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Open Steven Universe: The Corruption Wave.

( I kinda agreed to make this, so...I guess I'm doing that now!

Everything seemed normal on Earth, well, as normal as it usually was. But, recently more and more corrupted gems have been attacking, and their focus seems to be on our heroes. Will they find o the the cause? Well, time to find out!

1. All Pokecharms Rules
2. Don't take other people's characters.
3. OC are allowed, but follow the format.

OC Format.

Gem Type:


Garnet (includes Ruby and Sapphire, duh.):
Amethyst: @cookie77
Peridot: Me.
Lapis: @Jodie.xox
Yellow Diamond:
Blue Diamond: @Jodie.xox

(And, tags.)


And anyone else can join, have fun!
Peridot sat in the barn, using her ferrokinesis to move some stuff around. She didn't have much of anything to do lately, since the Crystal Gems seemed more busy. She sighed and stopped, walking outside to look around. She saw some kind of thing moving in the distance, then, she realized it was a corrupted gem. " Uh oh....where's the Crystal Gems when you need them.... "She grumbled, running back inside. "Hey Lazuli! Just warning you there's a monster outside!" She said, before starting to think up a plan.
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I’ll take Lapis and Blue Diamond!

Lapis sat up from her slumber, “Who’s dealing with it?” She groaned, walking slowly to Peridot’s side. She looked around, no sign of any Crystal Gems. “Really? They should be more careful of these corruptions.” She raised her hand, forming a big sphere of water infront of the two. “Are you ready, Peridot?”
"As ready as I'll ever be..." Peridot said, shrugging. She was trying to stay calm on the outside, but in truth, she was really scared. But, she knew she couldn't have Lapis do all the work, so she had to help her. "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die..." She kept saying in her head over and over, before running past Lapis, grabbing a sharp metal bar with her ferrokinesis as she did. She threw it at the corrupted gem once she got close, hitting it in the eye. "Hey! I did it! I actually hurt it! Lapis did you see that!" She said excitedly, turning around as she forgot she was next to the gem. It smashed its tail into Peridot, sending her flying back over to the barn.
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( I'll grab Connie)

Connie heard some kind of explosion, looking up from her book. "That sounded like it came from the barn....I should check it out." She said, grabbing her sword and walking out towards the barn.
Lapis chuckled, “I’ll restrain it for a few seconds, then you can take action again.” She thrust her water ball out and onto the corruption, trapping the whole thing inside. “Quick, make a plan.” Lapis told her, suddenly realising a human was running towards the barn. “Is that Steven’s friend? I think it was Connie..” She shrugged, “Maybe she’ll help.”
Peridot sat up, brushing her self off. “Ow...that hurt...” She whined. “Ok...plan plan plan....idea!” She said, running back into the barn. “There should be enough supplies in here to make a device to distract it...” She said, picking the things up. she took some of the things apart and attached them to each other, grinning. “This should work, now i just need to lead it away from the barn...” she said, taking the device outside. “Ok Lapis, i think this might be able to work. We just need to get its attention on this thing.” She told her, setting the device down, and pulling out a remote control for it.
The corruption rampaged out of the water ball and Lapis quickly returned it to the pool. It came running towards the two, "It sees us, now might be a good time!" Lapis said, looking at the weird remote her friend had made. "What will that do?" The corruption saw Connie coming towards the barn and turned to look at her. "And do it fast!"

Connie gripped her sword tighter, running at the mutant and slashing at one of its legs. She ended up making it fall down, as she turned to Lapis and Peridot. “Hey guys! I thought you needed some help!” She said cheerfully.
“Ok, i guess i should use this now that it got knocked over...” She mumbled, pressing a button on it. The device turned on and began hovering, blasting some kind of beam at the corruption. It roared and began chasing the machine around with rage, as Peridot controlled it with the remote. “This should distract it for awhile, long enough for us to think of a better plan!” She said, continuing to blast the corrupted gem, snickering as she watched it fail to understand how to get rid of her device.
"We'll need to poof it and bubble it, right?" Lapis waved Connie over into the barn, "Hey, human! Use your sword to poof that corruption, we'll handle the part after that." She gave a small smile to Peridot, "Quick thinking."
“On it!” Connie said, running at the corruption. The gem took notice of her, roaring and slamming its tail into the ground, barely missing her. It then went back to trying to get Peridots machine, but continued to block Connie from attacking. She ran back to the others, disappointed. “It keeps blocking it. We should wait for whatever Peridots device is to weaken it enough for me to get to it.”
Peridot nodded to Connie and went back to using her machine. The corrupted gem eventually knocked it to the ground, turning back to the barn. “Oh great! Now i need to fix that....” Peridot said, running over and messing with the device, grumbling under her breath. The corruption noticed her, and pinned her to the ground with one of its legs, as Peridot began flailing around, trying to get it off. “HEY! GET OFF OF ME YOU BIG CLOD!” She yelled, but eventually tired herself out. “Um....can i get a little h-help!?” She yelled to the others.

