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Ask to Join Elven Forest (Discussion and sign ups)


Previously Yang-chan
@LunarSilvally yes, those characters are nice. I did notice that one of them had 3 powers, which I’ll let you off to the rare genetic eye thing, but just make one of the powers weaker than the other two. I’ll tag you on the roleplay now ^-^

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Name: Anakio Feuersturm
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Family: Father (Deceased) Mother (Deceased)
Elf type: Fire
Powers: Fire control, fire forging.
Appearance: Pretty muscular, with alot of burns on his skin. Not alot of hair, since that also burnt away. Usually no shirt, but sometimes he might wear a black T-shirt with holes in it. The shorts that goes down to his knees are fire-proof, and Anakio almost always wear them. In his belt he usually have two, three knives that he made himself. Alot of scars over his body.
Personality: Anakio is not very trusting since last time he trusted someone his parents died. He is usually protective and won't talk much, but is actually pretty clever.
Talents: Smithing, fighting with blades and spears, hunting. (Also using hammers since he is used to using them.
Headdress: A small helmet with a few scars on it.
Other: Works as a blacksmith, is pretty poor so hunts to make som extra money.
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