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Ask to Join Dragon Tamers: Quest of the Feral Dragons

DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragon-tamers.21830/
A Dragon Tamer's life is greatly dependent on their dragon companions. This has been a fact of life ever since they came to a Kalen. Ever since they formed far away from there.

However, something disastrous happened. Dragons were running rampant. Even the most skilled couldn't calm the beasts. It started with wild ones, then it effected tamed ones. Ones owned by the Tamers. They couldn't reason with their partner.

In a desperate attempt to find a stop to the madness, the council of elders met. They figured out that more experienced Tamers were having the problem more often, so they decided to call upon young Tamers who were very inexperienced.

One of these was Ida Dagdottir, a young Tamer from the Noivern Village. She patted her Noibat, Heda, as she rode to the meeting grounds in a cart driven by someone outside of the villages. Her people had nothing against outsiders, they just liked to keep to themselves. She sighed as she rode on the bumpy cart.
Renz Flintrokk, a Dragon Tamer of the Garchomp Village, was on his way to the meeting grounds. He had been chosen to take on a quest, a quest to discover why dragon Pokémon were going wild. The problem was very worrying. He normally could have gotten a ride for a journey like this, but with most of the Pokémon in his village going crazy, there was no air journey for him. Nope, only a tramp along the road, this dusty, stony path that was often traversed by the carts of Kelian traders going from town to town. He felt a tug on the back of his shirt, and at the same time his ears caught the rumble of an approaching cart. He and his Gabite stepped to the side of the road to let the cart pass. The dragon beside him was one of the few who were not already crazy, and it was because of this that he had been chosen.
Bella Knox a girl many would call trouble as she made her way through the Flapple village that is her home. Her partner was chosen for her as she tened to be somewhat more rebellious then most of the youths that lived in her village.

It was most likely that the elder of her village chose Bella as the representative to get her out of village. Like they think that if they sent her on this mission to help save the dragon types, it would somehow make her grow up. Bella laughed at the thought of why they sent her instead of one of the others who might not be as troubled for the group.

"Well little one it seems to meh that they is tryn to get rid of meh. Can you believe them, tellen me that I has great potential. What a load!" The firey red head laughed boisterously as she spoke to her companion the little Appltin was on the girl's shoulder as they moved the path to meeting of the council with a group of young tamers.

Bella was still chuckling as she neared the rode of a cart and a young man walking along the rode in the same direction. The young man had a gabite with him. That must have been one of the other dragon tamers. As the red head neared the tall young man, she shouted a greating to him. "Yo ye must be one of the other young tamers that be helping out with the ol' feral dragons. Name is Bella Knox the best young dragon tamer from me village. This is Slice me partner. What be ye name?"
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The young man turned to the side to see the red haired girl. He stiffened ever so slightly as he responded. “Aye. I’m on me way to th’ meetinplace now. Renz Flintrokk of the Garchomp Village, and this is me partner Gabite.” With this last sentence he stretched out a hand. The Gabite behind him gave a very slight nod when he was mentioned, and then stared at the Applin. The young man continued to look at the tamer from the Falaple Village. He had never met anyone from that village before, as far as he could remember. He supposed he would be meeting a lot of new people at the Meeting Place.
When Ida saw the two other Tamers, she stopped the cart. "Ay, ya both goin' to th' meetin'place?" She pointed at herself as Heda opened her eyes, then trilling. "Well, I'm goin' there as well. Name's Ida Dagdottir." Heda growled and bit some of Ida's hair and tugged a bit. "Ow, ow" She glanced at Heda and realized what she forgot. "Ah, sorry. This be Heda, me Noibat."
Bella took the offered hand with a strong grip, shook the man's hand. Slice stood on her shoulder and was balanced perfectly. The red head turned to the girl after she shook his hand turned her intense green eyes on the girl who was in the cart.

After seeing the tiny bat like dragon bit and tug on the girl's hair, she gave a hearty laugh. It took awhile for her to get her laughter under control. "It seems to me that ya' pokemon be a bit on the wild side! It is nice to meet ya', my name be Bella Knox and this Slice."
"Quit'yer gigglin', yer gonna gettus caught!"

