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  1. Foxex

    Private/Closed Becoming a Legendary Hero (RP)

    The final day of the recruitment fair had finally came to a close at noon. The sun shone brightly in the sky but the heat was not overbearing, a gentle breeze blows consistently, cool and light. There were still quite a number of people around talking to some of the remaining recruiters, though...
  2. JPGebbert

    Ask to Join Pokémon Ranger Division

    It is an interesting age for Pokémon. Conflict continues to rise, and threats grow to sizes far greater than simple authorities can handle. The famous, or infamous, Ash Ketchum has proven multiple times that even Legendary Pokémon threaten our very existence. Though he was young, he had always...
  3. rawheight

    Private/Closed The Relics Discussion

    Discussion board for a one on one roleplay with @Rex Hey Rex! I'm really liking the high adventure/age of sail feel of your Pokemon legendary relics idea! Is there anything else I need to know before we get started? Also, do you want to go ahead with the first post since you have a better...
  4. Cryronn the Mudkip

    Pokemon Art Contest (Battle)

    Okay! This will be my first contest... Sooo... Yeah. The point of this contest is to see who can draw the best battle scene between two wild Pokemon. One of them can be whatever, as long as it's not legendary, and the other has to be legendary or mythical. And, I'll need Judges, as well as...
  5. Phanderr

    Are Legendary/Mythical OCs allowed?

    Well lets just say that I have a Leg/Myt Pkmn AU somewhere in dA (But I didnt finished about making the OCs) and then I wondered "does PokeCharm accept Leg/Myt OCs?". And also I wont use them as I am a trainer, I use them as I am the Legendary, "meanwlile in a place where only Leg/Myt Pokemons...
  6. FrostCrispz

    Ask to Join Quest of Legends (Discussion)

    Legendary pokemon. Incredibly rare, but powerful as well. We all know that there are only one of each, (except for the Solgaleo and Lunala line) so few people ever see them. How amazing would it be to find one? Join us in a search for legendary pokemon. Hey, this is a RP that has alot of admin...
  7. theanimalcompany

    Open Pokemon life: Dark forces of darkrai and zekrom

  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    CoroCoro Drops Final Sun/Moon Info Bits Before Release

    A week before Sun/Moon officially drop, We got another information drop about the games - and perhaps because it is so close to release, an annoyingly vague one. First off, two new Ultra-Beasts were revealed. We weren't even treated to their UB numbers or designations (both are referred to as...
  9. Unicornica

    XY/ORAS Trading Shinies/Shiny Legendaries

    I have a ton of shinies that I don't want or need, and I'm willing to trade them for other rare or legendary pokemon that I don't have. A shiny4shiny trade is preferred! If you would like to trade, please reply to this post with the pokemon(s) you want and the pokemon(s) you are offering and...
  10. CameronD34

    Favourite Legendary?

    Took me A long time to remember them all.... Edit by Linkachu: If you're going to reply and tell us which legendary you voted for, be sure to tell us why you voted for it. [i]Edit by CameronD34: Well ok. Latios is my favourite legendary because it was the first legendary I ever caught. ;D