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Open The life of a Shiny pokemon


Previously Finch~
This is an RP about shiny pokemon living in a forest

You may be a trainer
Please be a basic pokemon for now, you can evolve later in the RP
Romance is allowed
Fighting is allowed
Max 4 moves for now
Fakemon allowed as long as it is yours or you have permission to use it
If you are a trainer 2 pokemon each for now
4 characters for now
PM me if you would like to reserve a spot so you can sign up later

1: Me
2: @Jodie.xox
3: reserved
4: @Lillipup07
5: @ManyAchievables
6: @LunarSilvally


Special traits:

Trainer bio:



Name: Delphi
Pokemon: Eevee
Age: 10 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A shiny eevee with purple eyes and a purple bandanna
Personality: Shy, impish, friendly, loyal
Special traits: Purple eyes
Moveset: Swift, Bite, Tackle, Tail whip
Crush: None

Name: Aurora
Pokemon: Zorua
Age: 30 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal shiny Zorua
Personality: Trickster, stubborn, mean to strangers
Special traits: No
Moveset: Bite, Foul play, Feint attack
Crush: no

Name: Charlie
Pokemon: Absol
Age: 31 months
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal shiny absol
Personality: Friendly, trickster, hates banana
Special traits: nope
Moveset: Kept secret
Crush: neva

Name: Milo
Pokemon: Litten
Age: 6 months
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal shiny litten
Personality: Timid, calm, hates water
Special traits: None, however he longs to find a Everstone because he despises the idea of becoming a Incineroar
Moveset: Ember and tackle
Crush: no

Delphi walked out of a bush, yawning. It was early dawn and she had only woken up. The Eevee looked around. Hopefully today was the day she would make a friend. She was a shy little Eevee, and never had the courage to talk to people. She walked into a clearing, hoping to find someone soon, and started to snooze.


Aurora had been up all night, bouncing around. She was tired but not dare sleep. She was having a quarrel with a Butterfree, whom she had stolen berries from. Aurora gave one last "Finders keepers" and the Butterfree flew off in a huff. The zorua smirked and sat on a rock, eating the stolen berries as she subconsciously fell asleep.


Charlie awoke, grunting. All he could hear outside his cave where stupid Wshiwashi swimming around noisily. The Absol's tummy grumbled and he reluctantly walked outside. He swiped one out of the river and killed it swiftly, before taking it back inside to eat. 'I wish everyone would quiet down' He snarled to himself


In a tree, a small litten mewed for help. He had climbed up there to shelter in the night but got stuck, the thorny branches snagging on his sleek fur. "OW!" squeaked Milo "Someone? Anyone? Help..."
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Name: Pepper
Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix
Age: 6 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal shiny Alolan vulpix with an orange lily in its tail.
Personality: Likes to be with others, but a bit wary of others it does not know.
Special traits: None
Moveset: Aurora Beam, Ice shard, Mist, Confuse Ray.
Crush: None


Pepper walked through the forest, shaking as she tried to find her small den. She’d been driven away in an attack by a new trainer that wondered into the outskirts and found her wondering for food. She’d got lost in the rush to run away, and suddenly heard a high cry for help. She looked around, but couldn’t see anyone. “H-hello?” She looked up, still quivering. “Oh..” There appeared to be a shiny Litten stuck in a tree.
Name: Link
Pokemon: Riolu
Age: 3 months
Appearance: A shiny Riolu that wears a green bandanna his Mom gave him.
Personality: Link likes to be around others as he searches for friends with his one friend Phantom as they think friendship is important.
Special Traits: He has blue eyes
Moveset: Pound, Aura Sphere, Foresight, Double Kick.
Crush: None ( yet )

Name: Phantom
Pokemon: Cubone
Age: 4 months
Appearance: A shiny Cubone with a yellow scarf he found.
Personality: Phantom hates it when people bring up family, so he hangs out with Link, since they both became orphans.
Special Traits: He has a star on his skull
Moveset: Theif, Dig, Bone Club, Swift
Crush: none ( yet )