Thyra shot a playful glare at the children she'd whispered at, but could hardly keep up the look as they fidgeted in excitement. Fighting down a wicked grin, she turned back to her target: a cluster of bright red dates around two dozen feet above, safely hanging between palm leaves. The tree was one of three date palms on village grounds, and wasn't technically supposed to be harvested for another week. Traditionally, the village held a festival during which they'd collect the sweet fruit and feast, but Thyra wouldn't get to see it herself. So here she stood with her spear in hand, early enough that neither the sun nor most of her people had risen, and prepared to nick some of the fruits for herself.

With a heave that she'd practiced dozens of times, the spear followed the arc of her arm and hit home in the center of the cluster of fruits. Forgetting the secrecy of their mission, Thyra whooped and the two children let out cheers, but these quickly turned to shrieks and the youths scattered as the dates and her spear rained down from above at bruising speeds. Once the assault slowed, the three scrambled to gather the fruit, with Thyra storing them in the leather bag at her belt and the younger children stuffing them into their shirts and mouths.

"This is fun...do yeh really hafta leave today?" The youngest whined, a boy with sandy hair and full cheeks. The little girl nodded, dumping a shirtful of dates into Thyra's bag.

The young woman hummed. "Yeh, the Elder chose me 'fer the job," she told them. "Besides, I wanna figure out what's goin' on that's causin' the dragons teh suffer."

A dark expression came over the little girl's face when Thyra mentioned the dragons. Unfortunately, the girl's grandmother had been in a building recently destroyed by her own rampaging Flygon. The entire community had mourned the loss, but Thyra had noticed that the child could hardly stand to be near even the tamest dragons afterwards, and flinched when even a single Vibrava grazed her with its passing wing. Thyra loved dragons, and seeing a fear of them growing in the hearts of her people was devastating to her.

"Hey, dun look so sad," Thyra said, playfully tugging at one of the girl's dark braids. "I'm gonna help figure out what's goin' on 'round 'ere, and everything'll go back teh normal again. I prom--"

The child quickly turned her head, pulling her braid out from between Thyra's fingers, took a handful of dates from the bag, and ran. The other child let out a shout through cheeks full of fruit, indignant at being left behind, and dashed after her. The sudden action took Thyra by surprise and she huffed.

She continued filling the bag until there was hardly enough room for any other essentials, and filled a water skin from the fountain in the center of town, and finally the sun began to peek over the horizon. The sandstorms would be kicking up near the village soon. With one last look over the ivory-colored mudbrick homes, she began her trek through the village's gates and over the sandy terrain before she felt movement in her hood. Without breaking stride, she turned her head to see Dune poking his head out through the fabric, starry eyes half-lidded and sleepy. Thyra snickered and reached a gloved hand up to hold a date in front of the small Pokémon's face. Dune's breath hitched in excitement and he opened his large jaws to snap at the offered fruit, his favorite, and Thyra quickly withdrew her hand to avoid the jagged teeth with a snicker.

They traveled in silence for a period of time, enough for her to pull up her hood against the sun and for the fine sandy terrain to become packed and more loamy, and she knew that she was nearing the spot Storiror had told her to travel to. She looked up, marveling at the different environment. She'd never been one to travel before, so this was all pretty new to her. While gawking at the trees, she noticed a group of people ahead, and at a closer look, they looked like they were pretty young, around her age. She picked up her pace, much to the chagrin of Dune, who did not look happy at the increase in bouncing, even as she clutched him in her arms.

"Hey!" She called, a bit out of breath from her journey and waving her free arm. As she got closer, she was almost positive that they were the other Tamers that she was supposed to meet, though the only kind of Pokémon that she recognized was a Gabite, which must've come with its Tamer from the Garchomp Village, also in the desert. The group had begun to speak already, it seemed, and she approached the group curiously as they were beginning to exchange names. Once she'd caught her breath enough to speak, she introduced herself as well. "It's nice ta finally see someone. I'm Thyra Arnasdottir, and this 'ere's Dune. We're from the Flygon Village, in the desert. I'm guessin' you're all 'ere fer the same reason?"


Previously Keet
As Asmund started his walk towards the Meeting Grounds in Kelan. He had only recently he had obtained his Axew from his village from the elder, Marik Axearm, which was also his segway into the first quest, going to the meeting grounds. He had only heard a bit of the "Dragon Rampage" thing, but it seemed it was what allowed him to go on this quest from the Elder. With this whole thing, both his Axew and himself were a bit anxious about the whole thing.

