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Open Star Wars rp

A millennium has passed since anyone of the events of the force awakens and the first order and rebellion have found a equal standing. The two are still at war but now like two kingdoms of equal power, new factions have formed the most notable being called the Phoenix sector. The Phoenix sector is a place of neutral standing to go, violent Jedi and peaceful sith. Now with this border protecting galaxies and empires that claim neutrality, both sith and Jedi must take a more diplomatic stance. You can be either a sith, Jedi, phoenix, trader, smuggler, royalty of an empire. You can decide to side with the sith, Jedi or neither.

History(this includes if you side with the first order, rebellion or some thing else like the Phoenix sector. Job. If your a sith or Jedi ect):
Weapons(this includes any abilities that the force grants you):

I allow for romance, swearing(as long as it's not like a sailor), and violence as long as it's not over kill.
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Name: Yevay
Age: 22
Gender: female
Race: Miraluka
Appearance: short blonde hair, pale skin, wears dark purple sash around where her eyes would be, dark purple and orange robes that does not have sleeves and hood, black pants, purple boots, has a spiraling tribal tattoo that goes up her left arm and ends on the top of her hand
Personality: playful in nature, teasing, can be motherly when it comes to younger beings, protective of what she believes she need to protect
History: born into a military family she followed her two older siblings into a high status military academy from which she later joined the Phoenix sector as an agent. She has gained her race's strong connection with the force and was given partner ship with a more hot headed Phoenix in hopes that they would balance each other out. She has moved around to many places and still does as her job demand she does so, acting as sometimes a peacekeeper or assassin.
Weapons: throwing knives, blaster, staff that can be strapped to her back, she use the force to throw up bubble shields but the longer she keeps them up the more fatigued she gets

Yevay leaned against a wall as she listened to councilors move into the building for the galactic meetings. The rebellion and first republic being separated with a large gap. The Miraluka smiled as she heard some younger beings gossip and whisper in excitement as it was either their first time coming or working as one went to, "younglings".
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Name: Callon "Cal" Corr
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: corellian
Appearance: Short Red hair, Saphire eyes. Peach like skin. He typically wears a Rebellion military uniform. White under shirt.
Personality: He is respectful, Likes to keep to himself, always willing to help out the lesser man and woman. Is very shy
History: Like the Corrs before him. He willingly serves the Rebellion. He graduated top of his class at the Military academy on Correlia. He became an excellent Pilot serving as second in command of Nova Squadron. like his ancestors before him he has a strong connection with the force though he only allows a few people to know of it. Cal does his Job to the best of his abilities.
Weapons: Blaster pistol, Blaster Riffle His families light saber on occasion, Is able to use force push and force pull
Cal stood outside the building as the Councilors marched in. ' Here's hoping for another year of peace.' In truth he hated this assignment. having to stand guard while Politian's decide their fate for another year. His eyes gazed at the scenery. "Atleast they picked a beautiful planet this time instead of that fucking ice planet." He said. He saw some children playing a game. He cracked a smile. He didn't know why but children and the elderly where the only two types of people he could interact with. everyone close to his age he always went stiff by. He stopped that thought as he moved his eyes seeing if anything was out of the ordinary.
Yevay moved as two people strayed from their entrances, seemingly decided to bring a scuffle from the war front into the meeting. The blind girl quickly made her way, standing between the two with two blades pointed to each, "stand down. You are on neutral territory and are risking civilians if you go ahead with this. The Phoenix sector will not stand for it".

The two stopped their charge and some of their allies stood behind them. Yevay bowed her head listening for movement if they went at each other. Civilians stood now watching as it all went down, children crying and stopping their play while adults and elders tried to get the a safe distance away or ready to get help.
Seeing the commotion Cal left his post to intervine. " What is going on here." He yelled.
" Lieutenant." The rebel private said. " We were just."
" Just what." Cal said. " Just going back to the Liberator and scrubbing all the plasma relays until the shine? Yes you were." He said motioning the private and the men behind him to leave. He turned towards the imperial officer. " Who is your commanding Officer." Cal asked.
" Commander Rell." The Imperial said.
" You are going to talk to him or her and confess the stupidty of your action here." Cal said. " When this Council meeting is over I will talk to this Commander Rell. If the commander doesn't have any recollection of you telling them what you did I will personally tell them." Call took a breath giving then he continued." Believe me officer it is better to admit something to a superior than having them learn about it second hand. Now get lost." The imperial officer left.
Cal released his breath. He hated playing the bastard but it was better to do it now instead of when Phoenix decides not to be very neutral anymore. Cal walked back to his post and waited.
Yevay twirled her blades a few times in a show of intimidation before tucking them back into the sheathes on her sides. She raise her hands to tighten the ribbon around her eyes so that it wouldn't fall before following Cal to his post where she proceeded to stand in front of him, arms behind her back as she stood at attention, "not bad for a rebel. You will need to teach them that this isn't another one of your battle grounds but a peaceful city. If they show action like that again I will not hold back. I will give this warning to the other commanding officer, this is a warning, youngling".