" Are we there yeeettttttt....... " Link complained to his best friend Phantom, who was leading them through a forest. Phantom sighed and looked back at the younger. " No Link. Not yet. We need to find civilization, or some travelers! Phantom said reassuringly to his pal. They both were as close as brothers, and they both wished to find a group to stay with, and he friends. But, they were both shiny, and most groups said no, since they didn't want to attract attention. Eventually, they found a small cave and sat in it, hoping to find others soon, as Link fell asleep. SOo, Phantom had to keep watch again.
Name: Wattor
Pokemon: Oshawott
Age: 18 Months
Appearance: A shiny Oshawott
Personality: Wattor is a very kind-hearted Pokemon, and will sacrifice his HP for other's safety. He's a team player at heart. He also is quite strategic, and looks for weakpoints rather than just standard attacking.
Special Traits: Wattor's eyes are Bright Green instead of Black.
Moveset: Tackle, Water Gun, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter.
Crush: Nope.avi, not now, not never.

"Huh, this forest is really big, never seen anything bigger than this." Wattor said to himself. He spotted a berry on a branch, it was a Pecha Berry, one of his favourites. The tree was very tall, it would take around ten of him to make it to the branch holding the berry, and he would run out of strength before climbing up that high. So, he did the only thing reasonable to him, cut it down with his scalchop. He gripped onto his scalchop and rapidly swing at little dents in the tree, and within a minute, the tree was down. He picked up the Pecha Berry, sliced it into small, bite-sized pieces and ate them one by one.
Hmm... this is a forest, maybe some other Pokemon are around. Wattor thought to himself. And he decided to wander further into this large forest he came across.
Name: Blue
Pokemon: Shiny Eevee
Age: 24 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal shiny colored Eevee with a black and blue flower on her right ear
Personality: Brave, Gentle, Swift, Tough
Special traits: She is swiftly fast for a shiny Eevee. Has a special move already learned but it won't appear until after she evolves into Umbreon
Moveset: Shadow ball, Iron tail, Swift, Tackle
Crush: None at the moment

(Blade is normally a regular colored Absol but I'll make her shiny for this rp)

Name: Blade
Pokemon: Absol
Age: 29 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal shiny Absol with a rose on the side of her head at her blade
Personality: Brave, Slightly stubborn, Protective, Determined
Special traits: Can sense danger from very far away with her blade
Moveset: Keeps hidden
Crush: None(Takes time to realize the feeling.
Other: Has a long scar across her chest but her chest fur covers it

Name: Ghost
Pokemon: Rowlet
Age: 14 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal shiny colored Rowlet with a ghost pendant around her neck
Personality: Sweet, Feisty, Organized, Protective,
Special traits: N/A
Moveset: Razor Leaf, Peck, Leafage, Tackle
Crush: None at the moment


She had walked through this huge forest with her friends Blue and Ghost. She kept aware of her surroundings until she heard water nearby and the smell of berries. She came to a clearing until the pond with the waterfall became visable but had also sensed another Pokemon of her species nearby so kept more alert. "Blue, Ghost are you hungry?"she asked them.


She looked to Blade before leaping off her back before looking up at her. "Actually just a bit and I want to wash up in the lake with Ghost if she wants to with me"she said looking to the shiny Rowlet.


She looked to Blue before flying down off Blade's back to Blue's level. "No I don't mind Blue really"Ghost said smiling. "I'm hungry as well so why not"she added.


She chuckled giving a smile before looking at them. "Alright just be careful, I sense another Pokemon nearby so I'll keep watch"she reminded them as they nodded to her watching them run off. She laid down before closing her eyes feeling thr wind blow through her fur raising her chest fur showing her long scar underneath it from her tragic past.-
Links ears perked up, hearing more voices. He broke away from Phantom again, running towards the noise happily, seeing an Absol. He pounced on her playfully, before beginning to ramble on. " HI I'M LINK, LINK THE RIOLU NICE TO MEET YOU WOW YOUR RED THAT'S SO COOL WHY DO YOU HAVE A SCAR ARE YOU HURT ARE YOU OK ANYWAY WHAT'S YOUR NAME I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW VERY MUCH YOUR AN ABSOL RIGHT THAT'S SO COOL I HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS SHINY LIKE US HIS NAME IS PHANTOM THE CUBONE WOW YOUR FUR IS REALLY SOFT AND WARM AND- " Phantom ran over and pulled Link off the Absol quickly, before apologizing . " I am SO sorry. He normally doesn't run off unless his aura picks up something. He's just a little kid, please don't get mad at him, he just is energetic.... " He grabbed Link by the tail to make sure he wouldn't run off again.

