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Ask to Join Elven Forest (Discussion and sign ups)


Previously Yang-chan
Hello there!
This is an rp based on Elves (as you could guess) and not the Christmas ones.
First of all, read my rules :3
1)Basic Pokecharms.
2) Don’t be too powerful, just two powers are fine (unless given special permission FIRST).
3)Characters per person is two at max.
4)You can have relationships, but it can only go as far as a kiss.
Keep it PG13 everyone.
Now, choose an element. (Remember to only choose two powers from the power category)
Air elves are quiet specimens and they are quite shy. Though, once you get to know them the open up to you. Air elves eyes are white and have light blue circle shapes under them.
Their powers are: Weather control, air control, flight, and invisibility.
Fire elves are compassionate and amazing warriors.They will protect their family and friends with all their life.They have dark brown eyes and red triangles under them.
Their powers are:Fire control, teleportation, fire forging and regeneration
Water elves are kind and relaxed. They are more on the defence side of life, but will use force if necessary. Water elves eyes are light blue with dark blue semi-circles under them.
Their powers are: Water shield, healing, water blast and slowing down time.
Earth elves are happy with the little things in life. They enjoy to socialise and are extroverts. Earth elves eye colour are green with brown square shapes under their eyes.
Their powers are: Rock control, natural disasters, super strength and plant manipulation.
Light elves are considered sacred, but they deny the fact. They often hang around with dark elves.Light elves eyes are yellow with white stars under their eyes.
Their powers are: Lightning, speed, Mind control and power absorption.
Dark elves are slightly depressed.They are not hated but not loved either.They hand around with light elves. They have black eyes with white stars under them.
Their powers are: Dark matter, power absorption, power blasts and mind control.
Toxic elves are know for their creativity. They enjoy having others around them.They have glowing green eyes and dark green diamond shapes under them.
Their powers are:Toxic blasts, poison, telekinesis and x-ray vision
Animal elves have caring hearts and are generally down-to-Earth people.Their eye colour is hazel and they have murky green paw-print shapes under their eyes.
Their powers are: Shapeshifting, animal communication, animal control and animal quirks.
Hybrids are a cross between two elf types. They have two powers each from the two elf types that they are crossed between. Their eye colour is undetermined. They can also have quirks of other elf types even though they may not be crossed between them. Hybrids are extremely rare. They heal instantly and they can be taught new powers they don’t have/learnt already.

You must have to ask to be a hybrid and show me your hybrid character though PM before I say you can be one or not ^-^

Chose your element? Great!
Here is the character submission sheet.
Age: (limit is 16-19)
Elf type: (if hybrid, specify what two types)
Appearance: (elves can wear normal clothes, but you don’t need to)
Talent: (all elves have a talent but you can have more than one.)
Headdress: (same as talent, all elves have a headdress. You don't take it off.)

Here is my character for inspiration. >-<
Name: Lylah Dragonheart
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demi (aka. Having to know the person before falling in love with them, if you didn't know that already)
Family: Mother (Deceased) Father (Deceased).
Elf type: Black-Pyro (Fire and Dark Hybrid)
Powers: Dark matter, power absorption, fire control and teleportation. (She can learn new powers when taught.)
Appearance: She has brown, wavy hair with red ends that reaches to her lower back. Her eyes are a glowing black and she has a red ‘V’ shape under each eye which sort of looks like fancy writing. She wears black ripped jeans with a black T-Shirt tucked into it with a red long sleeved T-Shirt under it and red fingerless gloves. She posses wolf ears and a tail, and a delicate dark grey pair of angel wings.
Personality: Distant, understanding, likeable, slightly depressed, anxious, protective, strong, powerful, pessimistic, calm, pity, sorrow, wise, young and free.
Talents: Singing, fighting, teaching others powers, acrobatics.
Headdress: A red rose flower crown with golden leaves.
Other: Hates people who make a big deal of their dead parents or family. She feels more relaxed when she is alone, but is okay with new people or friends.

