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Open Steven Universe: The Corruption Wave.

Pearl gasped, "Where was it from? Was it a Homeworld gem? We have to tell the others!" Lapis silently walked over and shook her head, "Was it a corruption?" Pearl asked, and Lapis gave her a thumbs up sign. "Well done, you three, but we have to find out where it came from, it could be a serious matter." Lapis sighed,
"Relax, we beat it for you, since you Crystal Gems never arrived." Pearl tried to speak again, but was cut off by Lapis, "Peridot was pretty good, I think we all deserves this down time for now." Pearl eventually agreed and patted Peridot on the shoulder, "I'm sorry for worrying." She told her.
Peridot smiled, before walking over to a window. She looked farther out, before stopping and walking over to the Warp Pad. “I’ll be back...” She mumbled, before warping off.

Peridot arrived in the forest near Beach City, walking through. “I know I saw something....I’m going to find out what it was.” She thought.
“Peridot?” Connie said quietly, walking towards where she was looking from the window, seeing something moving near the forest, and it was big. “Guys? I may be wrong, but.....I think Peridot went off alone....to fight a corruption.....”
Lapis looked at Connie with wide eyes, “Really? Shouldn’t we go help?” Pearl nodded, “You two go, I’ll see if I can get the others to come help.” She told them, then went off through the warp pad. Lapis turned to Connie and nodded towards the warp pad, “Let’s get going, Connie.”
Peridot walked through the forest, sticks snapping under her feet. “So much for stealth...” She muttered, looking around. “Lets see....mutant, mutant.....mutant.....CORRUPTION!” She yelled, seeing a gem corruption. She looked around to find any type of metal, but, there wasn’t any. “Uh oh....”
"That was her! I think she shouted.. Corruption.." Lapis said, grabbing Connie's arm and taking her to the warp pad. She quickly warped to the forest, "Alright.. where is she, now? I can't hear her anymore.."
“Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot!!!!!” Peridot thought as the corruption approached her. “I cant defend myself, so running it the best option!” She yelled, running off. She couldn’t get far though as the corruption slammed its tail into her, knocking her into a tree. “I’m...just gonna take a quick....rest....” She mumbled, her vision going blurry as she tried not to let herself get poofed.
Connie heard something slam, looking around. “I got a bad feeling about this.....” She thought, before tapping Lapis. “This is just a hunch, but I think Peridot is in trouble.....”
Peridot stood up, brushing herself off. “Back to running!” She said to herself, before realizing she could really run anywhere. “Well....shoot.....” She thought, turning to the mutant. “Welp. I’m gonna end up poofing, so may as well try to fight back!” She thought, trying to find something to defend herself with as quick as possible. She picked up a stick and threw it, missing the corruption. “Shoot...again....” She thought, before being slammed into a tree again.
"I think so, too.." Lapis frowned, sprouting her water wings before speaking again, "I'll get the high ground, you look around down here." She said, then flew upwards and looked in the gaps of the branches and leaves. "Peridot?" She shouted, "Where are you?"
“Ow....that hurt more than last time....” Peridot thought, standing up again. She heard Lapis and looked around, confused. “Lapis? Where are you?” She said to herself, before looking up and seeing her fly by through a gap of the tree she was under. “Lapis! I’m down here!”She called, before all ball of ice came flying near her, landing next to her. “Aw come on! That’s cheating!” She yelled at the corruption, as another ice ball came flying and hit her, knocking her backwards.
Lapis gasped, then flew back to Connie and pointed in Peridot’s direction, “Quick, she’s over here!” She put back her water wings and walked on the ground to her location. She found the gem being knocked against the trees and shouted to distract the corruption, “Stop it, you.. you Corruption!” She looked around, but there was no water to use, so she’d have to use brains instead. “Use your brains to get it, we can’t use metal or water here.”