She glanced to the Cubome named Phantom she guessed and the Riolu named Link. She gave a chuckle before speaking. "Really its alright, actually those two girls the Rowlet and Eevee,Ghost is the Rowlet and Blue is the shiny Eevee as they are sometimes like that beside I was like that as well so no worries but I'm more mature now"she answered as she sat down. "As for my scars, that's something I rather not talk about...its too painful too so please don't ask again.."she said becoming slightly annoyed by that question but shook her head forgetting about it. "I'm not mad I just didn't expect a tackle like that"she said gently as her fur remained still on her chest covering her long scar.-
" Ok, we understand. You said you knew an Eevee? We know one too! I'll go get them! " Link ran off, brings a Popplio and Eevee back with him.

Name: Shadow
Pokemon: Eevee
Age: 16 months.
Gender: Male
Appearance: A shiny Eevee.
Personality: Distant, Quiet, Mature, Can be rude.
Special Traits: He knows he wants to evolve into Umbreon, and has a mark on his law that looks like the moon.
Moveset: Bite,Tackle,Quick Attack, Sand Attack
Crush: none yet. ( probably gonna be Blue eventually though)
Other: Shadows name was supposed to be a joke, but it stuck, being another reason he wants to evolve into a dark type

Name: Pablo
Pokemon: Popplio
Age: 1 month
Gender: Male
Appearance: A baby Shiny Popplio
Personality: Gullible, Clingy, Obidient, Intelligent
Moveset: Pound, Bubble Beam, Water Gun, Dismaring Voice
Crush: none yet
Special Traits: He can waddle around pretty fast
Other: Pablo was an abused Pokemon, until Link stole his Pokeball, ran away with it, smashed it, and watched over him.
Shadow growled and said, " What the heck Link! Give me a warning next time.! " Pablo waddled over to Ghost and Blue and looked up at them, waving a flipper at them. " Hi Bloo! Hi Ghoss! " He said, not being able to pronounce their real names.

She saw the male Popplio introduce himself to her and Ghost as she gave a chuckle. "It's Blue like the color and this is Ghost with a "t" but anyway was is your name?"she asked the Eevee giving a smile.


She looked at the unknown Eevee and Popplio that looked like Blue before she greeted instantly. "Greetings I'm Ghost the Rowlet, its a pleasure to meet you but don't think of me as an easy girl to mess with!"she added showing her fiesty side.


"Its fine really but I'm just happy that Blue and Ghost are getting along well with others as you can see"she said looking to the Popplio as she had remembered that she had to go pick up Delta their Popplio. "I just remembered I have to get Delta"she said looking to Blue and Ghost.


She heard what Blade had said before remembering as well. "Oh right we have to go get Delta! Blade come on or she will worry!"she said leaping on her back as Ghost followed.


"We were so busy playing we forgot....about her..."Ghost said feeling guilty. "Blade lets goooo"she said.


"Alright Ghost...geez calm down we are going to get Delta but you know she is patient with waiting...but if you want to get her that bad then I have no choice"she said giving a chuckle. "Sorry guys I know we all just introduced but I got to go and get Delta"she added looking at the four as she stood up.-

(Last new character)
Name: Delta
Pokemon: Popplio
Age: 14 months(same as Ghost's she)
Gender: Female
Appearance: a normal shiny Popplio
Personality: Sweet, Gentle, a bit shy, caring, patient,
Special traits: has the ability to heal others with her calming aura
Moveset: Water pulse, Disarming Voice, Tackle, Bubble beam
Crush: None at the moment(is shy to express her feelings to someone she likes)
Other: wears a sea star on the side of her head and a white rare Levi around neck.-
Link jumped up and looked at you. " CAN WE COME WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A GROUP OF POKEMON TO TEAM UP WITH AND YOU GUYS ARE REALLY NICE AND- " Phantom covered Links mouth with his hand. " What he's saying is can we come. You guys seem like a nice group of Pokemon to hang out with, and we've been searching awhile. And Pablo seems to like Blue and Ghost a lot. " At that moment Pablo was trying to climb onto Blade as well, not wanted his new friends to leave. During this time, Shadow was watching quietly. " Oh, that's Shadow, he doesn't talk much. " Phantom told them, as Shadow looked away, then said, " Well, if they all want to be a group, why don't you go Blade.... I seem to be the only mature one except you, and Phantom. We can both watch your friends..... " Shadow was mumbling the whole time he said that. " Or we cod com wit yoo! " Pablo said happily. " If you can't understand him, he said of we could come with you. " Shadow spoke again.
Name: Pepper
Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix
Age: 6 months
Gender: Female
Appearance: A normal shiny Alolan vulpix with an orange lily in its tail.
Personality: Likes to be with others, but a bit wary of others it does not know.
Special traits: None
Moveset: Aurora Beam, Ice shard, Mist, Confuse Ray.
Crush: None


