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roleplay sign ups

  1. TheBakaBanana

    Ask to Join Danganronpa OC RP Discussion

    Heya! I've been wanting to start a danganronpa oc killing game and ive been dying for roleplays since all my other roleplay groups died. So here I am! Also before you read the plot, this will take place in the location of the second game. And also the plot will have spoilers to the first game...
  2. •spirit•

    Ask to Join ~My Class 1A - The Next Generation (MHA)~

    Congratulations! You have been offered a place in U.A High's Hero Course! Next Monday, please come to U.A High to participate in the entrance exam. This will take place on Ground Beta. Please wear comfortable, or sports clothes you can freely move around in. Take this week to prepare for this...
  3. Flareon~Chan

    Ask to Join Elven Forest (Discussion and sign ups)

    Hello there! This is an rp based on Elves (as you could guess) and not the Christmas ones. First of all, read my rules :3 Now, choose an element. (Remember to only choose two powers from the power category) Chose your element? Great! Here is the character submission sheet. Here is...
  4. DragonSam98

    Ask to Join Pokemon:Lux et Tenebrae Discussion

    South of the mainland the Omnia region presents an irresistible challenge, for trainers looking to become champion. The Omnia region is home to the Omnia Pokemon League, which specializes in close knit bonds between Pokemon and Trainer. Before a Trainer can even acquire a gym badge, they must...
  5. Økama

    Open Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Pokemon Crossover Discussion/SignUps

    Hello~ and welcome. For starters this RP WILL take place in the XBC2 universe but it will NOT follow the main story plot, so yes, that means no story character's ONLY OC'S. I wont be taking outside of battle skills, blade stats, or the food system that powers up your stats in this RP because I...
  6. dooto

    Open The Hunters & Hunted: DISCUSSION

    It's a good thing you read the logs; otherwise, this plot would be confusing! If you haven't, go and tap that green spoiler button. The plot takes place in 2018; shortly after the log there. The RP is about "Abnormal" Pokémon attempting to survive or thriving at doing so. The 'hunters', the...
  7. The legend of pika

    Open Speed; A sonic oc roleplay

    story: the future is horrible. why? sonic. Little did he know what he unleashed. His son (my oc) turbo, trained by shadow, was sent back in time to stop his father. Will he succeed, or will he fail. If u wanna be a sonic character already cannon, let me know. Heres the oc form: Name: Turbo The...