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Pokémon GO Expands to the US


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I just got back from an eventful walk with my brother. I lack a smart phone so I can't play the game but I go for walks all the time. He has an android but rarely leaves the house unless he's in his car so we partnered up on this venture. He caught Charmander and Eevee. There were plenty still popping up on the radar but neither one of us could figure out the wonky map features. With it being dark and mosquitoes chewing us up we decided to call it a night and experiment more tomorrow.
@Psycho Monkey I have also returned from quite the journey. I circled aimlessly around a building several times trying to capture a pesky Eevee, but it finally showed itself and became my friend! There was also a gym nearby! Alas, not yet being level 5, I could not challenge it, and when my phone finally died all I had left to do was head back home. Nevertheless, I WILL be the first to conquer that gym!
I downloaded the game at 2 A.M last night and then immediately went walking around my neighborhood looking for Pokemon. So far I have a team that's shaping up to be respectable and was even able to wrestle control of a local Gym! So far my main 6 Team consists of:

Embertail the Charmander, Ninsyca the Kakunna, Raviel the Eevee, Ymir the Pidgeot, Surrey the Butterfree, and Butters the Krabby.

All in all, aside from the...numerous server issues and GPS error's it is a pretty solid game so far, definitely needs some work (like there should be way more opportunities to battle aside from gyms, as cool as the gym turf wars are), but I think it can turn out to be an extremely fun game.
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The server keeps on dying down from time to time, but the game is definitely worth every step. I've been outside all day yesterday and today, and it's tons of fun!
I feel Nintendo has a evolution to trick people to go play outside like Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow with the link cable,then HG/SS pokewalker,B,W,B2,W2 is that we don't have to battle at the PKMN center no more we could do it whenever you are,Y,X,ORAS well just walk with the 3DS and be close to other players and you can get rewards also mainly for the 3Ds mii plaza,and then Pokemon go which is go play Pokemon outside and you also get exercise.well played Nintendo! Well played indeed...
My friends and I have been having fun. I only have like, three types of Pokemon right now--Charmander, Pidgey (x4), Krabby (because I live behind a small lake), and Eevee. I plan on doing some Pokemon Go'ing tomorrow to get some more.
My brother-in-law is seriously killing the game right now tho...
Is it able to work away from wifi if the phone being used isn't activated?

I have too many pokemon and have no candies for them

If you have any doubles (ex: two eevees or two oddishs) you can transfer the lower cp one, and get candies that way! Also, I think the more you walk, you may be able to gain candies that way too. But I'm not sure.

The server keeps on dying down from time to time, but the game is definitely worth every step. I've been outside all day yesterday and today, and it's tons of fun!
The game is in beta testing right now! Leave reviews to what needs fixing on the download site! Also, its going to be updated with things like Trading and i believe actual Battles once the game is in full swing. (: Fun stuff to look forward to.
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