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  1. RhythmThief

    Open ♫ Tales of Harmonia ♫

    (Main Thread) A quick preface ~ In my short time on this earth, I've found there are few things that connect people more than music. It has a way of expressing our truest selves in a way we can't imagine, only feel- in a way that bypasses the conscious and speaks to us on a deeper level. I...
  2. ThePlayfulFox

    Ask to Join Dragon Tamers: Quest of the Feral Dragons

    DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragon-tamers.21830/ A Dragon Tamer's life is greatly dependent on their dragon companions. This has been a fact of life ever since they came to a Kalen. Ever since they formed far away from there. However, something disastrous happened. Dragons were...
  3. Willow Whisp

    Ask to Join People turned Pokémon Quest

    Introduction: It was a normal day in the pokemon world, or so it seemed. At exactly 12:03pm, trainers started mysteriously turning into Pokémon. The people were thrown into chaos, since the cause was unknown. That is until a group of people turned Pokémon decided to go on a quest to set things...
  4. Inkage

    Ask to Join ~*The Wonders We Weave*~

    Welcome one and ALL to Quara, the land of magic and weapons! For a while. Lately, our master Wizards have all been defeated by a greater evil...A hideous monster who we call Slaghound. He is a giant Boar-like beast with long horns. This creature hypnotized the Master Wizards, and only can a true...
  5. Crimson Sun

    Private/Closed Roleplay Ideas Discussion

    Hey guys, Crimson here. So I have multiple ideas on a role-play, but I believe I'm only capable of doing one role play creation. This is why there's this discussion here. Just give me your thoughts, ideas or whatever to be honest. Just just bluntly ignore it lol. These are the ideas that could...
  6. Fraseandchico

    Open Minecraft: Chronicles

    This Is A Minecraft RP. The Server Of Chronica Is A Peaceful World, Ruled By The Fair King Heir, Okay, Just Kidding, King Heir Is A Prejudged, Paranoid, tyrant Who Hates New Players Due To Influences, And Now He is Planning To Kick All the New Players out of his Main city With No Explanation...