"Don'worry about it, Malai. It'll beh fine." He responded to his Axew, still looking a bit nervous about the whole thing. While walking, he seemed to notice a small group of other travelers, one in a cart. They seemed to be a bit like him, new Dragon Tamers. He didn't want to meet with them yet, as he didn't know them a lot yet.

"They don seem lik enemihs, i'll stay a bih behaind jus in case." he said under his breath. He carried Malai and ran a bit faster towards the group, only a few yards behind them. He didn't want to look like an enemy, so he just carried his Axew and tried to make his spear a bit less visible. He kicked a small rock to the side, and kept walking. Malai chewed a bit of his hair, but he didn't mind.
Arya walked with her Horsea in her arms. She didn't like to walk too much and being away from the ocean made them uncomfortable. The young dragon tamer looked up her road and saw several people ahead. One falling behind it seemed. She adjusted her big wooden hammer on her back and began to walk faster, maybe they could sell her some water or trade for some berries. After the elder Eletria Stormcaller, sent her away for this mission, Arya was really hyped. She always felt ready for bigger missions and this was her time to shine.

She finally got up to Asmund. "Hey! Sorry to bother you." She smiled to show she wasn't hostile. "I'm out of water, can I buy or trade some from you? I got berries."


Previously Keet
Asmund wasn't expecting another person while travelling. "Aah!" he said with a small fright, being sure to be a bit quiet still. "Oh.. sorreh there. Yah neehd som watah? I got sum. I cahn fill yah bottle if yah want." Asmund pulled out his canister of water and shook it a bit, still having about 3/4 of water left. He took the bottle of water from Arya and carefully poured out about 1/4 of his water into her bottle.

"Dohn need paihmennt, I goht enuf watah and berries as I need." he said again, putting his water canister back and continued walking down the path. He felt a bit at ease with Arya, and decided not to go further back, and just enjoy the stroll until some sort of disaster happened.
"Really? Thanks!" She drank from her water and gave most of it to her Horsea, who enjoyed it very much. "Sorry we aren't used to walking under the sun so much. Where are you from? Your accent is interesting."

Arya placed the now empty bottle in her small pouch. Traveling light was her way of travel. Although it's not meant for long walks, like the one they were currently on. She was actually getting tired of carrying her Horsea, but she didn't really have a choice.
Audun made his way down the trail, his Deino walking close behind, an egg was held in his pack as well, comfortably placed in it's own compartment. "Hope we be nearin' the meetin' spot soon, feels we've been walkin' for days." His Deino let out a cry in agreement. Audun had gone on many hikes and treks before, though this was the first one he was on his own for. As he walked however, he spotted a gathering of people up ahead, walking in the same direction as he. "Thas gotta be the other Dragon Tamers, no doubt 'bout it. We should catch up with 'em, let's go!" He said to his Deino, who followed him promptly.

Audun caught up to the group of other Dragon Tamers and introduced himself. "Hey, name's Audun. I'm from the Hydreigon Village, and I guess you're the other Tamers headin' to the meetin' spot?"


Previously Keet
"Well, aim frohm the Noerth of Kelahn forehst. Gaht mah accent from me relatives." he responded. "Honehstly it's jut frohm mah heritaghe. Noth'n yah cahn lurn ahn yorselv." He also noticed another tamer, seeming to be from the Deino village, catch up. He quickly thought for a bit, and then decided to speed up.

"Wehll, ah'll be catchin uhp a biht wiht da grouhp. See yah soon." He said to the girl, quickly drinking a bit of water and also giving Malai some water as well. Energized and putting his water away, he picked up Malai and started to go a bit faster, not wanting to be left behind. "Cahnt be late forh the meetingh, that'd be silleh. Gottah speed uph." he thought in his head.
Arthur had just made his way out of the desert that surrounded his home, the new surroundings were unusual to him, but not unwelcome to someone who spent most of his childhood in the sea of sand. His brown cloak swayed gently in the cool breeze while his hood remained up to cover most of his head, although his face wasn't too difficult to see, behind him, he was tailed by not one, but two small reptilian Pokemon. The first one was a Jangmo-o, a common Pokemon within the Kommo-o while the other Pokemon was a stranger sight to behold; a Bagon, how someone like Arthur managed to find such a specimen from within the desert was a mystery he didn't plan to share. Under his cloak was a well sharpened short sword that glistened in the sun whenever it shone upon it while he had a longbow carried over his shoulder.