Pepper walked through the forest, shaking as she tried to find her small den. She’d been driven away in an attack by a new trainer that wondered into the outskirts and found her wondering for food. She’d got lost in the rush to run away, and suddenly heard a high cry for help. She looked around, but couldn’t see anyone. “H-hello?” She looked up, still quivering. “Oh..” There appeared to be a shiny Litten stuck in a tree.
(This is a repost for @AstrapiDappletail because I’m not sure if my post was seen)


Previously Finch~
Milo looked down at the Vulpix and gulped. “Help..” he mewed “I’m stuck!” The kitten looked down and squealed. It was along way down “I was running from a trainer last night and climbed up here and now I’m stuck.”


Delphi awoke from her snooze and came over to a group of other Pokémon, a Riolu, an absol, a rowlet and another eevee. Clearing her throat, she introduced herself. “Hello? I I’m Delphi, who are you?”


Previously OtisRolePlays
Name: Alohi

Pokemon: Shiny Eevee (I couldn’t really think of anything else)

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Appearance: Like a normal shiny, except the tops of her ears also have a light gray color, and it is the same on her paws. She does have quite a long tail, and her fur is more fluffy and is a bit of a brighter color than a normal shiny Eevee. She has bright golden eyes, but they are more of an amber color.

Personality: Sweet, friendly, but doesn’t really like immature or loud people.

Special Traits: Really enjoys nature, and loves battling... sometimes.

Moveset: Double Kick, Bite, Double-Edge, and Dig.

Crush: None... YET


Alohi sat on a tree branch, watching the small group of Pokemon talking loudly, or at least one of them was. She sighed, her right ear twitching. That Riolu is so immature... Alohi thought as her tail swept over the leaves on the branch she was on. She then sat up, and hopped down from the branch, leaves falling beside her. “You guys are a bit loud, some Pokemon are here to have some peace and quiet...” Alohi spoke in a quiet voice, her golden eyes shining brightly.

She sighed but gave a chuckle as she helped the other Popplio up who was named Pablo. "Actually, Blue is the third one that is mature she just has a playfully side to her but what do you girls think?"she asked them.

Blue and Ghost

They both gave a smile. "Of course Ghost and I don't mind right Ghost?"she said glancing to her. "No of course not Blue, they can come"she answered smiling. Blue leaped off Blade before making her way towards Shadow that quite one. "So your Shadow, I am actually a mature Eevee I just have a playful size to me but if you want to come then get on Blade's back oh and you too Phantom if you want"she said before turning away from the two as she flicked her tail as she walked off before leaping back onto Blade's back sitting down on her head.-
Phantom and Link both got on, so they could make sure Pablo stayed safe. While Shadow simply growled, but got on anyway. Link looked at Alohi, saying, "Sorry! But I'm just naturally loud! I can't change who i am as a person!" He yelled cheerfully. Pablo sat there, but didnt hesitate to smack Link with his tail. " Dat not how yoo talk to oders! " He said to Link. Shadow looked at Link and said, " He said, ' That's not how you talk to other's ' Man, why do you even keep him around. ... " He looked away from them again, growling under his breath.
Pepper quietly chuckled, “Oh, um, sorry..” She got out her short claws and quickly traversed the tree onto the Litten’s branch. “I was also chased by a trainer, I got lost.” She ducked down, “Get onto my back, and don’t fall.”

Once the Litten was safely back on the floor, Pepper smiled, “I’m Pepper, it’s nice to meet you!”

She chuckled but had a feeling Blue might sat something to Shadow about my being a child right now. "Alright hold on,"she said before she had leaped off using the trees to get their faster.


