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fairy tale

  1. DevVoid

    Ask to Join Fables: New Beginnings (RP Thread)

    Link to the Discussion Thread if you wanna join: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fables-new-beginnings.22125/ @LunarSilvally @Merciless Medic @Shadow_Pup @Captain Cardboard @Red Gallade @EmoKitty21 (think that should cover everyone, sorry if i forgot anyone-)...
  2. DevVoid

    Ask to Join Fables: New Beginnings

    If you already know of the Comic Series 'Fables' or the Game Series 'Wolf Among Us', then you already know what this is about. If you don't: You are a fable, or a mundy. A mundy is just your average human. A fable however can be a character from any folklore story, fairy tale, a cryptid, any...
  3. Crimson Sun

    Ask to Join University of Fairy Tales RP

    (https://pokecharms.com/threads/university-of-fairy-tales-discussion.19908/) @SS-I Never @Godjacob @Sarah316 @Rohan Kishibe University of Fairy Tale, also known as UFT, the school of students that are offspring of Fairy Tale characters. It's a school where these students can learn general...
  4. Crimson Sun

    Open University of Fairy Tales Discussion

    (RP Name is a work in progress) Ever After High RP If any of you know this, this is a Fairy Tale RP. Basically the offspring off Fairy Tale characters go to a high school known as Ever After High. And there are Rebels and Royals. Rebels are the children who wants to "write their own story"...
  5. Crimson Sun

    Private/Closed Roleplay Ideas Discussion

    Hey guys, Crimson here. So I have multiple ideas on a role-play, but I believe I'm only capable of doing one role play creation. This is why there's this discussion here. Just give me your thoughts, ideas or whatever to be honest. Just just bluntly ignore it lol. These are the ideas that could...