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Open The life of a Shiny pokemon

Blue and Blade

Blue and Blade saw another one of his Pokemon appear seeing a Tyranitar appearing bigger then Blue and the others except for Blade. "He's huge Blade, we need Ghost and Delta"Blue said looking to her. "I know"Blade said agreeing. As Blade and Blue said this a sudden Razor leaf and Water pulse appear in front of them hitting the Tyranitar directly. "I know those moves!"Blue said. "Who doesn't"Blade said as Ghost and Delta appeared in front of them. "Ghost! Delta!"Blade and Blue said in unison. "We heard trouble so came right away"Delta said gently giving a smile. "Right!"Ghost said raising her wing up. "Alright guys listen, we must attack together ok since we have a better chance that way"Delta adviced. "Teamwork!"she smiled sweetly. Blue and Blade nodded to Delta and Ghost before facing the Tyranitar. All together, Blue,Blade,Ghost,and Delta used their moves on the Tyranitar. "Absooool!"Blade said using Mega horn. "Popplioooo!"Delta said using Water pulse. "Roooooowlet!"Ghost said using Razor Leaf. "Eeeevee!"Blue said unleashing a Shadow ball as all four moves collided directly hitting the Tyranitar.-