As she finished a small smile grew on her face as she raised her head, turned on her heal and started off again to talk with this commander Rell and get back to her post.
Cal watched as the female Pheonix agent walked away. ' Great.' He thought. 'Yet another uptight Pheonix agent.' Cal liked the Idea of the phoenix that much was certain. but their agents act as if everyone is beneath them. ' She called me a youngling when we looked like were around the same age. And I helped stop that damn brawl.'
Of course he also knew that sooner or later Pheonix will have to pick a side. in the many... many years of war neutrality only lasts for so long before they are either concurred or forced into the fight. He just hoped that when that happens that they're be on the side of the Rebellion.
He stopped his train of thought as he watched the children get back to playing their game.
Yevay notified Commader Rell of the happenings and made it back to her post. The Phoenix still standing at attention until a ball rolled into her leg. Two children ran after it but slowed when they saw that she had it. With a soft smile she gently kicked it back at them, allowing the force to help her see where they stood and where the ball was. The younglings took after it, calling to their friends as they got control of their toy back.
" Cal." A feminine voice said. Cal went to attention as a female purple twi'lek wearing a Rebels military Uniform with a captain insignia on it walked up to him. " I heard about what happened earlier."
"Ma'am I just saw what was going on and took the initiative." he said.
" I know." She said. " We've been flying together for a year now of course I know you would stop it. Anyways I'll be releaving you from post for a couple of hours get some caf."
" Yes ma'am." Cal said. " Thanks Liana." He said before taking off. He went to the local watering hole and bought his Caf. He walked out to where the children where playing and sat down watching them. Might seem creepy to some people but after this mission he'll be going on leave. That's when he'll explore this planet to it's fullest. Until then he might as well do his Job. He took off his cover and unbuttoned his uniform. as he laid down underneath the planet's sun.
Yevay continued to stand on post, not flinching when a group of first order people walked by spitting venomous words at her. The royal family of the planet she stood on soon arrived and people bowed as they walked by. Yevay's superior walked over and collected the phoenix and a few others before leading them to meet up with the royalty, "you will all be on watch duty. The Routis family has brought along their two children, they are your charges. Look after them".

The phoenixs nodded as they moved to meet and talk with the young prince and princess who hid behind their parent's robes. Yevay holding back as not to pressure the younglings into meeting their protectors, "all of calm down. We are frightening your pushing. They will talk to us on their one time".
" Corr." The commander said. " Report to the liberator at once." and the few minutes of peace are over. Cal stood up as he made his way back to the shipyard. He entered the Exnot Class Shuttle. It took of back to the Liberator. Onboard the almost always cleaned ship Clean Capital ship Cal walked towards the command bridge. " Sir." He said to the commander when he saw him.
" Corr." The Commander said. " Suite up. Your mission brief starts in twenty minutes." Cal nodded then moved on the balls of feet towards his quarters. He walked into the quarters and quickly took a shower. After words he put on his green jump suite. Before he left he felt as if something bad was going to happen. He walked towards his bed. He tapped on the bottom of his bunk showing an ancient light saber. This saber has been in his family for centuries. He proceeded to put it into the back of his belt as he walked towards the briefing room.
The king and queen moved away with their guards and left their two children with the Phoenix sector. The two young zabraks still fidgeting until Yevay crouched infront of the with a gentle smile, "what would you like to do, your high eases".

The prince decided that he would take the lead fors, puffing out his chest in an attempt to look bigger, "I wish to be shown what is called the grand market. And gather as many sweet delicacies as I can carry"!

"Yeah! As many sweets as we can eat," the Princess chimed in and Yevay nodded in approval. The other Phoenixs and her formed a defensive crescent around the two young royalty as they headed in the direction of the city's grand market to get food.
" Fifteen minutes ago this asteroid appeared in this solar system." The commander said as he showed a picture of the asteroid.
'A Rock?' Cal thought. " This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that it is slowing down. Cal looked at the picture more intently. " Nova two you will fly a group of soldiers consisting of Rebels, First Order, and Phoenix as well as scientist into the Asteroid Here." The Commander showed him a picture of an opening in the asteroid. Cal shook his head in understanding.
" Phantom one you will lead the remaining Nova squadron as well as Phantom and Wraith squadron in a defensive barrier around the Asteroid." The Commander said. " The first order as well as Phoenix are going to be sending out their own star fighters so be careful out there."
"Understood." Phantom one said.
" You leave as soon as the first order and Phoenix squadrons Arrive. Good luck and may the force be with you."
Yevay and the Phoenixs in her group gave off a intimidating air, hands subtly on their weapons as they kept up with the two small chatting younglings. Yevay kept a smile on her face, answering any and all questions asked by them. They made it a well known bakery, and the young prince and princess immediately started to eat any and almost sweets they could get their hands on. Yevay and one of the older Phoenix agents made sure they did not eat enough to make the sick and helped the two pay for what they ate. The princess decided next on shopping for clothing next much to her brother's chagrin and boredom.


Resident Furry
Name: Alexander
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: Alexander is a dour looking man, pale skin and black hair. He has gray eyes, which are accented by faint bags underneath them. He is a tall and wiry sort, though a tendency to slouch usually disguises his full height. He tends to wear a simple dark gray tunic and pants, with black boots and a belt. Usually, there are three lightsabers - one blue, one green, one red - clasped to said belt.
Personality: Alexander has an even keel disposition, not one to gravitate to any sort of extreme emotion. This does not mean he is a nice person, he in fact tends to react to others' misfortune with a wry smile, finding amusement in their trouble. Still, he is not one to make waves, and is easy enough to get along with so long as you don't stand in his way. This is harder than it sounds, as Alexander is something of an eccentric, and getting in the way of his goals requires a concerted effort.
History: The younger of a set of fraternal twins who joined the Jedi, Alexander and his brother, Zachary, had something of a friendly rivalry for much of their childhood. Their original lightsabers, Alex's blue and his Zack's green, were even built in such a way that they could be combined into a saberstaff, two halves of a singular unit reflecting how the brothers saw themselves. The brothers were opposites in many ways, Zack fair haired and fair skinned like their mother, Alex dark haired and pale skinned like their father. Alex was of above average height, Zack was under it. Zachary was emotional, while Alex stoic. And while Zack stayed firmly within the light, Alexander drifted towards the dark.