She looked to Shadow as she shook her head. "Shadow cheer up will you, you seem to be acting more like a child then your maturity honestly have some fun once in a while or are you calling yourself weak"she smirked but gave a chuckle.


She chuckled actually once Blue said that. "There's Blue mature side...and...teasing side...hehe...if you don't know anything about maturity Blue is the one to talk to about...it"she said slightly fake laughing.


A sweat drop appeared behind Blade's head after hearing Blue's words as she guessed right. "Blue...you could be slightly gentle to him...that's just how he is..."she said reminding her before she leaped off the last tree appearing in front of a river with rock step stones but she figured she needed to jump over this.


She looked to Blade. "I know Blade, you don't have to remind me its just how I am but I only act like this because of "that" reason"she said as she locked eyes with her understanding. "If I am being too harsh Shadow let me know please, I don't want to make an enemy of you"she said gently before looking back at the river view.


She knew the reason Blue was like this and Ghost had the same expression as her. However, she kept that secret from anybody else as only Ghost and her know about it. "-She loves pushing herself...because of that reason....I hope she doesn't collapse or run into a fever when doing so...that's my worry-"Blade thought before looking at the others. "Alright guys, I am going to cross and then leap over to the other side of this river to get to Delta just hold on tight"she warned before leaping on one of the rocks before getting to the middle before she leaped to the other side. She glanced back. "Is everyone here?"she asked.-
They all nodded, except Shadow, who simply sat there. " Come on Shads! Lighten up, will ya! " Link told him, while Shadow simply growled at them all, before shoving Link slightly, then glaring at Blue. " I am not a child. And to let you know, I am like this for a reason. So shut your mouth, since your really angering me! " He yelled at her, as Pablo looked back at him. " That no nice thing to say! " He yelled, and in responce, Shadow shoved him off Blades back.

She looked to Shadow making a mistake by saying something like that and felt guilty. "My apologize's Shadow, I didn't mean to make you angry like that really, I was just reminding you that I am mature than most Eevee's that's all" she in a calm voice. "Everyone has their reasons as to why they are what they are...that I can understand...I don't want to make an enemy of you...." she glanced back at him giving eye contact to him as her eyes gave an emotion of understanding but a slight hint of hurt and fear before closing her eyes glancing away.


She felt the tension from Shadow and Blue before starting to walk again through the forest. "Calm down guys, we are almost there," she said before she made herself to a clearing removing the branches that were in the way revealing a water park playground with a lot of water types playing around. "Delta should be around here somewhere, Blue? Ghost?" she said looking at the girls as she laid down for them to get off.

Blue and Ghost

Blue and Ghost leaped off Blade's back. "Right, let's go Ghost and oh if you guys want a tour around here I will have no problem with doing so," she said giving a gentle smile before Blue leaped off to find Delta. "Come on guys, this area is fun for all types except types with a weakness with it"Ghost chuckled before following after Blue.
Phantom stayed auiet, thinking, until he realized something. " ON MY GOD!!!! WE LEFT PABLO!!!!! " Link and Phantom ran to where Shadow pushed Pablo off, while Shadow just smiled. " The little punk deserved it..... " He muttered , walked off and jumping on a rock, curling up and falling asleep. It was one of the first times he actually seemed.....peaceful. Not angry at anything. Pablo, Phantom, and Link walked back, while Link walked over to Blue, Ghost, and Blade, being serious for once. " Sorry about Shads.... he had a trainer once, but they were abusive, and he ended up finding me and Phantom when we were really young, so he took care of us. "
Blue,Blade and Ghost looked to Link before they all just smiled. "Don't worry about Link, every one has their reasons as to why they are like they are.....I actually can relate...in a way"Blue answered smiling gently. "I'm going to go find Delta...."Blue said leaping off as Ghost followed her. "Yeah don't worry about it Link but its sad Shadow had to go through that on his own..."Ghost added following Blue from behind. Blade watched as Blue and Ghost went to find Delta before she had looked to Link. "Blue...once acted like a child all the time but something had happened to her that gave her a traumatic experience....if I wasn't there in time I would have lost her...since that incident she became more mature...if you look closely under Blue's neck fur you will see what I mean..."Blade said softly referring to the long scar across her chest.-
Link nodded slightly. Phantom then shook Shadow awake and starting yelling at him. " WHY WOULD YOU PUSH PABLO OFF? HE'S JUST A LITTLE KID! INFACT, I WOULDN'T DOUBT IF HE CARED ABOUT YOU LESS THAN NOAH DID!!!!! " Shadow opened his mouth to respond back, but then looked down sadly, and ran off. " Dude. Why did you mention Noah! " Link shouted at Phantom.
Blue and Ghost finally found Delta as they made there way back to Blade and the others. "We found Delta, Blade"Blue said looking at her as she sat down. Ghost flew just next to Delta as she came up to Blade giving a smile. "Sorry for the wait Delta"Blade said to her. "Don't worry Blade, I am patient" "Everyone this is Delta the Popplio"Blade introduced. Delta fixed her starfish on the side of her head and her Levi around her neck before giving a sweet smile. "Greetings everyone, its nice to meet you"she answered. Blue had heard shouting from Phantom before she walked over concerned. "Why are you shouting? Is everything ok?"she asked.-
Phantom tried to talk, but Link interrupted him. " Phantom here brought up Noah, Shadows old abusive trainer! And now he ran off, and it's getting late! " Phantom looked down and said, " He'll be back. He always adventures at night.... " Link turned to Blue. " Hey, your an Eevee to. You mind going out and looking for him? "

