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  1. nyquil

    Private/Closed The Rise of Froslass!

    Your journey starts the beginning of summer break. Cedric Juniper, father of Pokémon Professor Juniper has sent you a email highlighting a new adventure and he needs strong able body trainers to carry out a task for him. "Hello! <Trainer>. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm...
  2. Truetauros

    Open It's a Unova Roleplay

    The only rule I have for this roleplay is that all characters MUST be strictly OC characters (Which is most likely something most people are going to do anyway, but still). But other than that, just have fun and enjoy the RP! Welcome to the world of Pokemon! That's the name of the cute...
  3. comic

    Private/Closed Left 4 Dead: Blood 2 Spill

    @NotAPokemonRanger @wona @<Inkscape> Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/l4d-b2s-ooc.23644/ ———————————————————————————————————— A month and a half ago, the whole world seemed to come crashing down around their ears. Quite literally, too. Planes and helicopters dropped from the...
  4. comic

    Private/Closed L4D:B2S OOC

    Roleplay Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/left-4-dead-blood-2-spill.23696/ Welcome to the unofficial, poorly-named, roleplay-version of Left 4 Dead 3, or Blood 2 Spill, or B2S if you wanna get real nice with it. Considering this is a roleplay, and clearly not a playable video game...
  5. Shikowara

    Would You Rather....(Anime Version)

    Hey everyone! I don't know about you, but I love Would You Rather! So I thought it be fun if we did an anime character version. Here are some examples of how it works: Would you rather meet Ash Ketchum or Naruto? Would you rather kill Serena or Lana? Would you rather be siblings with Sakura or...
  6. Yamper

    Ask to Join The Transformation Trauma|:| A Pokemon RP Discussion.

    Welcome, one and all, to my Rp Yeah we all get the drift. It's a Pokehuman Rp. I'm doing slots for this one. I'm going to tag a few people who might be interested: @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ, @Altari_owl @LunarSilvally @RenzFlintrock @PlayfulFox47 @zodiac_queen @Red Gallade I am going to allow people...
  7. Yamper

    Ask to Join ☯Pokeformers! (Official Roleplay)☯

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokeforming-disscusion-and-sign-ups.21154 - Where you will sign up. All rules are at the discussion thread, though just a few things to go over You can have crushes/girlfriends/boyfriends but nothing too serious. Kissing is as high as you can go. Swearing is...
  8. Lillipup07

    Open Steven Universe: The Corruption Wave.

    ( I kinda agreed to make this, so...I guess I'm doing that now! Everything seemed normal on Earth, well, as normal as it usually was. But, recently more and more corrupted gems have been attacking, and their focus seems to be on our heroes. Will they find o the the cause? Well, time to find...
  9. Lillipup07

    Open Super Smash Bros.: A War Against Darkness.

    [ This is a Role play that's a bit....different. This is before Galeem destroyed everyone, and that means everyone is still here. But, Galeem will come to destroy everyone at one point, just letting you know. So, you have a chance to make it so out of your characters, one, and only ONE, can...
  10. Silver-Solis

    Open Adventures in Lumiose!

    Lumiose city, hub of the Kalos region. People come from around the world for many different reasons. Battle, fashion, or home, Lumiose is sure to always be bustling. Perfect for some Pokemon looking for a little bit of mischief. Zehriyah was a Pokemon of the sorts. She could never sit still...
  11. M

    Free Pokesona,Original Character, and Random Pokémon Drawing Art Request!

    I can draw something you want me to draw!But you need to give/sent me the picture/appearance.Ask me anytime!Always free and open!
  12. BonslyJuice

    Questionable Purchases

    What is going on, people? I want to know what you recently bought, or not so recently bought, that you are beginning to have, or intensely have, second thoughts on? No need to tell us the cost of it or anything like that, but I would also like to know why. :3 This will be a thread where people...
  13. MarshmellowKid44

    Open Pokemon Adventure

    Pick your own path on your journey to a Pokémon master! 1.no harassing other role-players 2.NO swearing! 3.Be Nice! 4.don't break any other role-play rules 5.Have Fun!
  14. B

    Open My Pokemon RPs

    I've actually got about three RPs ready, none of which are confined to any Region, and are more or less applied to the life of whoever wants to step forth to them. 1.Prom Night With Eevee : Exactly what it sounds like, this seems to be my most popular one. 2.Mimikyu RP : Follow Mimikyu into...
  15. Hisseki

    Private/Closed Flower Gift, Flower Gift... - Pokemon Trainer Academy RP

    (The participants for this RP are @Hisseki, @The Argonaut, @Excalibur Queen, @spookyscary, @I Never, @Littleblue, @DragonFlye, @Charlespark, @DullDeity, and @Ry_Burst. They are the only ones permitted to respond to this thread aside from, obviously, the admins.)...
  16. Hisseki

    Private/Closed Flower Gift, Flower Gift... - Pokemon Trainer Academy RP (DISCUSSION THREAD)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They say Gracerise City is where Cherrim comes from, what with all the blossoms around. A common belief around town is that if you find a Cherrim in the winter, comfort it, care for it, and make a wish that is pure of heart, then...
  17. Fraseandchico

    Open Wardon: World of War

    (Guide Here! https://pokecharms.com/works/wardon-world-of-war-guide.31549/ Note: This Is A Work in Progress) It Is The Year 2036, Technology Has Advanced So Much that It Allows For Spectacular Things in The Gaming World, One Of These Spectacular gems In Gaming Is Wardon: World of War This Game...
  18. Ombree

    Open Hoenn Trainer RP

    Rules: No legendaries No Mega Evolutions Z-Moves are allowed, if approved by an administrator No godmodding No Mary Sues Follow Pokecharms Rules 1-3 Pokemon to start with, you can then catch more Info: Name Age Gender Occupation Appearance Personality Team Previous Regions Other My info...
  19. CharChar96

    Open Adventures In Alola

    Hi! welcome to Adventures in Alola, a roleplay where EVERYONE is in. just a bit of ground rules befor my intro. 1. No swearing/Violence. 2. NO LEGENDARIES 3. plz be nice! 4. Have FUN! Intro: you've just landed in Alola feeling refreshed and all. you've either came to start a journey, or you've...
  20. Trainer Roxy!

    Open Pokemon Training School

    Welcome to Pokemon Training School! This is for any Trainer to come and practice,relax, or Just bond with your Pokemon! This also is a sanctuary for wild Pokemon,and at the same time a School!You can role play as a Pokemon or a Trainer.Also you can train your Pokemon on obedience to Moves...