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pokemon go

  1. I

    LGP/LGE [Let's Go Eevee] Looking for Shiny Meltan?

    I've always been afraid to request a shiny mythical trade fearing all were shiny locked, but there was a rare Lunar Event for a increased shiny spawn chance for Meltan. Cellphone-less for six years I haven't tried Pokémon Go' since i was currently into another franchise; feeding for 'hearts'...
  2. A

    Pokémon Live Action Fan Film Trailer + Giveaway

    A team of many hardcore Pokemon Fans put this project together and I would like to share the trailer with this community. There is also a free Pokemon Giveaway at the end. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Teapot

    Pokémon GO Coming to Apple Watch

    Once a year, the faithful gather around their screens to watch Apple's September conference, to get just a glimpse of the latest aluminium tat. Today was no different – but alongside the idealised product videos and reverential corporate preaching, John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic came on-stage to...
  4. Teapot

    Buddy System Announced for Pokémon GO

    Niantic have just revealed the newest feature for Pokémon GO: the Buddy System. The Buddy system will allow trainers to choose a Pokémon from their collection to appear alongside their avatar on the profile screen. The Buddy Pokémon will provide bonuses, such as awarding Candy for walking with...
  5. Linkachu

    Pokémon GO: Progress Logs and Discussion

    Are any of you still actively (or semi-actively) playing GO? If so, what's your current level? How many species have you registered in your PokéDex? What are your most powerful Pokémon? Do you have a specific team or favoured Pokémon for taking on rival gyms? Etc. etc. Feel free to use this...
  6. James the Funny Nerd

    Sprite Requests

    I'm making a fangame called Pokémon Harmony. It's about the past of the Pokémon GO team leaders, Candela, Blanche and Spark. I'm asking for someone to make a gen 5-style trainer sprite for a younger Blanche (I already have them for Spark and Candela). I also need Gen 3-style overworld sprites...
  7. Linkachu

    Pokemon GO: Who have you sworn allegiance to?

    Forgive me if I'm just blind and someone has already posted this elsewhere. For all of you present (and future) Pokemon GO players out there: which team did/will you join - Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct? :arr: Myself, I ended up joining Team Mystic simply because blue is my favourite...
  8. Teapot

    Pokémon GO Hits the UK and Germany - UPD: Italy, Spain and Portugal join in

    The wait is over for at least some European trainers: Pokémon GO is now out in the UK and Germany, and should spread to the rest of Europe very soon. 15/07/16 UPDATE: The app is now also live in the App and Play Stores in Italy, Spain and Portugal, continuing a widening roll out that hopefully...
  9. Curtkid

    What Pokemon are found around your neighborhood?

    It has been a few days since Pokemon Go was released and is now available in a good number of area's, and the Internet has been exploding with Pokemon Go fever. Needless to say I am one of those many people going all around my town, hunting for these critters, looking to expand and power up my...
  10. Teapot

    Pokémon GO Expands to the US

    After yesterday's release in Australia and New Zealand, Pokémon GO has now also opened up to the United States on both iOS and Android. You can pick up the game for iOS here, and for Android here. Nothing's been revealed yet as to when it will be available in Canada or Europe, but we'll keep...
  11. Teapot

    Pokémon GO Out Now In Australia and New Zealand

    Nearly ten months after its initial announcement, Niantic's new Pokémon GO game is now available to download on both iOS and Android in Australia and New Zealand. The game is free, but contains in-app purchases in the form of "Pokécoins". These range from $1.49 AUD for 100, up to $159.99 for...
  12. teabut

    Pokemon GO: Pokemon in Your Area

    Information about Pokemon GO is cropping up every day. We've already learned that pokemon distribution will be dependant on where you live. For example, if you live near the ocean you will probably be running into a lot of water-type pokemon. So, based on where you live, what sort of pokemon...