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First Shiny ever

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Type your first shiny ever caught and its last move set you used on it.

Example: "Linoone ( evolved from a shiny Zigzagoon) with Gluttony and the Wiki Berry. The moves I had on it were Extreme Speed, Belly Drum, Stomping Tantrum, and Shadow Claw."

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Previously PrincessPika~chan
My first shiny is an Eevee in Pokemon Sun, I SOS chained for it and was using a Jolly Synchroniser to try and get the right nature, which I did; I don't think it has the right moves or has been EV trained yet, but it's still quite special. Pretty sure it's male, and I know for a fact that his ability is Adaptability, I'm planning on making it the centre of an Eeveeboost team, too.
You know, I don't know if it's because I've never been THAT interested in catching a Shiny Pokemon. But in 14 years of playing Pokemon, I have never caught a single Shiny Pokemon. Overall I've never though that I needed to catch a Shiny pokemon. The only want I'd really want on my team so far is Umbreon's one!
You know, it was about 18 years ago when i found my first shiny (other than the red gyarados) on silver, and that game is now dead from the internal battery dying. But I know I caught a shiny scyther in the bug catching contest, and had a box full of random shinies including hoothoot, unown, blissey, politoed, and electrode.

But for pokemon games gen 3 and onwards my first shiny was tentacool in sapphire, many years later i caught a shiny tentacool for my alpha sapphire play through fishing on dewford right after getting the rod ;)
It wasn't long ago, I was playing a fan game when I found a shiny Mawile in a crystal cave, it had good ivs and it was an adamant one too, it was the p e r f e c t mawile, it was my first ever shiny
First Shiny I ever caught was a Drowzee in my HeartGold. I don't remember it's moveset and I haven't evolved it yet, since I haven't played HeartGold in years. XD I remember it had Hypnosis, Smog, probably Double Slap and something else, and it was around Level 20 since I was trying to evolve it before I stopped playing it after a century. XD
I can’t quite remember which one I caught first but I came across a shiny Clefairy and Geodude in an early playthrough of Pearl. A few years after that I found a shiny Krabby in Soul Silver, and a shiny Lillipup in White. That Lillipup in particular was pretty special as I distinctly remember that I had just beaten the game for the first time, and decided that instead of flying to wherever that I’d walk through Route 1 again, as my own little finale to my favourite game in the series. Well it’s damn lucky I did because a few steps in and boom, shiny.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of these shinies anymore as I lost almost all of my DS games several years ago. Thanks to Let’s Go I’m working on recatching some new shinies as a bit of a homage, but I think that Lillipup is going to allude me for a long time.
I seem to be cursed with horrible luck when it comes to shinies. I've played Pokemon games for about five years now, and have never encountered a wild shiny in the mainstream games. Of course, GO is a different story, what with how high the odds are to get a shiny there. Honestly though, I've spent 30+ minutes at a time once or twice SOS battling Eevees, Trapinches, and Snorunts in Pokemon Sun and have not encountered a single shiny. If GO counts though, I suppose my first shiny would be a Magby that I hatched from an egg.


Previously YeltonLongNose
My first shiny was encountered the second day playing Ultra Moon. I wanted a Carbink so bad, that I accidentally killed one, next Carbink I found was shiny. I named it Crys,
My first legit, no cheat shiny was a shiny Zubat in LeafGreen not too long ago. I was cursing at not having any repels before but boy was I glad I didn't. I'll love that green lil' bat forever.


Previously EeviumZ
First wild Shiny was.. I don't remember which one came first. I'll just put down both.

I had recently started my Pokemon X Wonderlocke. I had the Shiny Clause active (thank goodness). I went into Santalune Forest, and got my encounter for the route (a Scatterbug). I decided I'd grind with the wild Pokemon a bit, so I walked back into the grass. The very next encounter? A Shiny Pansear. I freaked right out, nearly fell of my bed. I allowed myself to catch it, and later evolved it into a Simisear. (I lost it to that one Heracross with Counter in the fighting gym shortly after. RIP Blaze, you will be missed.)
I've already completed USUM, and haven't restarted it, as I wanted to complete the Pokedex. I was in Vast Poni Canyon (I think), searching for missing dex entries. I walk into the grass, and a Carbink appears. I felt like the color was a bit off, but didn't think anything of it. Until it sparkled. I'm pretty sure this was my first wild shiny, so I was insanely happy.
my first shiny? - it was a Mienfoo in Black 2 -
I remember just wanting to train for the Elite 4, as my team at the time was a bit under, on the green grass - a Mienfoo showed up, shiny coloring made me smile (at the time of the 5th gen, it was my favorite of all shinies)


Previously SilvertanK
I used to play Pokemon Crystal on an emulator and I got a shiny Tyrogue. I stopped using it when it had a moveset with:

Tackle (I think, i honestly kinda forgot the moveset.)
Dizzy Punch

Not a very good moveset tbh.
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