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roleplay discussion

  1. VenusaurMega

    Open ReGeneration One: Kanto Rebooted Discussion

    This is the thread to discuss my latest roleplay, "ReGeneration One: Kanto Rebooted!" Current characters: Red (played by myself), in Pallet Town Blue (played by @BluefireChampion_2570), in Pallet Town Enjoy the RP!
  2. TheBakaBanana

    Ask to Join Danganronpa OC RP Discussion

    Heya! I've been wanting to start a danganronpa oc killing game and ive been dying for roleplays since all my other roleplay groups died. So here I am! Also before you read the plot, this will take place in the location of the second game. And also the plot will have spoilers to the first game...
  3. Psymallard

    Open OC Stars (Discussion)

    (Rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/oc-stars-rp.22349/) Use your favorite OC to be dropped in this world that has problems and crime as the real world... plus supervillans. If your OC isn't the action type, there's still ways to fit anyone in the story. There aren't many restrictions in this...
  4. Gamingfan

    Ask to Join Kirby series: WFTG discussion

    So, yeah.......this. Basically it's a roleplay with kirby characters. You basically play as a kirby character with abilities. Basically here is the plot:The time is after all the current kirby games. OG kirb is somewhere in a different galaxy, destroying some other planets for the sake of...
  5. •spirit•

    Ask to Join ~My Class 1A - The Next Generation (MHA)~

    Congratulations! You have been offered a place in U.A High's Hero Course! Next Monday, please come to U.A High to participate in the entrance exam. This will take place on Ground Beta. Please wear comfortable, or sports clothes you can freely move around in. Take this week to prepare for this...
  6. Clunpsy

    Open School of the Plifal Realm

    You wake up, only to find yourself in a completely different area. Or an entire dimension? You've find a mansion nearby and enter. A crazy looking man explains that he had a malfunction on his machine, transferring random teens to this dimension, Plifal. He shows you the way to a school where...
  7. Flareon~Chan

    Ask to Join Elven Forest (Discussion and sign ups)

    Hello there! This is an rp based on Elves (as you could guess) and not the Christmas ones. First of all, read my rules :3 Now, choose an element. (Remember to only choose two powers from the power category) Chose your element? Great! Here is the character submission sheet. Here is...