"Are you excited guys?" Arthur asked his Pokemon who cheered gleefully which brought a smile to his face. "Good, but try not to get overconfident, what we're doing is a serious matter that may even save our home from the strange phenomenon affecting your brethren." He said in a more serious tone before he looked ahead and spotted a strange group of individuals, each of which seemed to carry a dragon Pokemon from different villages. This sight alone was enough for Arthur to assume that they were out here for the same reason he was, so he slowly picked up the pace with his dragonic pair close behind him, he didn't call out but waved to the distant group in the hope to get at least one person's attention.
"Hey, Audun! Nice t'meet ya. And yer..." Thyra greeted, trailing off to peek around the newcomer and seeing a small Pokémon with dark fur ambling behind him. That must've been a...she thought to what she knew of the Hydreigon Village. Deino? Zweilous? She didn't remember seeing either species before, and couldn't remember which stage came first. It almost made her wish she'd paid more attention to those outside her village. "Uh. Partner," she finished. Eh, she was going to be spending a lot of time with these people, so she'd learn.

She lowered her hood and introduced herself and Dune, who's jaws were parted slightly in either an effort to take in the various new scents or in preparation to take a bite out of Bella's long hair, which was almost within Trapinch-reach. Just to be safe, she switched the arm with which she held the small Pokémon, holding him in the crook of the same arm that held her spear like a staff.

After the introductions, she looked around at the current assembly of Tamers around her. This couldn't be nearly all of them, could it? She stood on her toes to get a headcount--curse her height--and spotted a figure approaching from further away and waving. She raised her free hand and waved in return. She noticed a few other figures too, further away, but they could've just as well been simple merchants. Still...

"We're missin' someone, yeah?" She voiced her thoughts aloud to the others in the group, a small frown touching her features. "Maybe we should camp fer the evenin' and come up with a plan for the next couple days?"


Previously Keet
"In me opiniohn, I think we cahn stillh walkk forh a fewh hours. Still a bith sunneh." Asmund replied. "Althought that's just me opinion. We could camph right naow if ya want." He took another swig from his bottle of water and also gave Malai some of the water aswell. He noted down in his mind to refill the bottle at the meeting grounds.

He also took a small break to look in his bag for any camping supplies he had. He only had 2 small wool blankets and some extra dried berries. "Naice. Got somh extrah supplais if anywon need it forh camping." He put his bag away and looked at the group. "Everyone seems to be here except one... maybe Drampa? I've heard of them but haven't seem them. Should be coming soon." he thought. Malai and Asmund yawned a bit, and then kept on walking.
Renz watched as more and more people arrived and introduced themselves. He had trouble remembering any of the names, and he didn’t bother to keep repeating his own every time someone new joined. He merely rubbed the top of Gabite’s head, and observed quietly. After a few minutes he spoke to the red haired girl who had first introduced herself. Luckily he did manage to remember her name.

“What do yoo reckon, Bella? I’d say there’s plenty a’ light to get te’ th’ Meeting Grounds, but some o’ these seem to think pitchen tents here is the thing.”
Bella thought for a moment. There were too many people around. If there were wild dragon types around, they could be feral as well. It might be better to get to the meeting or at least split up camp. Slice sat on the girl's shoulder as she thought. She had a hand on her chin and the other on her hip. For a moment she was silent which people in her villiage knew ment that she was planning something.

"I say if they be ready to set up they's tents, I would not do it in a large group such as this. It would cause a lot of attention to be brought out to our camp if we do that. I say that we either head on to the meetin' place as it is where we be gettin' more on why the dragons be acting like they is. I do not know about you, but I want to head on out to the meetin' place. I do not want to be caught out here if some of the forest pokemon mistake me for food. If you be ready to head on out, I will follow." Bella had her arms crossed as she delivered her speech. Though the girl may not look it, she does have a head on her shoulders. That does not mean she only used it the way others would want her to.
Arya nodded. "Sure okay." She watched as the boy ran ahead. She sighed. If it wasn't for the fact that she was carrying her Horsea and she didn't want to get dehydrated, she would speed up also. But she continued her slow pace, until reaching the group, who was trying to decide on setting up camp or going to the meeting place. Well, she couldn't battle much on land. Well she could, Horsea couldn't. So, meeting place it was. It was safer for both of them. She continued to walk ahead, getting a head start since everyone else would surely catch up quickly. Hopefully not everything stayed behind to set up camp.
“I agree with ya’. Le’s get a muve on.”