♥ And that’s it! Have fun! ^-^ ♥
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Previously The Pikachan
Okay I want to try. I have an elf character.

Name: Rene Coper
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Mother, Father, Sister
Elf type: Animal
Powers: Shape shifting and Animal communication
Appearance: Rene has silver long hair down to her waist. She has pale white skin, weights 115 lbs and is 5'4 tall. She has her right arm filled with a tattoo of animal footprints and wears 3 piercings on each ear. She wears a dark blue cloak which she uses sometimes as a hoodie. Underneath she has a black tank top and black leggings. She wears black books and has a silver ring on each finger.
Personality: Rene is calm and cheerful. She likes spending time with others and talking.
Talent: She is a great drawer.
Headdress: She wears a hairpin in the shape of a blue bird.
Other: Rene has a black hamster that always hides in her hood.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Stiles Greenhardt
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Parents abandoned him.
Elf type: Fire
Powers: Teleportation and Regeneration
Appearance:Standing at 6'8" he has ice white, messy hair. His eyes are a dark brown and he has a red triangle shape under each eye. He wears grey jeans, a black tank-top, a red and black hooded overcoat, black boots and black leather gloves.
Personality: Gentle, kind, compassionate, caring, strong, powerful and tough.
Talents: Singing, parkour and perfect accuracy.
Other: He has a fear of being abandoned.
Name: Aster Oakenleaf
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Family: Father (Deceased), Mother (Deceased)
Elf type: Toxic
Powers: Telekinesis and X-ray Vision
Appearance: Standing at 5'4" she has electric blue, wavy hair with turquoise ends that reaches to her lower back. Her eyes are a glowing green and she has a dark green diamond shape under each eye. She wears blue jeans with a green crop-top, black shoes and an Oak tree pendant.
Personality: Smart, protective, excitable, innocent, strong hearted and kind.
Talents: Fighting, drawing, cooking and hunting.
Headdress: A rose gold band that has cat ears on it, it has green gems in the ears. (Like the picture but a headband not a ring)
Other: She falls in love very easily and tends to have her heart broken.


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Previously Yang-chan
@Red Gallade I think the elves would have advanced weapons linked to what element they have, and I guess you could choose what weapon you wanted to have. Same with the tecnology. Speaking of, I think I might give my character a holographic scythe that absorbs the power of the person it's used on, as power absorption is one of her abilities.
This rp probably would be set in medieval times but it might be a bit later or maybe in they future. I'll let you decide ^-^
@The Pikachan Character accepted
@Shadow_Pup Both characters accepted
@EeviumZ @Willow Tree I'll save you two spots. ♥ >w<
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Name: Shero Woodkin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Two older sisters.
Elf type: Animal
Powers: Aminal communication and shape shifting. He is training the latter so he could take on the appendages of more than one animal.
Appearance: Shero stands at 5'11" with tanned skin with small dark Green face markings under his sky Blue eyes which strongly resemble vines. He has chin long White hair with a spike or two here and there. His attire consists with a dark Green shirt under a long Brown hooded coat with two vertical holes in the back for any wings he makes, Black pants and dark Brown boots.
Personality: Shero is a laid back and somewhat sarcastic person, but can be very friendly when he wants to be and loves animals. He despises loud noises and easily gets flustered when ladies compliment him. If anyone makes him angry, he'll become aggressive and turn into an animal like a wolf or bear.
Talent: Flute playing, acrobatics, decent combat skills as an elf, but prefers fighting as an animal.
Headdress: Like his markings, his resembles a series of vines.
Other: He's afraid of water.
I bringed with me this shy boy..
Name: Cyril (Cy) Winterwind
Age: 17,5
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Father (Abandoned him), Mother (Deceased)
Elf type: Ice (Wind+Water Hybrid. I have asked and received a special permission {still, thank you c: } )
Powers: generates and manipulates ice, healing, flight (He may learn more when tought by someone)
Appearance: Cyril has snow white hair, Cy's eyes have cyan and white snowflakes shapes under them. He has also light blue crystal, dragon-like wings and crystal tail, that reflects light of the sun. He usually wears black shirt under the white jacket, silver trousers and black shoes.
Personality: Cyril is really shy and has a big trust issues, he also thinks about himself that he is way more weaker than he really is. Caring, he tries to help others around him. He may be hostile to people that came to close to him or are unnice to him.
Talent: He has angelic voice, he sings often, but he is to shy to sing with the knowledge that someone sees him.
Headdress: He has attached to his hair, mabe by him ice rose.
received_2564665887189584.png Made in Pitzmaker