She looked to Link closing her eyes before opening them. "Of course, I can't just leave him alone at night, just tell Blade and the others I will be right back"she said before leaping off after Shadow. She was swift for an Eevee as she was calling out his name. Shadow! Please answer if you can hear me!?"she said walking around in the forest.-
All was silent, until you saw something moving in the trees. Before you could fully look, it jumped last again, and again, and again all around the trees. Eventually, it stopped and ran or towards a cliff. And with the moonlight shining on it, you could see a shiny Eevee, and he almost seemed happy as he looked up at the moon. " One day, I'm gonna evolve with the help of you Moon. Then I can impress everyone! " He started jumping around happily, giggling a bit as he did.

She used her nose to try and catch Shadow's scent and it seemed to work as she followed. She caught a glimpse of a shiny Eevee before making her way closer. "There you are Shadow, Phantom had asked me to get u since it's dangerous at night," she said calmly approaching him but kept a distance as she stood firm before her eyes caught the light of the moon as she gave a sudden smile. "-Soon I will evolve from you moon once I am ready...just now isn't the time...-" she thought before looking back at Shadow silently.-
Shadow turned back to look at you, smiling slightly. " Blue! What's up? You come to watch the moon too? " He turned back to the moon. " I'm gonna evolve one day, and I'm gonna do it here. Then, I'll finally be an Umbreon! " He yelled cheerfully.

She looked to Shadow and gave a chuckle before walking just next to him sitting down. "Actually, Phantom told me to follow you since you ran off like that but I didn't quite hear what Link had said"she said gently before looking up at the moon giving a smile. "So your going the same path I am evolving with the moon..."a sudden wind blew moving her collar fur showing her long scar she recieved from her past. "-I'm not ready.....yet...to evolve....I'm still hesitating...with my past-"she thought as her eyes gave a scared look.-
Shadow looked over at her, then smiled slightly. " Well, whatever happened, it's best to do two options. You can either forgot, never try to experience it again, but that's like leaving a piece of you behind. Or, you can accept it, and try to over come it. " He stood up again. " I try to do a little bit off both. I hide away from everyone, act tough and scary, so they don't know how I feel. But when I'm out here at night, looking up at the moon and stars, I feel safe. Happy. Relaxed. So, I leave it behind, but remember at the same time. " He leaned on you, yawning softly. " Whatever you choose, let me know, and we'll do it.....together..... " He then fell fast asleep.
She blushed slightly as Shadow leaned into her but gave a gentle smile. "Your...hopeless...but...that doesn't matter..." she said gently. "-Just like me I suppose...I do the same thing act tough...but he is right the only option for me is to overcome it...as an Umbreon, you can't hesitate to attack...-" she thought. "together...huh...well...that doesn't seem so bad..." she chuckled softly before laying down. "Sorry...Shadow good night" she said yawning herself before she fell asleep. Blade had looked around seeing Blue was missing. "Have any of you seen Blue?" she asked. "She is not here?" she added becoming concerned. Delta and Ghost looked to Blade. "I saw her leap off somewhere, probably after Shadow I think?"Ghost said having excellent eye vision. "She can take care of herself Blade so don't worry..but it is getting dark should we be worried?"Delta questioned. "I'll wait a bit longer if she doesn't return we will go look for her"Blade said.-
Wattor was wandering through the thick forest, he somehow hadn't seen a single other Pokemon around, strangely enough. He eventually had heard the noise of footsteps, but they were way too loud to be a Pokemon's, they were a human's! He hid behind the trunk of a tree, hoping the person didn't see or hear him.

