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Medieval Kalos (open)

OOC ok guys this rp is set in Kalos during medieval times, instead of catching pokemon in pokeballs, you bond with a pokemon and add runes to your armour or something which allows you to summon them and or their powers.
kalos is split into five rival groups, north, south, east, west and the central people referred to as Peacekeepers, please try to consider your location when deciding on your team. First in best dressed for the rulers and other important roles. Enjoy

Please remember i have the right to ask you to change or deleted your posts also fan made pokemon are ok as long as you ask me before hand

BIC "My liege, the other rulers have arrived should I direct them to the dinning hall?" Asked a small scribe dressed in colourful robes
"Why if course and tell the cooks to bring out the feast!" Yelled Jakeb the fearless High king and peace keeper of Kalos
"Yes my lord" responded the scribe as he ran to the kitchen
"I believe it's time to settle this civil war once and for all" jakeb said as he drew two knives from behind his back "greninja, gliscor get ready to shown off abit"

-----Later in the dining room-----

"Hello my fellow rulers of Kalos, as always it is time for all five of us to discuss the terms of our peace treaty and our mutual friendships" jakeb said as he entered the great hall
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Sir Egarth urged his Ponyta faster. He and his three Pokemon had to escape. He was rushing towards King Kale's castle in the north. Four warriors were chasing him, two with Honedge, one with a Bisharp and one with a Doublade. He had been attempting to gather information on Lord Erith for his king, but was discovered and forced to flee. The pursuing soldiers pulled their Ponyta and Zebstrika to a hault just out of bow-range as Sir Egarth rode through the castle gates. He was safe. For some reason, though, the castle only had a measly 74 men (75 with him at the castle) instead of the 259 men that were usually here. Why could that be?
Jake entered the dining hall wearing his usual attire sharply polished dark gray armour with golden details with a flowing crimson cape and of course his gold and obsidian circuit crown
"My friends and fellow rulers of Kalos our time has come the lifetime treaty has expired and now it is time for us to discuss whether or not to renew our little treaty or to return to our traditional warring ways" jakeb spoke in a clear stern tone "we'll as always this discussion should be put to a vote majority decides!"
"I propose an alliance for peace." King Kale said. "This war has been afoot for 200 years, and I would see it brought to an end, despite my father's tyranny." King Kale was in fact King Luthor Kale the third, and his father Luthor Kale the second had only wished for everlasting war. "This motion is ABSURD!" Lord Jargo shouted. Lord Jargo profited in war-times, and so he made his conquest ever more violent by the months. Everyone knew of the blood-thirsty will of the lord of the south.
"I too agree that we should stop." The leader of the east stated. The Lady was dressed in an autum colored dress with fall leaves displayed as the pattern. She had long brown hair with natural red highlights. Kallie was the leaders name, using primarily dragon types. Her Altaria was next to her, cooing softly.

She lived in Anistar because its beautiful gemstones were of great interest to her. She had once only had a Swablu, her fathers Pokemon before he died. Since Kallie had no interest whatsoever of marriage, she became the sole ruler of the East Kalos. Kallie didn't seem to be that old, more than in her teens but definitely not over 40. The lady did have a Rapidash as her ride despite her love of dragon types.

"This war has destroyed my economy and funds for the people are running low. And Lord Jargo, not everyone enjoys seeing the pain of others dear." Kallie seems to wince at her choice of words. She had been taught to use dear when addressing people, but the ruler of the East really didn't like to use it.
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King Kale nodded in agreement with Lady Kallie. "This war has to stop. Too many lives has been lost in it's warring, both human and Pokemon." Lord Jargo wasn't listening whatsoever.
"Oh my!" Kallie exclaimed as she suddenly stood up. "I forgot something! Please excuse me for a moment." She said quickly. The Lady glowed a bit using her runes, releasing the contents. Powerful dragon types emerged from the runes looking expectant. "Oh I'm so sorry dear! I forgot! I was a little caught up in the situation." Kallie apologized to her Pokemon. Her team consisted of a Noivern, Garchomp, Goodra, Flygon, Liepard and of course Altaria.
"Verna one for you, Jet, Pudding, Mirage, Shade and of course you too Cloudia!" The lady said as she passed out Pokepuffs before returning the dragons to their runes and sitting down. "I'm sorry, where were we?" Lady Kallie apologized.
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"Oh my. What and interesting bunch." Lady Kallie said, sipping from her glass of water. "Cloudia dear, would you mind going to check on Ruby? The poor mare must be worried. We are a tad overtime." "Altaria! Alt!" The Pokemon nodded as she flew though the hallways, displaying a royal purple ribbon with the sign of an autum leaf on her neck. All of her Pokemon had that ribbon so people know when to let them pass by.

