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Welcome one and ALL to Quara, the land of magic and weapons! For a while. Lately, our master Wizards have all been defeated by a greater evil...A hideous monster who we call Slaghound. He is a giant Boar-like beast with long horns. This creature hypnotized the Master Wizards, and only can a true warriors defeat him and claim the title 'Ultimate Hero'! The kingdom of Quara depends on it!

-Normal Sight Rules
-No modern day stuff. This takes place in a time with kings and knights.
-We all know what a Mary Sue/Gary Stu is. If not, it is a overpowered character that everyone loves and is overpowered straight from the start.
-A group of hero's is THREE ONLY. When a group has three, another group is to be formed. This doesn't apply with battling the Slaghound, as you might wanna team up with other groups for that special hog.
-This is kinda RPG style, so when in a battle, state your LVL, The move you are using, and then write out what happens when you use it. No, we are not taking turns. It's kinda a free-for-all in battles.
-Say 'I'm Squidward' to prove you read this.

Royal Court

Royal Fool:
Royal Cook:
(Up to 3) Princess(s):
(Up to 3) Prince(s):


Mockinnu, @Blotch'd

Slaghound, Leader of Beast, @Blotch'd

Weapon Appearance:
Powers (If a Master Wizard or Mage):
Attacks (Up to 4, 7 for Master Wizards):

Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Role: Time Wizard
Age: 4,000 (About the human equivalent to 39)
Appearance: Albanian wears a long white wizard robe with black trimming and a grey Cloak. Brown leather boots. Her hair is blond, and is very long, going about a foot long past her shoulders. She wears black stockings (As in pants) under her robe.
Personality: Albanian can be very harsh and ungrateful, and has a love for fighting. She is also very clever, using advanced techniques and methods to defeat her opponents. She's very violent because of this, and shows no concern. However, when she becomes friends with somebody, they care deeply about their health and well being.
Weapon: A Magical Staff
Weapon Appearance: Albanian's weapon is a staff with a head that divides into two lines that end in tiny balls. The stick is decorated with a Clock-like accessory, where the hands point out '12:30' no matter the actual time. The end of the stick has a metal 'handle' ending in a crescent moon.
Lvl: 46 (Around the 5th one fought)
Powers: Rewinding time, Making time go forward, Pausing time, making others different ages (Or Lvl's), Warping time (Street Name: Teleportation), Time Alteration (Able to change things to other things)
Back, Forward, and Paused-
Albanian spins her staff clockwise, or counterclockwise, and either way will stop spinning. To pause, she completely stops without slowing. To stop rewinding or moving time forward, she stops while reaching a slower speed. Any attacks played a turn before this move rewind, and can damage anyone.
Back Problems- Albanian points her half crescent moon end and shoots a focused beam of light at the opponent of choice, randomly altering their age to lower their level, or age. This effect reverses when hit. (Has a cool down)
Self Belief- A random person in battle is turned to a snail, cactus, or fox.
Clockwork- Everyone enters to a white void where black arrows randomly appear and shoot. (2nd Faze)
Backward, Forward, and Pausward- Like the first faze, but last longer and all attacks rewind faster.
Back Problems- Much like the first faze, but only turns the target to a senior. This effect wears off in 3 turns.
Self Reliance- A random person looses 1/4 of their health, and the health goes to a random person.
Other: None

Name: Mockinnu
Gender: Male
Species: ???
Role: Royal Fool/Warrior
Age: 29
Appearance: Mockinnu wears a black and white mask, and simple jester clothes, in a black and white pattern. His mask has a giant smile, and covers his face. His hat has three sprigs and ends in silver bells. His shoes also end in silver bells.
Personality: Mockinnu is very hard to understand at first, due to his very little speech. The words he DOES say are pretty deep and offensive. This shows he is rude and observational. He is also mysterious yet clever.
Weapon: His own two hands that use magic.
Weapon Appearance: Two hands with black gloves.
Lvl: 10 (The Starting LVL)
Powers: Mostly based on cartoon slapstick, including: Stretchy limbs, Shooting stars, flattening self like paper, forcing laughter on others
Forming a star on his hand, he slaps his opponent with this star power.
Stretch- Mockinnu stretches, dodging all physical attacks for one turn.
Laughing Stack- Mockinnu forces others to laugh, preventing any moves until he attacks again.
Star Dance- Stars dance along with him, and they shoot randomly at others. The amount of stars range from 6-15.
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A: Your probably right. I'll nerf them a bit