"I heard that! Come out wherever you are!" The stranger exclaimed, readying a Pokeball.

Wattor contemplated whether he should run, stay in hiding, or sneak away. Running would make the person see him, staying there could make the trainer investigate, where he would be found. So Wattor decided to sneak away. He crept slowly away from the trainer, making sure not to make any noise at all. Unfortunately, Wattor didn't notice the twig underneath his feet before he snapped it, alerting the trainer of his presence. The trainer sent out a Raichu, and that struck fear into Wattor's heart. Wattor charged away in panic. The trainer and Raichu gave chase. Wattor was blindly running in a straight line, not even looking where he was going while sprinting away. He eventually collided with Blade from the side.

He rubbed his head for a few seconds before saying, "Ugh... Oh! Thank goodness, other Pokemon. Please help me, a trainer is chasing me and they have a Raichu!" Wattor said to them, wheezing heavily.

She looked down at the shiny Oshawott as he mentioned a trainer and a Raichu chasing him. She gave a cry signal to the Pokemon playing here to hide including Link and Phantom even Ghost and Delta as she flew off with her. She grabbed the Oshawott before leaping off the bush so the trainer wouldn't see this secret place. She placed the Oshawott down before seeing the trainer and Raichu in a distance. "No matter what you do stay close to me"she warned before using Psycho cut on the ground as a warning stopping the Raichu and its trainer as she growled in warning.-
Pablo growled and pounced on the Raichu, before taking a deep breath, as Link and Phantom covered their ears. " Paawwww.......PLI-OOOOOOOOO!!!!! " He cried, unleashing Dismaring Voice. Link then used Aura Sphere, while Phantom used Bonemerang.

She had seen Link, Pablo, and Phantom's attack hit the Raichu all together. She watched closely before she leaped up. "Protect the Oshawott guys! Absoooolll!"Blade said before she opened her mouth as a ball of fire appeared before it turned into a powerful Fire Blast as she unleashed it at the Raichu with a direct hit before she landed back down eyes serious as she stood in front of Phantom and the others growling.-
Shadow awoke hearing Blade yell out. He ran away from Blue, running over to the group. He then used Shadow Ball on the Raichu, growling. " Ok, this will be fun. " He sneered, getting into a attacking position. " Pablo! Get outta here! He might try and catch you! " He yelled, jumping next to Blade.

She jolted up as well from the cry from Blade as she leaped off softly until she found Blade fighting a trainer and his Raichu. "Blade!"she called jumping on her back. "A troublesome trainer huh...how annoying..."she said not impressed as she was battle ready. "Be careful you guys! Watch every movement!"she warned.


She saw Blue appeared suddenly as she felt relieved. "Blue, thank God your alright and you made it just in time too"she said looking at her. Blue gave a nod to her before facing the Raichu and his trainer readying a Shadow ball.-
Pablo tilted his head, staying on the Raichu. " PABLO!!!!COME HERE!!!!! " Shadow yelled, but Pablo ignored him, curling into a ball on the Raichus head.
After struggling to pull the Popplio off it's head, the Raichu used thunderbolt in order to stop Pablo from doing any more, and unfortunately for the Raichu, it's own thunderbolt damaged itself, and made it faint.
"Urgh... Raichu, return!" The trainer called, returning Raichu. He took out another Pokeball, and moved a few paces back before throwing the Pokeball to where he was before.
"Go, Tyranitar!" The trainer shouted as he threw out this massive monster. It towered high above the trees.
"Use thrash, Tyranitar!" The person yelled up to it. The Tyranitar let out a huge roar before stomping around rapidly, crushing multiple trees in the process.
Pablo got up, and waddled over to Tyranitar, doing the same thing. Climbing on, using Disarming voice. " Pablo!! " Shadow screeched. " Come Back!!!! "
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