Eventually, Alex became a Sith, and their rivalry became a lot less friendly. Indeed, it seemed the brothers were destined to clash on the battlefield. And then, in the middle of a dogfight, Alex shot his brother out of orbit, and Zachary died crashing into the surface of Selonia. Suffice to say, this was not a satisfactory ending in Alex's mind. The Sith wandered Selonia for a time, trying and failing to reconcile the random action that had become the final action. But then, he struck upon a second chance.

He was not the first person to find his brother's wrecked fighter. Two Selonian males had heard the crash and, swallowing their fears, went to the surface to examine the wreckage. They had found Zack's lightsaber, and the smaller of the two (a runt by his species standards, though still tall enough to look the slouching Alexander in the eye) had accidentally activated it and cut down his peer. As one can imagine, this was not a good thing to do, especially since the dead male had been the den queen's favorite breeding stock. The runt was going to be put to death. A few negotiations later - involving threats subtle and not so subtle, judicious use of the Mind Trick, and just a little murder - he had convinced the den to hand the runt, and the lightsaber, over.

All of a sudden, Alex had a plan B. Even the Selonian's name, Zeek, played into Alex's delusion. He'd train the Selonian to use Zack's lightsaber and the combined saberstaff, while in the meantime the Sith would continue his own ambitions. If he was lucky, the Selonian would surprise him, maybe even turn out to be force sensitive, though Alex was not holding out hope for that one. Either way, one day the Sith would have the final battle he felt he deserved.

Weapons: Alexander carries three lightsabers - his original blue, his brother's green, and his Sith red, though he usually only uses the red. He is adept at Form III lightsaber combat, and pairs his style with Force Drain to quickly fatigue his opponents before going in for the fatal blow. He lacks many of the flashier Force powers, like lightning, but has a fully trained Jedi, he is adept at both the Control and Sense branches of the Force, and has decent grasp of the Alter branch.

Alex is also a collector of various antiques. He travels in a decrepit Rendili Hyperworks Hammerhead-class cruiser, named Facade. The old ship is in bad condition, of its armament, only the point defense lasers still function. The hanger bay door is jammed open, and it was only recently that the force field was reinstated, meaning for a long time said hanger was a massive opening to the vacuum of space. As one can imagine, this means he has no fighters - even his own had to be abandoned during the upgrade to the Facade. The one ship he does have, a Zentine Dynamics Ministry-class orbital shuttle, is used, as the name suggests, to shuttle Alex and friends between the Facade and the orbited planet's spaceport - Facade wouldn't survive reentry.

The hole that was the hanger isn't the only one the ship has, in fact. Numerous holes, some large, some small, some in the process of being patched, exist along the ship's exterior, rendering the interior a maze of airtight corridors and rooms. As a general rule of thumb, the simplest way from point A to point B on the Facade is not accessible. Many parts of the ship's armor plating that haven't been punched through are scorched black from the various firefights it had been engaged in before Alex acquired it. The ship is lit only by emergency lights, any more would require powering down the hanger's force field, which would likely cost them the Ministry shuttle. Moreover, the Hyperdrive keeps breaking down, which is why Alex has stopped on this particular planet, to buy a new Class 2 Hyperdrive.

Aside from Alex and Zeek, no other organics travel on this ship meant for seven hundred passengers and crew. Maintenance and repair are handled by about thirty Duwani Mechanical Products T3 utility droids, a half dozen of which were assigned specifically to the failing hyperdrive. Their services will soon be put to use elsewhere. Alex's first mate is a Czerka Corperation HK-51 assassin droid, acquired from its previous master on Nar Shaddaa. Next down on the chain of command is OOM-55, a Baktoid Combat Automata OOM Command battle droid, who runs a security force consisting of a half dozen OOM security battle droids. OOM-71 through 77, skipping 76. Both HK and OOM droids are armed with Czerka 6-2Aug2 hunting rifles. These slugthrower weapons can punch through energy shields and cannot be deflected by lightsabers, and have the added benefit of not being at risk to burn a hole through Facade's hull if they hit a weak spot. Finally, he has a number of Czerka GE3-series protocol droids, which have various designations based on their area of work - for example BP 'bridge pilots' man the bridge, and AH 'animal handlers' act as tutors, translators, and caretakers for Zeek.

Name: Zeek
Age: 14 (A young adult by Selonian standards.)
Gender: Male
Race: Selonian
Appearance: As previously mentioned, Zeek is a runt by his species' standards. Though this doesn't really translate to humans very well, as the average Selonian is over two meters all. As it stands, he can look the average human in the eye. He has brown and cream fur, black eyes, and the ottery features typical to his kind, and generally wears tan pants, cut to fit his proportionally shorter legs, and a jacket which reaches only halfway down his midriff, again, due to his proportions.
Personality: Zeek is a naturally skittish, cautious sort. Being cut off from his den's hivemind has been a struggle for him, and his desire for consensus usually leads to deferring to others and letting them make decisions for him. He doesn't leave the ship much due to his species' agoraphobia, something Alex desires to work on with him. However, he is a quick learner, and is currently picking up Basic as a second language with the help of his assigned GE3s. Lightsaber training sessions are also resulting in fewer instances of scorched fur, always a nice plus. Thankfully, Alex's level of control and Zeek's own caution put him at low risk for accidentally slicing off a limb, which is also the reason the Selonian isn't being trained with Vibroblades.
History: As a fertile male in a Selonian den, Zeek's life had been planned for him from birth. Though his status as a runt diluted his worth somewhat, he would still have been used as breeding stock for some queen somewhere, maybe traded between dens as part of some politicking, and not really be expected, or allowed, to do much else. This changed when he accidentally killed the queen's favorite male with Zachary's lightsaber. Then all he had to look forward to was a painless death.

