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genshin impact

  1. | Korutesu |

    Private/Closed Genshin Impact RP

    A prophecy once foretold that a god that called themselves the "Bringer of Justice" would arrive, stripping the archons of their powers, and that a group of unlikely allies would come together and defeat the god. The prophecy was thought of to be fake, and eventually fell out of interest around...
  2. Hecotoro

    Ask to Join Genshin Impact: The Revolution RP

    Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/genshin-impact-au-the-revolution-discussion.26747/#post-911105 Yamira watched the sunrise from a top of the many mountains in Guyun Stone Forest. She was sitting down with her legs crossed into a butterfly position while her claymore was next to...
  3. Hecotoro

    Ask to Join Genshin Impact AU: The Revolution Discussion

    The world of Teyvat is not the world you know. Years ago during the the Archon Wars, the gods of the seven elements decided they should no longer interfere with the humans affairs. The now watch from afar, only providing visions to those they seem worthy. However, without the Archons present...
  4. -AlexTheMimikyu-

    Anyone play Genshin Impact?

    ...well ? I think more people have started playing since Zhongli - Ganyu , and I'd like to know if anyone here did on the NA servers ._. I currently main Amber and Tartaglia , hopefully Diona as well soon !