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  1. D34N.U5R

    Ask to Join Anime War

    Lore: The battle has only begun. When worlds collided, the Anime worlds crashed into our world, balance was depleted and our world was broken into shards. Summary: Few talented young people must help to restore balance, or at least fix the Earth. These few are the only few that knew they that...
  2. Inkage

    Ask to Join ~*The Wonders We Weave*~

    Welcome one and ALL to Quara, the land of magic and weapons! For a while. Lately, our master Wizards have all been defeated by a greater evil...A hideous monster who we call Slaghound. He is a giant Boar-like beast with long horns. This creature hypnotized the Master Wizards, and only can a true...
  3. flint-n-steel

    Ask to Join Ichoterra (RPG-World Roleplay)

    (* NOTE: ALL WHO WANT TO JOIN MUST GO HERE AND SUBMIT THEIR CHARACTER SHEET: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ichoterra-rpg-world-roleplay-discussion-board.20379/ *) Kasai was walking throughout the ruins of a past city, while looking at the run down buildings and eroded soil. He was writing...
  4. flint-n-steel

    Open Ichoterra (RPG-World Roleplay) *Discussion Board*

    @DeadEdgelord @Jodie.xox Spots for this RP are open for now, once we get more Roleplayers (at least as much as we can handle) this will be closed. This RP is about two girls who have been summoned into an RPG-like game world called 'Ichoterra' by a certain bounty hunter and adventurer. After...
  5. Crimson Sun

    Private/Closed Roleplay Ideas Discussion

    Hey guys, Crimson here. So I have multiple ideas on a role-play, but I believe I'm only capable of doing one role play creation. This is why there's this discussion here. Just give me your thoughts, ideas or whatever to be honest. Just just bluntly ignore it lol. These are the ideas that could...
  6. Jayblade

    Open Escape to a fantasy world discussion

    In this world if you die through some freak accident or unexpectedly while under the age of 20 you will have the choice to go to heaven (or hell depending on the person) or you can live out your life in an RPG type fantasy world. In this world you will be able to again magic powers and go on...
  7. MegaloX

    Ask to Join Yu-Gi-Oh: Crimson Chronicles

    Intro: Welcome to Crimson Veil City, one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire country. All of your characters are aspiring to be students students at Crimson Academy, a duel school made to turn chumps into champions. You are taking an entrance exam upon joining to see if you...
  8. GoreMagalaHunter

    Ask to Join Monster Hunter RP (Sign-Up/Discussion)

    Do you love Monster Hunter? You should sign up and write mini stories about your adventures. RULES Pokecharms global rules apply Pokecharms general RP rules apply Posts cannot be less than 5 sentences You are only permitted to post 2 times a day. 1 post for whatever it is you want to do in...
  9. Lexlecap

    Private/Closed Charms Fantasy: An Epic-Fantasy Adventure!

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/discussion-charms-fantasy-an-epic-fantasy-adventure.18396/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Despite having traveled for one month, Zent was still far away from Gravilla. Zent went...
  10. Lexlecap

    Private/Closed [Discussion] Charms Fantasy: An Epic-Fantasy Adventure!

    > Roleplay link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/charms-fantasy-an-epic-fantasy-adventure.18399/ > Rules and Info: - All the rules of Pokécharms - When we get 8 members, the thread will move to Private. - Do not make your character very powerful in a short time. - The Roleplay is based on a...
  11. Pokemon Fanfiction Novels

    Looking to Join Long-Term

    Hi, dudes! I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this, but I thought I'd set up a personalized ad page for the prefixes "Ask to Join" and "Private/Closed." The Pokemon Roleplay thread's got about 20 active games going (new posts within 24 hours), 30 on life support, and 1500 that are...
  12. ALOGameGal

    Open Kingdoms of the Labyrinth (Fantasy/RP)

    Tin this role play there are four kingdoms. The Orc kingdom of Oracle. This kingdom is located in a desert full of canyons and produce weapons like canons, harpoons, and even torture devices. There is the Elven kingdom known as Natursa. They also have control of the Mystic Tree that produces the...
  13. ALOGameGal

    Open Downfall Online: VRMMO/Sci-fi

    Welcome to Downfall Online, or DFO. This is a massive VRMMO game where players can do what they desire. This game's plot is based on the apocalypse. The world is in danger and nuclear beats have formed all over the world. You can use guns, swords, bats, bows, anything that you can craft or...
  14. YamiVolcarona

    Ask to Join Fallen: A Sci-Fi Fantasy Story (May contain violence)

    The country known as Enigam was torn. Ten years ago, a revolt that shook the foundation of society itself took place. Back then, the flying city of Volanta was ruled by a powerful king and tyrant known simply as the Red-Eyed King. He ruled with an iron fist and a cruelty towards all. After 20...
  15. Raezyr

    Ask to Join Renegades

    As years have passed, many people were sent to the Isle of Oblivion. A dungeon sealed and forgotten by many. The fog and the perpetual cold tempest, make it unreachable. The prision holds many dangerous foes that were locked in there for their war crimes. The dungeon is guarded by nymphs, these...
  16. MaleyaTheZorua

    I'm making an RP Game but I need help

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me make a game. It will be an RPG and me and my friends need help. If you are interested PM me for my Skype! (Or kik)
  17. NebulaPond

    Pokemon Journey.

    This roleplay is based off the adventures of 3 starting pokemon trainers. It is set in the Johto region, 5 years after the adventures of Ethan, Silver and Lyra. Note: We only need 2 other people, and then this roleplay with be closed. In New Bark town, of the Johto region, a 16 year old boy...