The young man from the Garchomp Village gave the Gabite one more pat and began weaving his way out of the crowd of young Dragon Tamers. He waved his hand in front of his face for a moment and then progressed onwards, traveling at an easy pace, that, while comfortable, still sent him along quickly enough that he should reach the meeting place before sunset. Gabite had run ahead a short way, enjoying the speed at which he could run on the rim ground in the path. As much as he loved sand, especially sand bathing in the warm sun, it was still not easy to run fast on shifting, loose sand. The tamer had drawn his sword and was wiping the blade with a corner of his shirt. It could use a slight cleaning.
Bella began to walk. Her pace allowed her to catch up to the tamer with their horsea. It looked like the girl could use some water for the pokemon. Being the person she was, Bella took out her water skin one of four that she had attached to her shoulder bag. She also took out a small blanket that she rolled up for an extra pillow and poured some of the water onto the blanket. "You know if you's was to wet a cloth it would keep the little water dragon from drying out. Here this will help if you wrap them up in this it will help. If you want I also have extra water if yous be needen' it." With that Bella held out the water skin and the blanket to the tamer. She knew that they would need some help with the little water type as they require a lot of water.

Bella may not be from a water village, but she her village was situated around a small oasis in the middle of the forest. There were other types of pokemon in the waters there like dratini and horsea. "Name is Bella, Bella knox. If yous be needin' anything let me know. We tamers have to help one another out from time to time."


Previously Keet
"Alright, so wee ar goin to teh meetin grounds todaih? Aahlright. I'll geht Malai." he responded. Picking up Malai, he made a quick area in his backpack, putting Axew in it. Making sure he was secure, he put a small rope on the pocket, securing Malai in the backpack. "Aye, i'll be followin they group makin ground." he said again, starting to jog towards the people ahead.

He always made sure to look behind him every few seconds, making sure the other tamers and his Axew were still there. Losing his way OR his pokemon would probably make him look like a moron. He slowed down a bit once he got a bit further, looking back a bit more just in case. He was anxious about this first impression, and didn't want to leave a bad impression.
Ida merely observed everyone. She couldn't believe someone thought that only the Drumpa Village representative wasn't here. He totally forgot about Dragonite Village. Two weren't here. But she didn't voice her concerns. A good portion of the other villages thought that Noivern Village was filled to the brim with know-it-alls and snobs. She didn't want the group here to think that as well. She narrowed her eyes, thinking, as she followed the group. Her Elder, Voita Dragonheart, told her outright that she didn't know what was going on. That this crisis was something so unusual that she had no idea what was happening. She sighed as she followed along.
Arya looked up at Bella. "Wow thank you! This is a great idea." She had Horsea hold on to her by using her tail while Arya made the blanket wet and the wrapped the Horses around it. "This is really helpful I really appreciate it." She took a few berries from her pouch. "Would you like some? They're really good." She smiled as she held them up. It was a costume to offer something in return whenever someone else gave her anything, wether it was an item or advise.
"Thank ya. I will take a couple." Bella took a couple of berries and popped them into her mouth. Being from a jungle village, Bella loved to pick wild berries. It was something that she had enjoyed since she was little. Much to the chagrin of her parents, Bella would go hunting for berries everyday. She would bring home basket fulls of them to share with her three younger brothers.
As Arthur approached the group of individuals and Dragon Pokemon alike, he heard people suggest about setting up camp. "Hey there guys, am I to assume you're all here for the same reason as I am? It's not often to see a group of people who each have a different Dragon Pokemon from everyone else." Arthur asked as his Jangmo-o and Bagon both chirped out to greet everyone.
After a thoughtful pause, Thyra shrugged and began to follow along as well. Her people generally made it a habit to avoid traveling in the middle of the day, in order to stay out of the heat, but she reminded herself that things were different out here in the woods from the open desert. After all, Bella made a point; the thick brush and trees looked like they'd make efficient hiding spots for Pokémon.

She looked down to where Dune was beginning to squirm a bit in the crook of her arm and lowered the Trapinch to the ground, where he shivered a bit in response to the cold ground. Soon, however, he ambled toward the new pair of small Pokémon and greeted them, jumping in excitement at the prospect of friends his own size.

