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Ask to Join Shiny runners l A shiny pokemon RP

Shinies are pursuited by all trainers. Normally, after being caught, they'll never see the light of day again, trapped in a PC to be shown off in the GTS. You are playing either as the the shiny pokemon, attempting to stay free and away from humans, or the trainers that are after them. Set in Hoenn

No legendary Pokemon
No Mary/Gary sues
No godmodding
Moves must be learnable by said Pokemon
No swearing
Correct spelling and grammar
NPCs will be added as well as RPers to play the trainers
Romance is allowed, but not too mushy


Backstory (if any):
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Moveset:dark pulse,quick attack,shadow ball,double edge
Appearance:Normal umbreon with a blue scarf
Backstory (if any):nah

San was running like crazy because 5 trainer was running to catch him "oh........god........ i´m gonna die.........." he said running from the trainers, when he was running he jumped in one tree and stayed quiet, the trainers vanished, Sans quited of the tree and said "thanks to arceus that trainers no finded me" he said looking to a........ well he don´t know to what pokemon he was looking at
Name: Rose
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Eevee
Moveset: Tackle, ShadowBall, Bite, Tail Whip
Personality: shy, kind, playful
Appearance: Normal Eevee, wears flower crown
Backstory (if any): N/A
Other: have brother named Hiro (Umbreon)

Rose was playing on grassland with her friends: twin Shiny Vulpix, Furret, Lotad, Mareep and her brother Hiro.
Suddenly some trainers arrived. When they saw Shiny Vulpix twins they want to caught them, but Shiny twins were fast and they ran into bushes. Furret and Mareep climed on tree. Lotad jumped into Lake and Rose and Hiro climbed on nearest tree.
Trainers looked dissapointed. One of them called his Houndoom to find Shinies.
"Be quiet." Hiro whipered to her little sister Rose.
Shiny twins were shaking like crazy. "I'm scared brother." one Shiny Vulpix said
"Thex will left soon." said another Shiny Vulpix
Houndoom sniffed some bushes, but he found nothing.
Soon trainers left grasslands.
"We are safe now." Furret said and jumped from tree.
The other came from their hiding places.
Right, I should probably send mine too.
Name: Sky
Age: 12
Gender: F
Species: Zorua
Moveset: Sucker punch, helping hand, agility, payback
Personality: A good friend, protective. Curiousity always gets the better of her
Appearance: Normal Shiny Zorua
Backstory (if any): N/Ah
Other: N/Ah
he saw a shiny zorua,but one trainer was behind the zorua "watch out!" he said pulling Sky and him to a brush "that was close......." but when he pulled sky to the brush he scarf fell and he din´t noticed
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"Hey, you dropped your scarf. And thanks for that." Sky picked up the scarf and held it out to Sans, with it in her mouth. "I'd better be off, I'll be up a tree further on." Sky took the shape of a Zigzagoon, and started to walk past the trainers, inconspicuous.