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  1. _rb3

    Open Aracelis Academy Discussion Thread

    This is the official discussion thread of the Aracelis Academy RP! This is for all of the role-players to discuss possible ideas and to see who is interested in this RP. I'm really excited to get to know your characters in the RP. Please create a biography of your character below. (Link to...
  2. Tailon

    Private/Closed Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Oh shit JKR has been up to some shenanigans hasn't she welp. @Rex and myself have been up to some plotting, and as usual we've had to build half a world for good ol' JK, so there's a lot to cover as to what we've added, but the articles on Pottermore concerning Ilvermorny and American wizarding...
  3. Hisseki

    Private/Closed Steven Universe RP (?)

    Hiya! It's me, Hisseki. I've been thinking about starting a Steven Universe RP for a bit, and I figured "Hey, might as well get to it!" So here we are! I'm kinda stumped on ideas for the main story at this point. I've been stuck on a few ideas for a while. You are aligned to a diamond and have...
  4. Shiny Motley

    Mobile Games!

    I entirely blame my real life friends for roping me into certain games. Grah. Anyways, which ones do you play? :D I'm currently playing Love Live! School Idol Festival, Idolish7, Tsumtsum, and Neko Atsume. The first two are idol rhythm games and they're pretty cool I guess; I wouldn't really...