This changed when Alex 'rescued' him. Being cut from his hivemind was devastating for the Selonian, who at first didn't even recognize the concept of self. He has only recently started talking about himself in the first person. Alex frightened him greatly, but his casual nature has allowed the Selonian to relax his guard somewhat. He's still a bit put off by HK-51 and the various OOMs, though. Alex is happy with his progress, even if he occasionally calls the Selonian a basket case. For now, Zeek's continuing his training in Basic and lightsaber combat, and is occasionally supplementing that by watching the T3s and GE3s go about their work, nurturing an interest in mechanics and computers that he simply hasn't work up the nerve to ask Alex or any of his droids - who still scare him on some level - to teach him about.
Weapons: Aside from his training with Zachary's lightsaber, Zeek has no experience with weapons and doesn't carry any, and he has not reached the point of his training where he's ready for live combat.

Whew, sorry about that. I have a number of ideas, and once I got writing I had trouble stopping.

Around the same time the royal children were making a royal mess of the market, Alex was making his way through it. He was followed closely by what someone with knowledge of antique droids might at first mistake for a Systech Corporation protocol droid, if not for the weapon it carried slung over its shoulder. No, this was a Czerka Hunter-KIller assassin droid, a model 51. It was also a protocol droid, but that was more of a cover than a primary feature. HKs were usually snarky assholes, but model 51s had lost that particular trait. They were conversationalists, polite, cheerful, and one might even go far as to call them friendly towards their masters and their master's companions, without losing any of the deadly efficiency or enjoyment of murder that characterized the line. Suffice to say, the human and the droid got along very well.

Both were in a cheerful mood, though a slight smile on Alex's face was the only visual indicator either was giving. Today was a good day, one to celebrate even. The human, with some assistance from the droid, had just negotiated the purchase of a Class 2 Hyperdrive, which was being delivered to their shuttle in the spaceport. This meant that there would be no more limping through the vast emptiness of space because the Hyperdrive had decided to crap out again. It would be ready to be installed as soon as they returned to the Facade, which would be just as soon as they finished their time in the market. What exactly they still need to do in the market was still under discussion.

"Statement: Your young pet would likely enjoy some variation in his diet," HK-51 was saying.

A present for the Selonian was something the droid had been trying to bring his master around to since they'd finished purchasing the Hyperdrive. Alex had been mulling over the various suggestions. They had started with various knickknacks and baubles, friendly gestures that might make Zeek feel more welcome, but weren't a practical expense. From there they had moved to things like books to help with his lessons in Basic, to personal grooming and healthcare, and now to foodstuffs.

Alex himself didn't eat much, relying on Force Trance to last him through long journeys across Hyperspace. The rations they had were very nutritious, but bland in both appearance and taste. He could see the logic behind HK-51 suggesting something better for the Selonian, really, all of the droid's suggestions were reasonable, not everyone could handle the still solitude granted by life within Facades faded and dim corridors. Zeek, as a Selonian had even greater trouble going from a den teeming with life to a small crew of droids and a distant Sith.

"Refrigeration is a problem, though," Alex sighed, "If we want things to keep, we'll have to shut off the lights."

"Observation: You are Force sensitive, your pet has night vision, as do I and the rest of your droid crew," HK-51 replied.

The droid had Alex there. Purchasing luxuries like 'good food' would eat into his credit supply, but the good outweighed the bad. He really needed to do something nice for the Selonian, and having at least one meal a day that could be considered tasty was as good a place to start as any. Besides, today was a good day, a day worth celebrating! What kind of celebration would it be if the only thing that was different was some technical nonsense beyond Zeek's understanding.

"Alright, we'll buy some good food, but you'll have to make sure he's rationed reasonably," Alex ordered, "What do Selonians eat, anyway?"

"Inference: Selonians are carnivorous, and based on their heritage, seafood would likely be most appreciated," HK-51 nodded.

"Fish it is," Alex replied, rounding a bend and striding past a clothing store, HK-51 in tow. If the robot could emote, it would likely look quite pleased at its success. Perhaps that was for the best, though, strutting around looking smug wouldn't do any wonders for a professional assassin's image.

Despite being a Sith, Alex had never been the sadistic monster sort who enjoyed going around doing evil for the sake of it. He liked his Selonian protege, and wanted to do something special for him now that there was a decent justification for it in the new Hyperdrive. He didn't need a whole lot of convincing on that front, and it was highly unlikely he would have put his foot down and left the market empty handed, even if he had felt up to pushing the credits issue. Besides, HK-51 would have gone on about 'liquidating' some 'troublemaker' to make up the funds.

That wasn't to say Alex didn't do evil things, or didn't find the suffering of others at least a little amusing. He was a Sith and was decently invested in the powers of the Dark Side of the Force. It was just that the average Sith took being evil extremes that Alex found frankly unnecessary. Alex considered himself first and foremost a treasure hunter, a collector of relics as varied as the ship he commanded and the droids he employed. Living up to the public's idea of what a Sith ought to be didn't even register as a distant second.