Peridot stood up, shaking her head a bit. "Whys everything blurry....? Whatever, I can do this...." She mumbled, trying to think of a plan. "Well, if we can't use powers, our only hope is the Connie." Peridot said, turning to Lapis.
“I’m right here!” Connie yelled, as she ran over. She ran at the corruption, beginning to slash at it with her sword, until an ice ball knocked it away, freezing it the the floor. “Um...that’s probably not good....” She said, running over to the others. “Well, now what Peridot?”
“Hmm....I guess I could try getting the sword out.” Peridot said, walking over to where the sword was frozen. She began using her metal powers to try and pull it out. The corruption shot another ice ball at Peridot, and she couldn’t dodge it as it knocked her away from the sword. “Ow....I’ll....I’ll try again l....la....later......” She mumbled, before poofing and retreating into her gem from the damage she had taken.
“Oh no! Peridot!” Connie yelled, running over to her gem. She picked it up, and ran to her sword. Peridot had made it loose enough to pull it out, so she grabbed it and ran back to Lapis. “Maybe we should head back...”
"I think so, too.." Lapis said, grabbing Connie and flying away where the Corruption wouldn't be able to get them. She flew back to the Gem's house and slid Connie off of her back, "Alright, we're safe now, the Crystal Gems don't look like they're around again." She rolled her eyes, "Typical.. not here for an emergency." She sighed, "Anyway, we should keep her gem safe until she can regenerate." At that moment, Pearl warped back in and looked at Peridot's gem, shocked, "What did you three go and do?" She asked, slightly annoyed.
“Peridot ran off to try and fight a corruption alone.......we found her, but once the corrupted gem made it so I Couldn’t attack, she tried to get my sword back. She.....poofed from getting hit again....trying to help me.....” She said, her voice trailing off. “Well, I’m sure she’ll be back soon! It cant be to long!” She said, smiling a bit.
As if right on cue, Peridot’s gem began glowing. Her form regenerated, and she fell face first on the floor. “Ow.....that hurt.....” She said, sitting up. She looked around, before noticing she wasn’t in the forest, and began freaking out. “How did I get here!?!?”
“Peridot! Calm down!” Connie said, kneeling down and putting a hand on Peridots shoulder. “You’re okay......Me, Lapis, and Pearl are all here, nothings gonna hurt you.....” She said softly, trying to reassure the small gem.
Peridot shoved Connie away, running out the door. “That monsters still there, I gotta stop it!” She thought, before tripping and falling down the stairs to the house, landing in the sand with a loud thud.
Peridot turned over, feeling her gem. “Uh oh....” She said softly, feeling that it was cracked. Her form began wavering and glitching as she looked at Connie. “C-Connie....Get L-Lapis.....And P-Pearl...and anyone who can h-help.....p-please.....” She whimpered, beginning to freak out again.
Connie nodded, running back in the temple. “LAPIS! PEARL! SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH PERIDOT!” She yelled, pointing outside. “SHE WANTED ME TO GET YOU, SHE NEEDS HELP! HER- HER GEM CRACKED!!!!!!!” She yelled again.
Pearl sighed, “Oh no..” She walked out of the house and looked down at Peridot, “We should get you to Rose’s healing fountain, it’ll heal you right up and Steven won’t have to leave his mission with Garnet.” Lapis nodded and stood on the warp pad, waiting for them all. Pearl pointed them inside, “I’ll stay here to make sure the corruption can’t get up to anything, you three should go!”
Peridot tried getting up, struggling to keep her balance. “U-ugh.....g-great....I cant s-s-see.....” She mumbled, as her form began glitching out more, and she fell back down. “L-Lazuli....C-Connie......I cant m-move....” She mumbled. “This is humiliating.....I cant even walk on my own anymore! Hopefully I can fix this crack soon.....” She thought to herself.
(Sorry, forgot about this for awhile.)

Connie walked over to Peridot, grabbing her arm and pulling her to her feet. “Lets just get you fixed as soon as possible.” She said to the gem, helping Peridot up the stairs and on the warp pad.