and B: Here the equation: (Lvl x attack power = P) + (P Divided by opponents lvl)
Example= (14 x 10 = 140) + (140 divided by 20= 7) 140 + 7 = 147 (Which is somewhat powerful in some cases.)
Well, a characters attack power, if that's the problem area, is based on what the move is. Attack power is a stat based on the level of a person.
(Lvl x *Attack power= A) + (A + *P) = the attack stat of a character.
*Stated Above
Other stat's are alike this equation, but you probably understand my point.
A lot of math is involved in this, but most likely easy math assuming we are all older than 10 or 12.
I'll do most of the math, so you won't have to, if that's not a strong suit.
Well, a characters attack power, if that's the problem area, is based on what the move is. Attack power is a stat based on the level of a person.
(Lvl x *Attack power= A) + (A + *P) = the attack stat of a character.
*Stated Above
Other stat's are alike this equation, but you probably understand my point.
A lot of math is involved in this, but most likely easy math assuming we are all older than 10 or 12.
I'll do most of the math, so you won't have to, if that's not a strong suit.
*Jodie hits itself in confusion*

Oke, here it is
Name: Skylar Cosmos
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Role: Nature Wizard
Age: 2,500 (Around the human equivalent to 19)
Appearance: A blue ripped dress to almost look like a skirt, covered by light blue wizard robes. She has a thin belt of green looking jewels on her waist around the robes.
Personality: Skylar has a rainbow coloured personality. She would normally have mercy for someone unless they’ve done something really bad. She’s normally kind, and friends with everyone she meets, unless of course, the person she meets doesn’t like her. She cares for the natural world around her, and she looks after the animals within it when she can.
Weapon: A magical staff
Weapon Appearance: The staff is light wood looking in the pattern of a dragon, it has pointed so-calles up the sides and the head goes over a small green jewel at the top much like those on her waist. This is all just for decoration, of course, and the magic is all done by Skylar using it.
'Lvl': 15
Powers (If a Master Wizard or Mage): Anything to do with nature, I’ll state what she does in roleplay, since she’ll probably gain them as she levels.
Attacks (Up to 4, 7 for Master Wizards):
Animal Summon - Can summon an animal to help in battle, or a horde of animals. The type and size depends on her level.

Root Cage - She can cover anyone in a cage of tree roots, this could be to protect or trap an enemy.

Natural Tangle - She can tangle anyone in strong and big looking blades of grass.

Counterattack - She can look a green fireball - like attack if an attack is thrown to her to counter it and start attacking her enemy.

This took me 20 minutes, don’t make me change it.. PLEASE! xD
I think I am Squidward.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Aster
Gender: Female
Species: Wood Nymph
Role: Ice Wizard
Age: 2500 (Human age - 25)
Appearance: Pale greenish skin, green eyes, green hair. She has elf like ears and leaves and twigs in her hair and around her arms. She wears a simple mage's robe made from leaves and natural materials.
Personality: She is a kind and loyal person, with a joyous sense of friendship, when in battle she will defend her friends and fight till her last breath.
Weapon: Bow
Weapon Appearance:
'Lvl': 20
Powers: Ice based magic, as well as 'Branching' which is a thing where wood nymphs can use the trees to see places where they are currently not (basically using trees as a second pair of eyes).
Ice Shield - Creates an ice shield wherever her arrow lands.

Ice Arrow - Creates an arrow that slows the enemy on impact.

Frozen - Can freeze an enemy solid for 1 minute, but must touch them with her hand.

Ice Warrior - Can create an ice familiar to fight by her side.
Other: I think I am Squidward