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Ask to Join Genshin Impact: The Revolution RP

Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/genshin-impact-au-the-revolution-discussion.26747/#post-911105

Yamira watched the sunrise from a top of the many mountains in Guyun Stone Forest. She was sitting down with her legs crossed into a butterfly position while her claymore was next to her just at an arm's reach. She had just finished her morning workout, which included climbing the mountain she was on, polishing her swordsmanship and basic exercises. The young leader of the famous Revolution took in a big deep breath, filled with fresh air, before getting to her feet and making her way down the mountain.

It was easy for her to know exactly what path to take, which stones were just illusions and which walkways led to dead ends. Their base had been perfectly hidden from any possible enemies and by sending small groups across Tevyat to rescue people from the clutches of the evil rulers of the world, from the Abyss or even to take supplies, they had managed to let the world think the Revolution was not just in one place. Some even, believed it was an international things, while others thought it was just a group of people pretending such thing exists. Either way, the base was well hidden and no clue had ever led to their whereabouts.

Yamira walked into the base proudly after breaking the Geo seal with the wrods "Long Live the Archons." She walked through a stone and enter a giant cave that led into a series of underground tunnels. She smiled at the memory of when one of her troops had bitten his tongue and pronounced the password incorrectly and ran face first into the stone that blocked the entrance. The establishment had grown into an indoor village, with all sorts of people working together to make it work.

There was a section for their market, including a blacksmith, flower shop, jewelry store, common goods and some food stands. Next was a place to educate the young ones, including a basic school system and even combat instructors. In that small section, known as the Smarts Street, there were a few labs belonging to some mages, alchemists and even an astrologist, who were all responsible for installing glowing stones in the ceiling that allowed the citizens to function twenty four seven. Next to Smarts Street was a small neighborhood that focused on agriculture, which helped during winter and whenever Liyue armies were too active in the area. Finally at the end before the series of tunnels, was the main building, or HQ as many called it.

Yamira's office was located at the very top, where she and her team worked on administrating and making strategies for whatever the Revolution was in need off. She walked in, people already busying around and greeting her as she smiled and nodded back at them.

"Who do we have today available to make a supply run? I heard Luhua Pool has a small squad of Liyue soldiers, perfect for an ambush." Yamira walked into a well lit room with nothing in it but a chalk board. She turned around to eye the people in it gathered. "Well? Present yourselves, we don't have all day."


Previously Night's Shadow
Meifeng tilted her head towards the Revolution’s leader as she entered, the bells woven through her hair jingling brightly at the movement. She had been a part of the Revolution for a little while now, after she had fled Inazuma in a stolen boat around three months prior. As far as she knew, she wasn’t required on any rounds today yet; no one was badly injured enough to need a healer at the moment. The girl reached up to lay a finger on the bush viper coiled loosely around her neck, stroking it, before she stood at attention.

“Meifeng Eryu, Captain,” she said in a clear voice that sounded like the bells she wore. “Healer and combatant. I use a spear and have an Electro vision. I’m free to join a raid.” Though she had been part of the Revolution for some time, Meifeng didn’t generally go on many supply runs or raids. Generally she talked with the alchemists on Smarts Street, combining their knowledge to create potions, poisons, and serums alike. And when she wasn’t, it was typical for her to hone her physical abilities well into the night, though within the mountain she sometimes missed the sun. She was never one to turn down an opportunity to stretch her legs, though; it had been a while since her last all-out fight. Hopefully the Liyue soldiers lived up to their reputation and she’d be able to have some fun.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Near the corner of the room Atlas had dozed off in his chair while waiting and was suddenly jolted awake by the raise in volume from Yamira. He rubbed his eyes and stood up with a yawn as he repositioned the two swords harnessed to his back before turning to the Revolution's leader with a lazy salute "mornin' the name's Atlas, Atlas North. I'm a dual wielder with a Pyro Vision" he said casually, never being one for being formal even when faced with higher ups within the Revolution. Though he enjoyed having a good fight he definitely enjoyed his naps more and was a little bummed to being summoned this early in the day.


Previously Schrift007
Outside of the village, Mikey was on the mountain tops. He wasn't really out training, it was more so him finding it hard to sleep at night. It was a constant problem, he was so used to being up at night that it seemed normal to sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. During this night he had found a group of boys, they seemed young. Around 13-14 years old. Watching them in the trees, he saw them playing with what looked like wooden swords? Mikey kept a close eye on them, they were clumsy fighters at best, maybe he could perhaps join in? Walking over to them, he laughed a bit as they stopped swinging their swords and instead turned to him. Each one of them confused to what the hell he was doing up. "You're not here to take us back are you?", one of the older of the group asked. So they were sneaking out? Good job on not getting caught so easily,he thought to himself as he laughed a bit. After a small converse, it turns out these guys were simply 'trying to get strong enough to gain their visions'. This gave Mikey an idea, what if he helped them train? It wouldn't be so bad if he did right? "If you want, I can help you guys. I'd say all of you fighting me would be fair, right?", he asked. He seemed cocky today. After the group had decided, Mikey got ready to face them all. Now you'd think he'd play nicely, go easy and give them a chance, right? Nope, Mikey wiped them all out easily. You see during the time they got ready to charge him, he began to charge his wind puppet ability. As they all approached, he let it loose as he made multiple wind puppets to simply strike them all down with ease. A cheap move for sure, but an effective one. Mikey laughed at this, it was funny to him. It was a fun little joke on them. He helped each one of the boys up as they went for round 2, then 3, then 4. There wasn't a match he lost, though this didn't mean at some points they were getting close to beating him. This went on until early morning when the sun was starting to rise.

