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  1. Schrift

    Ask to Join Avatar (AU)

    Discussion thread--> https://pokecharms.com/threads/avatar-au-discussion.22520/ Participants --> @Gamingfan, @Night's Shadow , @EnviousWorm , @Pinch , @BartenderReaper _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Water, Earth, Fire...
  2. Flareon~Chan

    Ask to Join Elven Forest (Discussion and sign ups)

    Hello there! This is an rp based on Elves (as you could guess) and not the Christmas ones. First of all, read my rules :3 Now, choose an element. (Remember to only choose two powers from the power category) Chose your element? Great! Here is the character submission sheet. Here is...
  3. Hallowed

    Private/Closed Valiant Resonance (Discussion)

    OOC: Well here it is, a story inspired by some of my favorite things. I look forward to meeting your characters if you decide to join but if not, then may it have been an enjoyable read at least. With that out of the way, I present to you... Valiant Resonance! -------------------------------...
  4. Yaspen

    Ask to Join Guardians Above Discussion

    RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/guardians-above.17642/ Welcome to the Guardians Above RP Duscussion! This is an idea that I got earlier today. Let me delve into the lore of the RP... For every Mortal being, there exists an Angel. By this, I mean that the Angel is the Mortal. When a...
  5. Zamcio

    Open Poke-demy RP?

    ~ Pokédemy RolePlay ~ Idea origin: I came up with idea of my old fan fiction story made up in my head... Imagine Pokemon Academy where students can have powers like in elemental Force from Star Wars so they can control some elements etc. Maybe like Hogwarts a little? Plot: You are student of...