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Open Pokemon life: Dark forces of darkrai and zekrom

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Name : Lerano
Species : Red Lucario
Age : 16
Home Region : Sinnoh
Personality : Very Full Of Surprises, Very Sneaky, Is Very Protective Of His Friends And Highly Curious
Likes : Races, Mysteries, The Stars, The Moon And Young Riolus (Lucario's Pre-Evolution)
Dislikes : Dark Types, Although He's A Fighting Type He Doesn't Enjoy Fighting People And Selfish Trainers (Or Trainers In General)
He Walks Across A Large Garden And He Sees Darkrai Flying About Although He Seems Calm About It
He Continues Walking And Then Sees Zekrom Flying After Darkrai And He Thinks To Himself "Hmm Why is Zekrom Chasing Darkrai?" He Then Goes After Them And Thinks To Himself "I'll Check Out What's Going On" He Then Finds A Forest In Front Of Him And Uses False Swipe And Cuts Through The Forest And Realizes That He Lost Them "Darn" He Thought "Well I Guess That's Why They're Called Legendary Pokemon" He Thinks To Himself Again And Sits Down And Tries To Stay Calm
Name: Christopher
Species: Kanto Raichu
Age: 16
Home region:Kanto (But been though other regions)
Likes: Myths, traveling, Running fast
Dislikes: Not traveling(sometimes)and evil Pokemon
Personality: Determined
"Owwwwww that hurt!"Yelled Christopher
He Hears Someone Yell That He Was Hurt
He Runs Through Tall Grass Like A Bull And Finds A Raichu
"Ummm Hi?" He Said Confusedly
"Are You Injured Or Something?" He Said In A Caring Sort Of Way
"Anyhow Name's Lerano What's Yours?" He Asked While His Red Fur Was Sparkling
"Thoose two have been flying since i got up"He said
"About the scratch it's at the leg"As he showed a 5 inch scratch "And this orb i found from a shadow temple this orb is Gairntina's"He said as he put it in his bag.
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Name : Rose
Species : Eevee
Age : 13
Home Region : Kalos
Personality : Shy, kind, selfless, loyal, friendly
Likes : Flowers, climbing on trees, playing, meeting new friends
Dislikes: Bullies, Pokemon who think she is weak

Rose was walking in garden with her flowers crown on her head. When she heard two Pokemon were taling somewhere, her ears twitched and she climbed on the nearest tree.
Christopher saw Rose climb up and left Lerano and left the forest. And then he went in though a secret door in a tree. He jumped down though a dark pit. Then in there he got a band aid for the scratch.

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So, let me get this straight.

A random "starts an RP thread" by posting an image with no RP content whatsoever (protip: this is not how you start an RP thread. This is not how you do ANYTHING on Pokecharms), which is a form of SPAM technically. The result is a string of responses that violate all our RP forum rules, in terms of format, OOC blather, multiple posts from the same user in a row, unauthorized legendaries, and everybody's... okay with it?

Did I miss anything?

No, children. We have rules here, and you are expected to follow them. And if you can't, this means I have to lock your thread, possibly issue warnings, and feel my magnificent exodimensional headache expanding even further. You do not want to expand my exodimensional headache. It leads to unfortunate results for rule-breakers.

Thread locked. This circus will not go on any further. And if any of you are caught violating any further RP rules, you will receive official warnings next time, not just general verbal ones.
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