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dragon type

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    Ask to Join Dragon Tamers: Quest of the Feral Dragons

    DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragon-tamers.21830/ A Dragon Tamer's life is greatly dependent on their dragon companions. This has been a fact of life ever since they came to a Kalen. Ever since they formed far away from there. However, something disastrous happened. Dragons were...
  2. Prof. Galeun

    Open Scoria Foundation [Neutral Team] Discussion

    Scoria Foundation “To make a Continent, to Make Are Own Home! To Build a new Future for us, To Study Pokemon to Move us forward:” “Together!” -Prof. Galeun Description: For Centuries we lived under the Rule of our Government and their unchanged ideal making choices that benefit them over us...
  3. Tatzu

    Open Team Wyvern [Evil Team] Discussion

    You are a new member of Team Wyvern, A Team based around Dragon types, They want to Control Rayquaza and Control all Seven Regions, As a Grunt, You have been sent by the Leader (I wi be the Leader, Ill have a Grunt character but ill have the leader by my Secondary RP Character) to do many thing...