Other: He don't have actually great control now and he usually lower the temperature around him and freezes creatures close to him when he is mad or scared.
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Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Name: Long Yan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Family: Lychee(Mother)(Alive), Rambutan(Father)(Alive)
Elf type: Water
Powers: Healing, Water blast

I must be blind or something, the image box was right there and I somehow overlooked it.
And now I have to describe the colors for this guy cause this pic got none (drawing on tiny phone screen is hard alright?).
Long Yan have a really light blue hair that is pale enough to nearly resemblance white if seen from a distance. Up close, to anybody, it'll just look blue. Matching with his hair, his eyes too, are blue, but a lot more deeper shade with a gentle glow in them. His clothes mostly consist of white, which confuse people into thinking his specialty is more of ice than water. The arm cuff is somewhat of a lighter brown with darker brown together, so it's usually the easiest to make out from his clothes, though it's mostly almost always covered up with his sleeves.
Personality: He's an overall softie with the personality of a grandma. He loves kids of any age and always somehow seems to carry snacks around with him to share whenever need be. At first glance he looks all high and mighty with his head held up proudly and steps that mimic those with high entitlement. Reality though, it's just how he is, and his actions never really define his reaction to things, so Newton's laws towards this guy wouldn't matter. He's pretty sweet once you know him long enough and he is always ready to help others even if they're strangers. He's oblivious when it comes to love and never particularly took interest in it, but he is a devoted man and would sacrifice his everything for his lover if they ever come to confess. He's usually not the type of guy to say no, so the mass mojority of the yes and no questions you asks him ends up as a 'yes'. But even with that soft side, this guy also holds a bold sturdy part of himself. He let's himself get push around, if that meant they could avoid conflict, but he knows when things can get too far and will step up when it does, so usually people don't bully that guy much. He loves animals of all kinds, and hang out with songbirds regularly.
Talent: He's usually good with musical instruments of different kinds and is fond of singing with animals. Dancing isn't really much of a hobby but he sometimes does it when he felt like it. Animals are his beloved, he'll hang out with them anyday, so he's also good with wild creatures.
Headdress: Entrancing blue flower that he ties to his side braid.
  • His name means "Dragon Eye" if you were to translate it back to english, it is also a type of fruit
  • His entire family have fruits names haha
  • He's sometimes easily mistaken for a girl by others, so much that he himself have doubt that he's a boy
  • He adores children, bring him one and he'll pamper them to death
  • He likes to "go with the flow"
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Name: Tauron Amigdael
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Family: Three older sisters, two younger brothers, a father, mother and several nieces and nephews.
Elf Type: Fire
Powers: Teleportation and regeneration.
Appearance: Dark skin, brown hair, glimmering gold irises. He's got leather sandals, padded pants with a servicable belt and pouches, and a black robe from his waist up that leaves most of his arms exposed. On his arms are intricate tattoos of magical runes.
Personality: Tauron's a smidge "cooler" than most Fire Elves; his dedication to protecting his kin has made him a less hot-headed, more calculating person, as he needed to be to utilize his powers well. Some might think him too direct, but he's by no means unpleasant- just not a man who wastes words or condones stupidity. He is in all cases intensely loyal to his creed of protecting others, preferring to put himself in the line of fire as he's most likely to escape getting hurt.
Talent: Most of Tauron's downtime goes towards combat training and discipline, as he likes to keep himself at the top of his game at all times. He's also a talented player of the ney, or reed flute, and good cook of spicy dishes.
Headdress: The skull of a horned sandwyrm, minus lower jaw, sits atop his head bound by thin leather straps, carved with runes and with a single amber jewel set into the forehead.
Other: N/A.