A specific Sith artifact was currently within his crosshairs, and would likely prove to be his toughest hunt yet. After all, the last sighting was thousands of years ago. It was a mask, owned by a certain Dark Lord of Hunger, a wound in the force, more of a force of nature than a man. He had devoured the life of an entire planet, his power was such that he could rip ships from the mass shadow of Malachor V. He was one third of a Sith Triumvirate that rose from the ashes of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. His name was Darth Nihilus, and Alex sought his mask.

. . . That would come later, though. For now, there were provisions to buy, a Hyperdrive to install, a Selonian to teach, and a Dantooine to travel to!
The young princess dragged her brother and caretakers to a clothing store where she proceeded to try and get random people to try on different outfits. Her brother snuck away from under the Phoenix's noses only to gloat a little too soon as he ran straight into one of them who had trailed behind. Yevay nodded to her group and then to the agent that blocked the prince, taking stance beside the prince as she and the other agent walked towards weapon smiths and dealers. The prince beamed as he looked around at the weapons and different people. He pointed out a well crafted blade and started talking about it. Yevay stood beside him, nodding and listening to what the young royal had to say. Her hands flew to her weapons when someone grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her away. Catching herself on the next stand she listened as there was scuffle and the prince was thrown overn a shoulder. Letting the force guide her she moved and dodged around the remaining attackers and swiftly charged after the kidnapper. Feeling someone move to attack from her left she twirled one of knives and thrust it forward. The sound of a body slumping soon followed as she pulled it out and kept running, the prince screams now attracting guards and the other phoenix.
" Cal." The commander said.
Cal looked at the Commander. With the Commander was Commander Rell of the First Order, and the Phoenix agent in charge of this sector. Cal's Jumpsuit was torn. He had blood covering most of his face, Blood that wasn't his. He had several cuts and bruises all over his body.
" We have to evacuate this planet." Cal said. " Before it gets here."
" Before the asteroid gets here." Commander Rell said. Call shook his head at that.
" It's not an Asteroid. It's something else something much worse." He said.
" Tell us what happened." The Phoenix agent said.
" We landed on the Asteroid." Cal said.
" This is Nova two." Cal said. " Preparing landing process now." He said as he landed the Exnot class shuttle onto the asteroid. The soilders got out of the shuttle first fallowed by the Scientist. Cal was the last one to leave.
" Okay go wild." Cal said as he watched the scientists explore the asteroid. He breathed out slowly trying to contain as much Oxeygen as possible in his suite.
His brain was pounding. He closed his eyes as he the pounding became more frequent. He looked around. Something was off. There was a distorbence here. But he couldn't place it.
" Sir." One of the scientist said. " We found something."
Cal walked with them until he saw it. It was a door carved into the side of the Asteroid. " What the hell." Cal said as looked at it. He could barley stand. Something evil was in there.
After Cal finished his story. The Commanders and the Agent looked at him with a look shock and disbelief in their eyes.
The Commander looked at Cal. "Call back our councilors now." The Commander said into a com that ran threw the ship.
Commander Rell left the room. Cal presumed he would be doing the same thing.
" I'll Order animmediate evacuation of the planet. " The Phoenix Agent said as he left the room.
Yevay got the order over com and sped up her chase,. The kidnapper sped around a corner and right into a group of guards. He pulled out a plasma pistol and put it to the prince's head, threatening to kill if someone got any closer. When she got around the corner a knife had already been drawn, she put all of her focus into the force and let the blade fly. With no sound at all the weapon dug into the kidnapper and he let the prince go, who ran into the protection of the guards. They got the royalty out to there, Yevay started directing people to the shuttle launch sites. People moving in a practiced ease, the government of the planet deciding that it was best to drill their people of the war was to ever reach their door step.


Resident Furry
They were about to start negotiations for the purchase from the fish vendor when the general evacuation alert came through. Today certainly was turning out to be an interesting day. However, their merchant, a older human male, was beginning to panic slightly, motioning for them to get going. That wouldn't do at all.

"We'll just take the truck, then," Alex smiled lightly, waving his hand.

The human calmed immediately, "You'll take the truck," he repeated.

"Indeed, will you show us to it?" the Sith replied, still smiling.

"Of course, right this way."

The truck turned out to be a ST-101 Repulsortruck, made by Ubrikkian Industries, and carrying several hundred kilograms of fish brought back from whatever trawler the human was associated with. This really was a lucky day for them, a new hyperdrive for the Facade, and a truck of free food for Zeek. Of course, there was the problem of the imminent danger befalling the planet, but, well, it wasn't even an important enough place for the Sith to take note of its name on the maps.

The human and the droid climbed into the cockpit, and got the speeder running. The old merchant gave them a kind, if a tad confused, wave, and then was quickly left in the dust kicked up by the vehicle that he had just allowed to be stolen from him as it sped away towards the spaceport. The Mind Trick was a fun one like that.

People moved almost mechanically towards the spaceport, this wasn't the general panic the Sith was expecting. Still, at least they quickly learned to clear a path for the truck that would not be stopping for any of them. Alex wasn't pushing the repulsortruck too hard, but it was driving a decent clip, and being run into would hurt. The truck cut across the crowds until it reached the loading dock for the spaceport, and from there, had little trouble driving to the Ministry-class shuttle that had brought Alex and HK-51 here from the Facade.

A GE3, SP-02-GE3 to be specific, was waiting for them. It gave a stiff wave as Alex and HK-51 climbed out of their stolen vehicle, and said in a cheery, but slightly robotic, voice, "Greetings Master, you will be happy to know that your ordered Hyperdrive arrived shortly before the evacuation order was given. In addition, I have called ahead to the Facade, she will be ready to go as soon as we arrive."