"Dune likes yer friends," Thyra mused to Arthur. "But yeah, ye've found the right group. Minus a few, but we're hopin' to meet up with 'em up ahead."


Previously Keet
As the people started coming to the group, he realized he had never formally introduced himself to the others. "Stupehd stupehd stupehd! Ya know ta ruleh, greeth yourselv when ya meat sumone!" he yelled inside his head. He beat himself up inside a bit before finally stopping himself and deciding to say hi.

He stopped for a moment for the others to catch up, then walked back a bit to start walking with the group. He decided to greet himself to Arya, the girl he met before. "Sorreh forh not introducing meself." he said. "Me name's Asmund Ahlberg. Sorreh if its a biht impoliteh to ask, but maih I get ya name?" He seemed to brighten his mood after introducing himself. He gave Malai a bit of water and drank from his canister, hoping he didn't screw up. His parent's would lecture him for years if he was rude to another person. A LADY would mean he was lectured until the end of time.
Renz trudged on, occasionally commenting to Gabite as he noticed something about the road they were travelingthem. or the other dragon tamers journeying with them. He wiped an arm across his brow and panted, slowing down for a moment. His draconic companion gave him a look which the tamer interpreted as ‘Come on, you can do better.’ This was enough to get him moving even faster than he had been, though not by much. The sun was slowly getting lower in the sky, and it would soon be going behind the trees that flanked the road. Renz wanted to get to the meeting grounds as soon as possible so he had time to eat with some light left. And then it was finally in sight. He gave a sigh of relief and forced himself down the final stretch, willing his weary legs to complete their task. Once there he seated himself on the ground, pulled off his light satchel, and took out his meager rations, splitting them between Gabite and himself. He watched for the others to arrive, wondering what the course of action would be for the rest of the evening. He didn’t know what the tamers from other villages would think to be the right decision; for all he knew it could be anything from going straight to sleep to holding a small council, or perhaps setting up a watch for the night.
Ida sat down when it got dark. "This be where we stop for tha night. Too dark to see anythin'." Her Noibat chirped and trilled in warning. Ida glanced at her partner. "What's wrong? Ya smell somethin'?" The young dragon tamer placed her hand on her axe handle and looked around. She didn't see anything. She started to worry. Then a Dino bust through the bushes, growling wildly. Ida placed her hand out and tried to talk to it, but the Dino snapped at her hand. If she didn't pull away, the dragon might have bit it and caused it to bleed, if not take her whole hand. She readied her weapon to fight the poor dragon.
Arya followed the group, trying to avoid getting too close so the body heat wouldn't effect her Horsea. She would ocasionally trade berries for more water, seeing as that was the best way to get some. As the night settled it, she and Horsea seemed more comfortable, being away from the heat. She sat close to the fire that had been made, but not too close.

Arya was in the middle of counting her berries when she heard growling. She noticed a Dino, that tried to bite a fellow dragon tamer. Arya's instinct told her it wasn't safe talking to it. "Go! Bubble!" She pointed her Horsea in the direction of the young dragon. Horsea shot a stream of bubbles, a not very effective attack, but lowering it's speed might help calm it down.
Audun followed the rest of the group with Deino, sitting down at the meeting spot with the others. He pulled out his bag of rations generously donated to him by the towns people, and gave half of it to Deino before taking the rest for himself. As the two ate near the fire, Audun noticed a Dino attacking another tamer, so he put his remaining food in his bag and readied for a possible fight. "Deino, get ready fer a fight." He said calmly, Deino looked up from it's food and readied itself meanwhile Audun put his hand on the hilt of his sword.


Previously Keet
As nightfall fell, he was still a bit energetic, knowing the late night activities they had sometimes did back in his homeland. Axew was starting to fall asleep, and Asmund was also starting to wind down, starting to walk back to the main group for the night. Axew chewed on a dried berry in his bag, and then he noticed a bit of the group seeming to be in a fight. He got up on a small rock to try and look ahead, and noticed a Deino growling at them.