Previously EeviumZ
I'll just ask some questions first.

1) How exactly do hybrids come about? Is it genetics, is it magic, or something else? Or is it just a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence that is purely random?
2) What are you looking for in terms of backstories?


Previously Yang-chan
Yes I would say it was a rare occurrence between two elf types.
@EeviumZ for backstories, it doesn’t really matter. It could be a sad one, or may be a normal or happy one. I’ll have to leave that up to you ;)
Name: JC
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Kaun(M)(Father)(Deceased), Sherri (F)(Mother)(Bedridden due to medical illness), Shadow(M)(Older brother)(Alive)
Elf type: Animal
Powers: Shapeshifting, Animal Communication, Animal control
Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady that stands at "5'3 in height with a well feminine build. She has the rarity of light blue eyes instead of the original colored eyes for Animal elves but her right eye is blind. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in the high ponytail with a bang covering her right eye. She has a shirt that only covers her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder uncovered we get black tank strap is only visible with medium length black shorts at the bottom. She wears bandages on her wrists and ankles to hide her wrist scars with black flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears glasses upon her face with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck
Personality: She is mostly quite distant towards others and mostly stubborn which can be hard to handle. She is mostly stern but despite that she is a gentle person and very understanding person who doesn't judge anymore. She hides her pain very well as only Shadow can see it. She is brave but only acts the part to hide her fear. She has trust issues but it you can gain her trust completely she will protect you as if her life depends on it.
Talent: Archery, Flutist, Violinist, Self defense, Artist
Headdress: White wolf mask minus the jaw with blue streaks at the sides bound with dark purple straps with two white feathers on the right side painted in light blue-streaks like her mask but is able to move it in four directions but never removes it.
Other: She will mostly be seen with a Doe female or Arctic female wolf colored with light blue eyes with a paw marking on the side sometimes both . She can also be found by the sound of her playing flute or violin or with her brother. She will change wolf to defend herself or get quickly away from danger. She has severe asthma leading to her medical condition like her mother has. She also favors shifting fox, deer, or owl. Her mask will always be over her face. Knows a bit about building stuff but not as talented as her brother.

Name: Shadow
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Kaun(M)(Father(deceased), Sherri(F)(Mother)(bedridden due to illness), JC(F)(young sister)
Elf type: Animal
Powers: Shapeshifter, Animal control
Appearance: He is a light-skinned young male that stands at 5"8 in height with a well masculine build. He has jet black hair that is slightly long in the back. He wears a plain buttoned down shirt with a tank underneath and black skinny pants and comfortable flat shoes. He has light blue-gold eyes as his bang covers the gold colored eye with a black cross necklace around his neck with only one bandage around his right wrist with two black feathers bound to it painted with gold streaks.
Personality: He is a brave young man but also overprotective of his young sister JC. He is strongwilled and will do anything to keep his sister safe from harms way but sometimes she is too stubborn for even him to handle. He is kind to others he meets but if anyone harms his sister you will regret that you ever did. He is a good listener and will always have ears for anyone that feels troubled.
Talent: Archery, Violinist, Mechanic(can fix anything)
Headdress: He has the same headress as his sister but a black wolf mask that is gold-streaked with two black feathers painted with gold streaks bounded with silver straps able to move in four directions but never removes.
Other: He is mostly seen with a black wolf with gold eyes with a silver paw print on its side or a falcon, sometimes both. He has Heterochromia meaning two different colored eyes

(I hope this is alright @Flareon~Chan )
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