"Excellent," the human nodded, "Why don't you go and prepare for launch, then. I have some cargo to unload." As if to prove his point, a box gently floated from the back of the truck, towards the open cargo hold the protocol droid was standing next to. Telekinesis was a good skill all around, the Sith hadn't given it enough credit during his Jedi training.

"Addendum: And I shall be ensuring no troublemakers attempt to sneak aboard," HK-51 added, drawing its rifle and standing guard.

"Very good Master, First Mate," SP-02 gave a motion halfway between a nod and a bow, and shuffled into the shuttle.
Once everyone on the planet had been evacuated to larger orbital ships the Phoenix made their way to their ships. Everything that had been need to be brought was and Yevay stood with her group. Their shuttle took off and for a moment she panicked as she lost her only way of seeing. The blind Phoenix stumbled but one of her colleagues caught her and they started talking about what had happened so far in their placement of the planet.


Name: Ranya Lane
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Very tall, standing 6’ even, tan skin, with brown hair cut short in a side swept undercut for the sake of comfort under her helmet. When in the field, which is most of the time, she wears a full suit of armor reminiscent of both Mandalorian and Imperial designs, capable of deflecting fire from all but the heaviest of personal blasters. The armor is primarily black and denim blue, with some red accents.
Personality: Stoic, polite, and reserved, a consummate professional.
History: Born into a military family, and trained by her parents as a teenager, Ranya became a bounty hunter by trade. She has no major alliances toward any of the large factions, and though she prefers avoiding work for The First Order and their allies (as they pay relatively poorly and their emissaries tend to have have the higher than thou rudeness of a zealot) if she can help it, she goes where the money is.

C-303 Assault Rifle (With Stock)

BL-28 Blaster Pistol

Thermal Detonators (Several)

Vibroknife (Cortosis Weave)

Heavy Armor

Ranya is Force Sensitive, but not aware of it, though under duress she is capable of accessing The Force, enhancing her physical abilities slightly.

Owns a Mon Calamari MC-18 light freighter, modified with heavier weaponry and two cabins converted for prisoner transport.

An imposing figure cut a swathe through the ordered crowds approaching the spaceport, covered head to toe in heavy armoring with blasters attached to it and several bags of groceries in either hand.

Those standing close enough would hear a consistent stream of annoyed grumbling, along the lines of, "The one time on the last two months I land on a planet for something other than work and an asteroid shows up, just my luck...", and so on.

The bounty hunter known to most only as Ranya had landed her Mon Calamari made MC-18 light freighter in the loading dock not even half a day earlier, expecting to get a few days' rest in a neutral sector where tensions would be high as opposed factions weren't allowed to get aggressive, and high tensions were good for her pocketbook.

In any case, Ranya was now walking back to her dock, somewhat peeved at the concept of gravity. As she made her way, she nearly passed, of all things, a fish truck, being unloaded telekineticaly by what looked to be a Force user of some description, though he was not any of the famous, larger than life figures of the war. Intrigued, she stopped to watch this unorthodox unloading, if only for a minute.


Resident Furry
Alex could sense the woman before HK-51 spotted her. A distant tug of the Force, weak, but present all the same. She wasn't the first force user the Sith had sensed in the short time he'd spent on the planet. He had, in fact, noticed another user in the clothing store of the market as he had passed by, but hadn't paid it any attention.

"Declaration: This ship is not taking passengers!" Hk-51 called as soon as the woman had stopped moving. The droid stepped forward, waving its gun menacingly.

Alex, for his part, turned to look at the woman while he continued directing cargo into his shuttle. "You'd better get moving," he called, "I hear this city's going to be ground zero. You'd think they'd be able to pick up this massive rock in time to redirect or destroy it, but I guess this nameless backwater isn't equipped with planetary defenses." The human shrugged, as the last load of cargo entered the shuttle. By now, the engines were powering up, and most of the hustle and bustle that the Sith originally heard through the spaceport was silenced.

"You take care of yourself now," he called, stepping onto the loading ramp. It was about time they got going.
Nova Squadron left the safety of the Liberator and stood between the planet and the Asteroid. with them was a few squadrons of Tie 2ZR star fighters. While Nova stuck with the RZ8 Interceptors. The single man star ship that was inspired by the A wing of the rebellion long ago. It was nearly an exact replica of an A wing.
" The official report is that an asteroid is going to hit." Nova three said. " But that isn't true is it Cal? The Male Naboo native said.
" Not by a long shot." Cal said. " This thing is quite dangerous."
" Cal." Liana said. " What happened up there? According to the reports thirty of you landed on the planet but only eight made it back."
" It's hard to explain." Cal said. " He looked to his right to see houndreds of shuttles leaving the planet.
" They evacuate as we have to stay and protect this planet." Nova four a Barabel female said. "What's the name of this planet anyways."
" I think it starts with J." Cal said. Cal shook his head as he felt a strange presences as the ships left. " Weird." He said. He moved his eyes back towards the Asteroid.
Name: Flame
Age: 14
Gender: male
Race: human/ Cat
Appearance: blue pants, red shirt, red baseball cap, skull necklace, Green and red shoes, red and black gloves, red cat ears and tail
Personality: lone worker, cares for others
History(this includes if you side with the first order, rebellion or some thing else like the Phoenix sector. Job. If your a sith or Jedi ect): solo but helps the rebels once in a while, sort of new Jedi and a swords fighter from Cloron.
Weapons(this includes any abilities that the force grants you): 2 swords, Green lightsabor (uses in emergencies only), a pistol
Bio: He was a citizen of planet Cloron for 12 years but the Republics blew up his planet so we was destined to destroy them, but when he finally found them they had disappeared. So now he just fights evil and teams up with the rebels once in a while.

