt, jeans, a book/computer bag
Age: 17
Memorable by: the nickname cucumber
Isaac got up from his computer, his eyes ached from staring at it too long. Grabbing his things, he got ready to wander around on his day off from school, he didn't have many friends to talk to so he left his home and started to walk on the sidewalk outside of his home. it was dark, the sun was rising so it added shades of yellow and orange to the clouds above him. Illuminating the city in front of him. he looks to the street, and sees bright lights zoom by and run away with red. Isaac sighed and continued walking forward.
Name: Luke
Personality: brave, curious, makes a good impression on all,
Appearence: a bunny or seal t-shirt, damaged black jeans, a seal and bunny plush on a backpack
Memorable by: nothing (has no friends)

Luke woke up from his blanket. He was really sad since the only good thing he had were t-shirts. Luke went to go for a walk, since there was nothing else to do. He took his backpack ,a small lunch, and headed to the frontiers of the closest city. It was getting dark when he arrived so he decided to stay there for the night. Luke was just about to sleep when he noticed some red ligths he has never seen before in all his walks. he was not sure of what to do...
Isaac sighed and started walking toward the city, where he would prabaly get something to eat before walking home. He realized everything was damp from the rain the day before and started thinking about where he could eat that wasn't food truck food. Thinking about it, he remembered an old friend of his works at a diner on the other side of town. Curious about what they've been doing all of this time, Isaac wondered if he'll get to see them.
((This looks pretty unused, but I'll try :)))
Name: Elizabeth
Personality: laid-back, rebellious, sarcastic
Appearance: any variety of t-shirt colors, a black zip up jacket, skinny jeans, sneakers
Age: 17
Memorable by: her nickname Liz, spray-painting on the school walls and not getting caught

Liz's sneakers tapped on the sidewalk as she loitered through the city. Currently, she was on suspension from school for mocking the principle and talking back to the teachers. She lazily smiled at people she knew, and they lazily smiled back. Her eyes darted around as she entered the shadier area of the city.

Let's just say that she had to punch three people in the face before leaving the dark area. Her stomach growled at her, making Liz roll her eyes and look for a restaurant. Spotting a familiar diner, her eyes lit up. She knew everyone that worked there, and decided to pay a visit. She quickened her pace and opened the door, breathing the familiar scent.
Luke felt something, something he never felt before. He found himself on the outsides of a city that seems really different than what he ever saw in his life.
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