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XY/ORAS Trading Shinies/Shiny Legendaries

I have a ton of shinies that I don't want or need, and I'm willing to trade them for other rare or legendary pokemon that I don't have. A shiny4shiny trade is preferred! If you would like to trade, please reply to this post with the pokemon(s) you want and the pokemon(s) you are offering and your 3DS friend code. If I accept, then add me and we can trade. My 3DS friend code is 0404-8474-4742. I will be available to trade when I confirm your offer.

All of these pokemon are hacked unless stated otherwise.

(list is subject to change)

Lvls 1-10
Lv10 Ditto
Lv10 Charmander
Lv6 Chikorita
Lv5 Fennekin
Lv5 Froakie
Lv10 Vulpix
Lv5 Dratini
Lv5 Eevee

Lvls 10-30
Lv30 Gardevoir
Lv12 Zorua

Lvls 30-60
Lv50 Goodra
Lv45 Groudon
Lv50 Victini
Lv50 Uxie
Lv45 Umbreon
Lv45 Darkrai
Lv42 Glalie
Lv50 Shaymin (land forme)

Lvls 60-80
Lv64 Hydreigon
Lv60 Jirachi

Lvls 80+
Lv100 Greninja (unhacked)
Lv100 Milotic (unhacked)
Lv80 Deoxys