Flame was on the planet looking at the fake astroid. "Looks like they need help." Flame said. He went owards his ship but it was blown up. "What happened here?" FLame asked himself. "I need a new ship." He looked around but couldn't find one because they were all gone. "Really?" Flame said.
Yevay unloaded with her group when they docked with a larger ship and listened as people ran around organizing patrols to do some last sweeps of the planet and defensive battlements being prepared in case anything was to happen. She moved along the ship and kept a relaxed posture as she passed by civilians who were confused and dazed as they listens to some one who explaining what was happening. She made it to the mess hall and sat in the back corner trying to block out all the noise that was going on around her.
Flame finally spotted a ship. Not what he likes but it would do. He got in it and went to destroy the 'astroid'. He kept shooting at it but nothing was happening. He remember the Death Star. "Maybe it's like that." FLame said to himself.


"Don't need a ship, I've got an MC-18 waiting in the next dock over," Ranya answered the Droid, mostly ignoring its threatening gesture, "However, I can offer my services after we've gotten off planet," she continued.

Ranya slowly and deliberately put down the groceries in her right hand, reached into a pouch, and retrieved a data chip, which contained her contact information and a short resume of sorts, detailing successful captures and confirmed kills. Keeping her other hand clearly visible, she handed the chip to the Droid, then went back to pick up the bag.

"Please hand this off to your employer, if you would, it contains details of how to contact me," she told the Droid, stooping to retrieve her other bag. She then called back to the Force User, "If your ship is ever in need of some human hired muscle, and in my experience ships almost always end up that way, give me a call!"

Having said her piece, Ranya made her way, after all, this was an evacuation. It only took a few minutes for her to make her way back to her own loading dock, get to the cockpit of her Mon Calamari ship, and begin preparing for takeoff.

A half hour later, the light freighter was drifting in space, far enough from the planet to be safe from any potential aftereffects of the asteroid, and Ranya was unloading her supplies, having removed her armor and changed into her preferred on ship outfit of an unflattering tank top and cargo pants. Ranya had decided to remain near for now, she was interested to see how this asteroid business turned out.
Cal watched as some lone ship which he couldn't Identify fried upon the asteroid.
" He's going to get himself killed." Cal said. "Permission to contact the man."
" Granted." The commander said.
" Lone ship this is Nova two." Cal said. "You have entered into a restricted zone for your own safety you must leave now."
" It looks like someone wants to play the hero." Nova leader.
" Heroes always die." Cal said.


Resident Furry
The girl, interestingly enough, didn't seem fazed at all by HK-51's threats. Whether that spoke to her bravery, or if she simply did not recognize the old Hunter-Killer for what it was, Alex couldn't say. She approached carefully, with a chip in her outstretched hand. The droid shot a glance to his master, and was given a simple nod in return. So, carefully aiming its gun one handed, the droid reached out its left hand, and accepted the data chip.

Alex certainly found the whole thing interesting. He was about to tell her where they were headed, but she hurried off after she had grabbed her own supplies. HK-51 stepped onto the ramp as the shuttle began to take off, handing the chip to its master as the ramp lifted shut, closing them inside.

"Amused query: What service does she think we would need a hired thug for that I cannot already provide?" the droid asked.

"No idea," the Sith replied, "But she's an interesting one regardless. I get a feeling we will see her again someday."

The journey out of the atmosphere was surprisingly uneventful, they were apparently one of the last ones out. It had certainly been worth the extra time, though, for the fish and the rather interesting meeting. Within a few minutes, they had escaped the planet and were speeding towards the Facade. The old Hammerhead was battered and broken. Only three of its four engines glowed, and no light shown from its windows. Armor was missing here and there, scorched black by past battles in other. The occasional flicker of light identified where a T3 unit was currently attempting to patch one of said holes in the hull.

Another few minutes after spotting the ship, they were approaching the open hanger, its air supply held in by a force field. The left hanger bay door was jammed halfway open, with the bottom slightly, but noticeably, shoved further in than the top, giving the door a crook. The hanger was, of course, empty, of ships, so the Ministry class shuttle was able to smoothly glide in and land. Several T3 and a handful of GE3 units were waiting for them, the former for the hyperdrive, the latter for the fish - they had called ahead en route and told the droids to be ready for the food delivery.

One notable absence, which didn't surprise Alex, was the Selonian. Zeek could not stand the hanger, feeling, as AH-02 had translated for Alex, like he'd be blown out into space at any second. It certainly wasn't an impossibility, the power could fail or the shield generator disabled, and these risks were heightened on a ship of Facade's age and level of disrepair, but Alex was sure the primary concern for Zeek was a combination of unfamiliarity and agoraphobia. What was a hanger but a big window into the black emptiness of space, after all?

As he stepped off the ramp onto the Facade, HK-51 following shortly behind him, the Sith felt the Hammerhead lurch forward as the engines were powered up, before the ship began to limp out of the planet's orbit. It would take some time for the new hyperdrive to be installed, even with a half dozen or so T3s that were currently wheeling into the shuttle to retrieve said hyperdrive working on it.

