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  1. OmegaSapphireFox

    Ask to Join Small Pokemon RP Thread!!

    This is a roleplay for people wanting to play as small(er) pokemon(generally in the cute and cuddly category) such as Eevee, vulpix, ect. You must ask to join. There will be a max of three people!!!!
  2. The Dark Fairy

    Eevee madness project

    So, I’ve been working on a project to make a eeveelution for every type and dual type, I’ve now decided to draw them all myself, but some of them are difficult, I would be grateful if any of you would share your ideas
  3. D

    Open The life of a Shiny pokemon

    This is an RP about shiny pokemon living in a forest Rules: You may be a trainer Please be a basic pokemon for now, you can evolve later in the RP Romance is allowed Fighting is allowed Max 4 moves for now Fakemon allowed as long as it is yours or you have permission to use it If you are a...
  4. A_Normal_Snivy

    Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Shattered Crystal

    Like all the mystery dungeon games, this takes place in a world pokemon only. Rules: 1: No OP characters 2: On your first post, you have to state your character (see form) 3: No weird/crazy powers 4: No fakemon 5: No controlling other's characters Anyway: In remote village called Bigrock...
  5. SweetAndScary

    Open pokemon palace

    RULES 1. THIRD PERSON 2.You can be what ever pokemon charater you want (trainer,pokemon,both) 3.thats pretty much it *START* Hex, an eevee had been running around the palace playing tag with her trainer Adi. When she ran around the corner,she hit a figure (you). "Oh.....Sorry whoever you...