"Ah, dahm. Seehms tey need sum help. Malai, would'ya helk meh out a biht?" he asked Malai, seeming to agree in a quick nod. Asmund untied the rope letting Axew hop out of the pocket, and they both headed to the scene. Asmund seemed pretty anxious however, only being a beginner in pokemon fighting and not wanting to use his wooden spear against it to avoid harming it. Still, he was trusting in Malai, and was ready for a fight when push came to shove.
The red headed dragon tamer was in the branches above the group she had followed at more moderate pace then most. When she saw the group being attacked by feral dragon type, she pulled out a piece of rope she kept in her bag.

Holding it with both hands, she jumped down from the high vantage point, and landed on the dragon type. Who tried to buck her off, and nip at her. Bella was ready for that and caught the pokemon off guard by shoving the rope in it's mouth.

She had prepared the rope with a fabric ball to keep it from biting. The dragon type bucked and tried to throw her off, but she held on. "Now ya not goin to be thrown me off ya. I have delt with bigger then ya, ya little rascal." With one last knot, she had the mouth where it could not bite them. Though it still bucked, bella held on to it.

With a belly aching laugh, she held onto the dragon. "Now lets see ya get out of this one. That rope be made just for this. There be no way ya getting out of this one."
Thyra stumbled backwards from her spot on the ground, startled, as the Deino broke through the nearby brush, nearly biting her tongue as the tamers around her took action. After a moment, she grabbed her spear from where it lay on the ground and directed Dune to perform a Sand Attack at the hostile dragon, though the terrain wasn't as conducive to the attack as what they were used to.

Once they'd subdued the small creature and Bella had wrangled it, Thyra grinnied in triumph. It was short-lived, however, as she crawled a bit closer to inspect the Deino that Bella held in place. She wasn't exactly familiar with the species, so she wasn't sure if the hostility was characteristic or caused by the illness that they'd already seen spreading. She voiced her question aloud. "They normally so aggressive? T'attack a large group like this, unprovoked?" Cautiously, she inspected the small dragon for any injuries, seeing no obvious wounds with her own eyes. "They don't, uh, hunt in packs, do they?"
The Deino passed out with all the attacks directed at him, the only way to subdue one that went feral. Ida walked up to Thyra and shook her head, clutching the hand that the Deino almost bit. "Not that I know of. And they ar' normally sweet as uh sweetroll." The Deino's breathing was a bit heavy, but it was clear it wasn't badly hurt. Ida turned to the rest of the group, looking around worriedly. "We should git back t' walkin' ta tha meetin' grounds."

A few days later, the Tamers made it to the meeting ground to await the arrival for the other Tamers. Around them, large trees with ornate carvings of dragons stood around a longhouse where the elders of each village met once a month. Ida couldn't help but to trace one of the carvings. It was said this was the first location for the Tamers of Kelan settled. Before the Noivern Village, which was rumored to be the first formed village. Ida smiled. "Hopefully no more dragon attacks," she joked.
Renz looked around in silence. The place was beautiful, and he was very glad he had been able to see it in person rather than listening to the tales of those in his village who had gone. Gabite stood by his side, but didn't care as much about the details Renz saw in the woodwork. Eventually the dragon got impatient and wandered off to find someone else to play with. Although he was a bit grumpier than when he was a Gible, he still loved getting attention from people or playing with other Pokemon. Renz didn't notice his companion straying away, and continued to look at the ancient building. He couldn't get over how amazing it was. The texture of the carved wood alone would have held his attention for a while, but the carvings themselves...
Audun stared in wonder at the building, and the carvings engraved into the wood. He'd never seen such intricate detail before, though of course he'd heard the elders stories about the place. Deino was equally as impressed but was a bit more vocal about it, and pranced and stomped around the building in delight. "Calm down aye, you'll bring the whole thing down..." Audun joked.


Previously Keet
After the encounter with Deino, he was ready to keep on travelling. It may have took him and the group a few more days, but he had finally reached the meetings grounds. He seemed to only see a single building, but as he saw it, it took his breath away. The rough, wooden structure and the intricate, beautiful carvings on it was a type of building he had never seen before. He laid his eyes on it for a bit more until he decided to stop.

"'Aight Malai, we'v made iht to tha meetin' groundhs. Pleash, be a biht polighet. Not in tha sense of tah table mannahs an' the sort, jus' naht roarin ahs loud ahs you do." Asmund had said, still taking in the building's intricate structure. As there seemed to be some sort of agreement, they started walking towards the building, Asmund hoping to study it a bit more.
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