With only three engines firing, and likely not at full capacity, as the focus was to bring the fourth back online before tuning up the others, it would take much longer to build up the speed necessary to escape the planet's gravity. Still, they could at least increase their altitude in the meantime, and not be at threat from whatever debris this asteroid sent spiraling into space. Point defense lasers or not, Alex didn't want to take any chances that might lead to further damages on his ship.
Flame didn't like the label 'hero', He did try his best to defeat all evil. Even if it ment he would die. Flame landed on the 'asteroid' and he went inside it. He was right, it was like the Death Star, and he knew the ins and outs of it. There were people inside of it, he couldn't get caught.
Name: Karina
Age: 26
Gender: female
Race: Ho'din
Appearance: A rather thin humanoid with orange coloured skin ,green eyes and red-violet hair. She wears simple robes and boots with a bag full of herbs and plants making her smell of different plants from other worlds.

Personality: She's kind and gentle being a healer, making her feel she needs to help people so neutral territory was always more comforting to her as she could help who she wanted without being judged too badly. She's not very good with tension and gets pushed around quite a bit but doesn't mind, knowing how most races work and why they do it ((that's what she thinks anyway)

History: She left her planet to help other people as most of her race knew just as much about herbs, she always wanted to discover new plant life but with no real way of getting money apart from trying to help people she's stuck on this planet with the phoenixs.

Weapons(this includes any abilities that the force grants you): she has a range of different poison's made from herbs which she has put into pellets that she can either use as a gas bomb or a range weapon (the acidic ones used for the range weapons as they can burn through almost anything. These are only used for self defence.


She had heard about the 'asteroid' and was trying to go through the crowd of people without being pushed down or tripping up. her bag was clutched closely to her as she looked around at the normally opposing forces trying to deal with the situation, she was rather confused and was too shy to ask for directions so kept going on to see if she could figure it out herself.
Yevay was forced out of her quiet time by another Phoenix. She would have glared up at the offender if she had eyes, she was ordered to go back and help people get on the ships. She nodded and made her way back to the bay where she got on another shuttle. When it landed she jumped off and started helping people on to the other shuttles. She sent more people off and started on a shuttle that had just returned. She let the force lead her around and caught signature of a medic that had been working with the Phoenix sector. Weaving through the crowd she started toward the other agent, "hey, why weren't you on a Phoenix shuttle"!
The Healer saw someone coming towards her and slowed her pace, unsure why the phoenix was moving towards her before hearing her "o-oh I was j-just ... I'm not sure what's going on and with all the crowds there could be injured stragglers I.... sorry" she was fumbling a little, making sure she was explaining her self but she was just curious "I-I'll get on a ship but ... what is going on? I heard about some asteroid and no one's explanation was very clear" looking at the Miraluka phoenix she wanted to keep moving as arms kept hitting at her side as people moved into the shuttles to get out, it was true she was curious but she was worried about the injured and if there was a threat to the planet they may be left behind, it always left Karina on edge.
"It's best if we went some where more private. I can barely hear you over this crowd. Don't worry about stragglers, we have teams looking and grabbing them. We have clinics set up on the ships," Yevay grasped the medic's hand and started to pull her off to side. She let arms and elbows hit her as the crowds moved around her, "let's move".
Karina gave a slight squeak like sound as she was dragged by Yevay "O-ok ... s-sure" she was still worried but had to take the phoenix's words as best a comfort she could, keeping a hold of the herb bag the whole time they were in the crowd they soon got to an evacuated area where there was basically no one around making her sigh softly. She liked to look after people but when there were too many in one place it could be a bit much especially as she was such a pushover. "So about this asteroid thing? what's going on" she was still a little anxious about being dragged away but knew she was quick on her feet if she had to run.
"I haven't heard much but apparently it's not an asteroid. They sent people to check it out and they came back with dead allies. There was a fight on it and that's all I know," Yevay admitted leaning back against a wall as looked around as one with eyes would. Her arms crossed over her chest and in a relaxed position. Some of her hair fallen infront of her eyes, "I'm not supposed to know this, my friends weren't to supposed to tell anyone. I'm telling you out of kindness because you are a medic and might be able to help the injured that there are".
Karina was surprised at the information but nodded in thanks, she couldn't help but look at the Miraluka in curiosity, not having seen many before. She smiled softly before speaking "thanks that mans a lot to me, I'm glad someone takes us medics seriously, I may only have herbs but I've saved quite a few lives, people just don't seem to recognise medics like me compared to all the ones with those fancy robots .... I'm getting off track but thank you for speaking especially I it's meant to be so secretive." It was rare for someone to be so kind to her even if it was de to her status so she wanted to take in the opportunity "hopefully it gets sorted, this is one of the few neutral territories and for it to be destroyed would be devastating, this forever ongoing war kills so much" The Ho'Din sighed softly.
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"Yes it does. Now get onto a shuttle and onto a shuttle. We only have a few medics of your abilities to spare and I much prefer herbs over metal heads," Yevay stood back into a formal stance and nudged the ho'din towards where they came from. She started that way to get her post, back straight and serious.
Flame was not being detected. He learned how to be quiet from all those missions he did. Then he got caught. "Fellas, can we just talk this out?" He asked them but they started shooting him. "Guess not." He said taking his two swords out and starting to attack the enemy soldiers.
Karina nodded quickly, standing up straight before rushing back "thanks again" she soon joined the now thinner crowd as she got the shuttle area glad to have at least some information on what was going on and was soon moved to a shuttle into an area where she could treat anyone with the other medics on the spacecraft, unsure what was going to happen she comforted as many as she could but it felt like it would be a while before anyone knew if they were safe or not.
Yevay continued to help people onto the shuttles til everyone was either leaving or have left. She and a few others stayed until they were ordered to leave with a shuttle that had been waiting for them. She got aboard and when she got to the ship she had been in earlier. She talked and greeted her coworkers as she walked by and made it back to her place in the mess hall. She fell back into the chair with a loud sigh and stretched,"oh what a great day".