(Just realized we have all the Crystal Temps. (besides pumpkin) I didn’t notice until now. Why meh.)
Lapis floated a stream of water around to Corruption to distract it. It looked at it, loosening its grip on Peridot. She quickly approached it and held up its hold to let Peridot free. “Hurry, now!” She pointed to Connie’s sword, “Use that with some sharp metal, maybe it’ll get it.”
Peridot ran out, grabbing the sword at throwing it at the monster, proofing it. “I....I did it! Yay!” She shouted, jumping around. She bubbled the gem, showing it to Lapis. “Look! We caught it, we caught it!” She said, looking up at her cheerfully.
Lapis smiled, "You actually did it, huh?" She pressed down on the bubble and it went to the top of the barn. "I want some time to relax, are there any nice Earth places you know about, Connie?" She looked up at the clear, blue sky, "It's a nice day, we shouldn't waste it standing here!"
Connie thought about it for a moment, then picked her sword up, putting it over her shoulder. "I don't know any places really.....there is the strawberry battlefield though. There shouldn't be any monsters there, since most of them are at the temple, or other places for some reason." She said .
"How does that sound to you, Peridot?" Lapis asked, sprouting her water wings to fly to the warp just below the barn. "That place is all based on the Gem War.. it doesn't exactly give out good memories." She sighed, "Maybe it could've changed by now. It's been long enough."
Peridot flinched once she heard about going there, but tried not to show it. "Urm....I would, but I have to, uh....." She stammered, but couldn't think of any excuses. " Um....okay, fine... " She mumbled, walking over to the warp pad.
Connie noticed Peridot seemed a bit off, but ignored it. “Ok, lets go!” She cheered, as the Warp Pad activated. Once they got there, she looked around in amazement, happy to see no monsters. “Ok! Coast is clear guys!” She yelled, and began walking.
Lapis found a nice spot and sat down, "Wouldn't humans have a picnic somewhere nice like this? I wonder what it would be like to eat sometimes. Tell me Connie, what's it like?" She patted the space beside her, "Take a seat, you two." Lapis sighed quietly, "If we can't eat, I think a nap would be nice." She told them, the sun's rays glowing onto them all. She breathed in the fresh air as she waited for her two friends. Wait.. is Connie her friend? She thought for a moment, no.. they hadn't even spoken for real yet, had they? Well, she'd see what happens.
“Peridot, is something wrong? You’ve been being quieter than usual....” Connie asked the small gem, concerned. “It isn’t like you to be quiet and distant. Did something happen?”
Peridot stayed quiet, turning away from Connie. “.....shut up you clod.....” She mumbled softly, before getting up and walking to a different spot.
"Peridot.." Lapis groaned, following her friend over to her new spot. "Maybe she is a clod, but what's wrong?" Lapis whispered, turning back to Connie, "Peridot can be moody sometimes, you shouldn't take it personally.." She peered down at her friend once again, "You can tell us anything."
“JUST GO AWAY!” Peridot yelled, getting aggravated. She got up and walked away, muttering under her breath. “Stupid Clods....of all the places to bring us, why here? Anywhere would’ve been fine but here.....” She growled, sitting down again, leaning against a rock.
“Peridot.....” Connie sighed, walking after her. “Something is wrong with her....is it because the war happened here...? Maybe that’s why....” Connie said, stopping to think. “Hey Lapis, can you go after her? She probably would trust you more....since she left once I walked over.”
Peridot grumbled to herself, looking back up at the clouds. “This whole place is stupid....why does it still exist? It just brings back bad memories for every gem on this dumb planet.....” She said, before crossing her arms and looking around. “...this whole place just brings back bad memories for anyone...”
Lapis nodded and walked over to Peridot, "Some of us learned to move on from the past, like making Earth our home." She had a small smile on her face, "And if they come back, we'll fight with force to protect this place." She waved Connie over, "It's nothing but memories, it's done." She nodded over to the warp pad, "Would you prefer it if we go?"
Peridot looked up at Lapis and nodded, standing up. “Lets go...” She said, walking back over to the Warp Pad. She stared at Connie for a bit, before mumbling a quiet “sorry”.
(Sure, but just make sure you dont double post or say one liners, that bugs me a lot, and its a rule.)

Peridot grumbled a bit as they warped back to the barn. “I’m gonna go see those CrystalColds, see ya.” She told Lapis, before running to the temple with a slight grin.
Lapis looked at Connie, “You’re friends with Steven, maybe we should go along?” She watched Peridot run to the temple and smiled, “She’ll have Amethyst, but maybe she’d like us there..” She sprouted her water wings and got ready to fly to the temple, “The sky is beautiful today, I think we should fly there.”

(If you want me to be any characters, lemme know!)
( i just think we need more of the crystal gems, since they are, well, the crystal gems!)

Peridot approached the temple, knocking on the door. “Hey! Anybody home!” She called, crossing her arms as she considered just walking in.
Lapis flew up and towards the temple. She breathed in the fresh air of flight and smiled to herself, “You don’t know what you’re missing, Connie.” She said, looking down at the running human. She flew faster and eventually reached the temple before Connie, then walked up to the door with Peridot. “Hey, we’re coming with you.”

(I’ll take Pearl for now so we have another Crystal Gem, but anyone is free to take her)
Pearl opened the door, “Oh, it’s you..” She sighed, then let them all in. She smiled when she saw Connie running up to the temple, “Connie, how is your sword training?” She asked. “Garnet is out on a mission, she should be back soon if any of you wanted her, and I think Steven might be with her, too..” She glanced back at the warp pad and muttered, “I hope it’s not too dangerous..”
"Its been going great! I'm getting better!" Connie exclaimed with a grin. She walked over to Peridot. "Hey, should you tell her about that gem from this morning?" She asked the green gem.
"Oh, right!" Peridot said, walking over to Pearl. " Pearl guess what Me Lapis and Connie all poofed a gem and I threw Connies sword at it to poof it then I bubbled it and it was really cool! " She exclaimed, talking quickly since she was so happy about it.