Cloudia finally made her way outside to check on Ruby, who was grazing on the grass. The fire mare lifted her head at the sound of Cloudia. "My, you are late! Where is Lady Kallie?" She asked, pawing at the ground. "The meeting is going longer than expected, so please do take your time...Grazing on... Delicious grass...." Cloudia found herself struggling for a way to put that sentence and Ruby laughed.
(espeon there are no pokeballs you need to change that to something like "The lady activated her runes and summoned her pokemon)
jake sat upon his throne of gold, steel and black and white obsidian
"well then I guess the treaty stands!" jake said smiling fakely he had been looking forward to the war his mages had for eons been trying to summon pokemon from other worlds and now after over 100 years they had done it but not just once not twice but four times, and jake had mastered their powers buth then he remembered his newly issued power
"I however have something else to add, Lord Jargo has not only betrayed our peace treaty but also the ancient laws that protect our lands. This crime is against all people and pokemon and therefore I use my veto powers as the elected head peacekeeper to overule the council. the war will resume but not against eachother not we will all be fighting the evil forces of another world, which he has welcomed to our land" jake yelled as he pointed toward jargo

"In this coming war we must use our enemy's power against them and that is why the high mages of the five factions have been working in secret to summon and bind demon pokemon to our will" said jake as he channeled the power of a demon Pokemon "rise my servant and show us your strength, RISE EXCALIBUR!!" after a flash of light and a deafening cry the demon pokemon appeared

Excabilur is a primarily steel type Pokemon with the ability shifting forms which allows it to switch between its four forms. All forms are steel but the second type depends on its form.

Knight form is a humaniod steel fighting type with pretty equal stats and is the default form for Excalibur. In this form the Pokemon is the height of most humans and looks like a knight with a sword and shield built into its armour. In this form the Pokemon knows, metal claw, extreme speed, force palm and perfect block (mat block just with another name)

Waith form is a small devilish steel ghost type which resembles mega sableye as it holds a huge shield. With low attack stats but high defences. In this form the pokemons body is smaller and its armour has formed a large shield, in this form the Pokemon knows, king shield, substitute, destiny bond and mean look

Tyrant form is a quad pedal (four legged) steel dragon type which resembles an armour plated wingless dragon. It's has high special attack and special defense but has lower physical defense than the other two. This is the largest of the three forms. its body has grown quite dramatically so much the shield/armour of the other forms only covers 85% of its body leaving its under belly exposed. In this form it can easily carry two to three person on its back. In this form is knows, dragon pulse, flash cannon, aura sphere and earth power

Predator form is a medium sized steel flying type which looks like a large steel eagle. it has high speed and physical attack but low special defence. it is the second largest of the four, the armour covers its entire body and holds one person on its back. In this form the pokemon knows hurricane, drill peck, aerial ace and steel wing

The transformation between forms is swift but continued form charges for long amounts of time will make the Pokemon tired out faster meaning it will need more time to recover. Also this Pokemon has four different personalities, one for each form, normally they agree that the dominant one is in charge and the other three are just acting as advisors so to speak.

"welcome my friends to the demon war!" jake yelled as excalibur raised its sword arm and slashed the air infront of it
"Are but that is where you are wrong kale for if we do not begin to prepare our fortress and armies for a demonic war then we will surely fail" jake said the The Lord in a stern tone "now as for the issue of whether or not to harness our enemies strength and use it against them, thatmy friends is the real reason i called this meeting. Well thoughts?" Jake prompted
The leader of the west finally spoke. " I personally think this is all preposterous. More war? Do you want Kalos to become a kingdomless area? I think we should stop this war. If we see evil, we shall vanquish it without war, " she stated. Lady Aria was sick of war, and death. She wanted peace and prosperity instead.
"well then lady aria what are we meant to do offer the demons tea and a banquet and talk out our problems. What you fail to realize is these demons what to kill us and our pokemon the entire world if we let them
It's either fight or be killed your choice"
Jake said "now to show you some of their power to show what we are up against" Jake prompted Excalibur to change forms and show off each of their powers
Knight form cut through solid marble
Waith protect itself from the falling marble
Tyrant turned the marble to dust and predator created a mini tornado with it's speed and powerful wings
"now excalibur here is only at a fraction of his true power. Now can you see what we are up against?"
Lady Kallie thought for a moment. "I find that even fighting these demons-so to speak- is unnecessary. We should just create an impenetrable fortress and house all citizens there until out main armies could pick off small groups of these demons. We could use them as food after having experts confirm if they're edible." She suggested. But sighed as she knew her idea probably wouldn't fly. "Oh Dear, I do believe I'll be outnumbered here." She mumbled.

"In that case, I must ask the assistance of my Dragon Team to fight off these nuisances." Kallie sighed once more, upset that her best of friends will be fighting for her. "I might as well fight against the demons myself at the rate this is going. I am very skilled with a bow I'll have you know." Puffed the Lady, double checking that the leaders here knew that she will not make a personal alliance with anyone other than herself.
"Before we all leave i use the final act of my power to dissolve the five rival factions and create the United States of Kalos this way we can pool out resources and might to create one unstoppable force"
Lord Jargo was enraged. "Fine, then! I will fight all of you with every fiber of my being! Come, we return to the South." With those words, Lord Jargo stormed out of the castle. King Kale said nothing, thinking.
Jake returned Excalibur to its runes and turned saying
"Just wait til the high mages master demon taming then we will be unstoppable" and with that jake bowed to lady aria and lady kallie, turned, exited the room and returned to his library. He had some legends to brush up on
Outside the door of the large meeting room, 'Prince' Ryner of the North sat outside, listening in every now and then on what his Father - King Kale, and the other rulers were conversing about. The 14 year old knew it was about something violent related, as he started to hear shouting going on.

Ryner rolled his crystal blue eyes. He was one to not take everything too seriously, even his own title as Heir of the North at times. Even despite his royalty, he wore middle-class citizen attire, although he could easily be recognized as King Kale's son by a glance at the boy's left wrist. Unlike some Knights and other Leaders, Ryner wore a thin white and blue titanium bracelet-type of thing - studded with different kinds of jewels, which held his partners - his pokemon. He currently only had 3, as Pokemon were had for him to come across.

After a while of waiting, and hearing large sounds of roaring and clanking, the blonde heir watched as the blood-thirsty Lord Jargo stormed out of the room, soon followed by his dad. Without a word, Ryner stood, giving his father a look, and decided to wait until they were back to the North to ask questions.
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"Ryner." Kale said. "I need you to find Sir Egarth when we get back to the castle." The ruler of the north had a stern expression on his face. Calling his Rapidash, he climbed on. "We ride. To the castle!" As they rode, the extra 165 men joined on as they speeded north.
Kallie took her leave. The lady's long dress seemed to be no problem for her, however anyone from the east would know differently. "Dresses, I swear that I should burn every one of the blasted pieces of clothing!" She mumbled under her breath. Kallie quickly looked up and smiled at the passing people in the grand hallways before going outside.

"Cloudia! Ruby! Am I ever so glad to be out of that meeting!" Kallie called as she approached her two pokemon. "Cloudia, would you like to fly?" She asked as she mounted Ruby. The Altaria nodded and the Rapidash took off with Kalllie riding her gracefully.

(( I seem to be blind! I didnt notice that Eeveechu was the north's leader before Kallie was. Kallie will be the east leader. Her family's castle is in Anistar))
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Ryner sighed but nodded to his father. He rose his left wrist, one of the small gems shining as a majestic Togekiss was summoned - one of the Prince's 3 pokemon, and his only flying type. He soared above the guards and men riding alongside his father, and decided to have his pokemon fly a bit faster, causing Ryner to approach the castle a few minutes a head of time.

As the Togekiss swirled the targeted area it wanted to land in, it came to a gentle glide downwards, and Ryner dismounted the flying type, thanking and stroking it as it chirped its name, and disappeared.

Obeying his father's orders, Ryner continued on into and around the premises' of the large castle - or at least the ones he was able reach, in search of Sir Egarth.
The warrior was training with his Gallade in the court yard. The Pokemon's reflexes were nice and sharp. The two trained and trained... until he heard a voice. Both the knight and the Pokemon stopped when they heard the prince call out for the warrior.
"Now where did that book go? Are here it is 'the book of demons' lets see ... Excalibur page 36" said lord jake thinking aloud as he flicked through the thick leather bound book "are here we go..." Excalibur the shape shifting warrior the more time spent in a certain form the stronger it will become. As its forms become stronger it gains the ability to mimic other demon Pokemon and take their form. The more forms this demon has the harder it is to defeat.
"We'll then Excalibur looks like we have some training to do," said jake as he skimmed through a few more pages "lets see... Ohh dragulon the demonic dragon this demon has the ability to absorb other dragons and harness their strengths, and its only a mage level 5 to summon,
Dragulon the demonic dragon, his dragon was born from the events of the first dragon and looks like a white and golden flowing dragon it's mighty roar can turn diamonds to dust and its power can only be harnessed by a true dragon master "Lady Kallie will like this one" he said as he made notes on what was required to properly summing the dragon
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Ryner stopped as he approached the Court Yard. He had followed the sounds of huffs and clanks, and had come to see Ser Egarth training with his Gallade. Relieved,Ryner continued towards the two, and looked up to the warrior.

"Hello, Ser Egarth. My father had requested I find you. The reasons I am not too sure about, but my father is awaiting your company." The boy spoke.
"Ruby! Cloudia I forgot my stone! I'll be right back!" The lady whispered quickly as she walked swiftly back thought the hallways.

The stone that Kallie is referring to is a stone off of the large pink gem in the middle of present-day Anistar. Every ruler is presented with one and it is a good luck charm to most who receive it. The fact that she left the valuable stone behind is an embarrassment enough.

As she passed the library, it seemed as if Jake seemed to be deep in thought. "What is the book you are reading?" She asked curiously. She's read every book in her library but has never seen one like this. there was a picture of a dragon on the page.
"this my lady is dragluon the demonic dragon overlord it is said only a dragon master true of heart can summon and ride this legendary beast" said Jake as he looked up from his reading "luckily for us dragluon is a Mage lv 5 like Excalibur so if you wish I can command the high mages to prepare the summoning ritual" he said excitement flaring in his eyes
"That's amazing!" Cooed lady Kallie as she marveled the picture. "If you could assemble the mages, I would be a great honor to use this pokemon in the battle against the demons." She agreed, sharing the excitement.
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