Out of fear of getting in trouble with their parents he took them back like the half ass responsible dummy he was. As he dropped them off and helping them sneak back, he remembered something. He was supposed to go Yamira's office. As he arrived there it turns out nobody else was there, which wasn't really his problem. He was early and this was the perfect time for a nap. Taking one of the chairs, he put it near the entrance so he could wake up when someone walked in. Well that's what Mikey planned. Mikey was still sleeping when Yamira entered the room. Yes, even though he planned to wake up the second someone entered while he was already in the office, he was still sleeping. Though to give him credit, he was a silent sleeper. He didn't snore, he didn't sleep talk nor did he jerk in his sleep. Though, only hours ago, he was wide awake and lively. When Meifeng introduced herself he jerked awake, as he shot up. He stood like a beanstalk, arms pinned to his side, legs together as he kept his head up. Yup he was going full soldier. At first he was confused, the hell did he have to do here?! He was standing up like an idiot not knowing what to say or who he was supposed to talk to. It was only by the grace of god did Atlas save him. So she wants an introduction from us?, he thought, as he calmed down a little.

"I'm Mikey, I'm an anemo vision wielder with a sword. I can steal stuff or hit stuff, maybe not both at the same time", he smiled. Even as he spoke he seemed half asleep. Mikey had only been here for an odd year. First thing he did here was get really comfortable with the locals. Though he more or less knew almost everyone, nobody really knew where he came from. The story they all heard when they wanted to know who he was, involved him being an orphaned child. He lived in an orphanage for a long time until he gained his vision when fighting a thief out of a school and that his weapons were a family heirloom. Nobody knew who he really was, and he intended to keep it that way. As he sat back down, he sent a smile towards Atlas. A smile that more or less said 'thanks for getting my ass out that pinch' even though it was Meifeng who woke him up. Now for the greatest battle he's had all week, trying to stay awake so he doesn't look like an ass.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Near the entrance, Kuzi was in a recently attacked hilichurl camp, defending it until he had to depart in the morning, as that was when he had to go to the Leader's room. He was training a distance away from the Revolution's entrance, before fighting off several wandering adventurers from the camp earlier. A few of them were spectating as he was training with his rather newly obtained weapon, the others either asleep or conversing with one another. Kuzi was surprised by how far the word had traveled, spanning across a different nation. As the sun rose, he had gotten up and said goodbye to the hilichurls, taking his weapon with him. Entering the hidden network of caves with the password, Kuzi picked up the pace as it might've been an urgent matter. Once there, he noticed a small group of people there, silently taking a seat in the room.

It seemed to be that people were taking turns at introductions, so Kuzi took in the information and remembering little of it, preparing to go soon. Next, he stood up with a deep breath. Remember, don't mess up your words... "I'm Kuzi, I have Vision Hydro and spear." Never mind then, "I can heal and give shield others," The low, yet gentle voice had slight issues, yet sat back down and content, as he's messed up worse in the past. Kuzi was seen as strange by most of the members when he first arrived, but the more he was sent out on expeditions and such, the more Kuzi had made a small name for himself amongst the ranks. He had been there for nearly a year and despite lacking in the damage department, was found very useful, from constant healing to protecting his squad from hilichurls. He was awarded his weapon from a higher up after successfully calming down a storming, large lawachurl that was rampaging near the Revolution's entrance after it had injured several that was trying to ward off the giant. He looked around the room and saw all the different faces in the room, sitting near the corner with a smile on his face.


Previously Deathstalker62
Yako had already been waiting in the room, sat on a chair at the other end of the room, arms crossed and sitting in wait. Eventually, the Leader of the Revolution had come into the room, yet Yako still sat with his arms crossed, waiting until most of everyone got done with their introductions before he would speak up. Eventually, it was time for the next person to introduce themselves. That was when Yako stood up from his chair and looked over to the Leader before bowing as a greeting.

" Yako. Yako Shinzu. I am a fierce warrior with a Cryo vision. Is all you need to know. "

Keeping it short and simple, these were all the words Yako had said before sitting back down again and going silent once more. Yako saw no need to speak further than a quick introduction - if someone wanted to know more, all they need to do was ask him, after all.
Conley began his day as normal. He got up, performed his morning routine, trained with his sword for a quarter of an hour, and checked his schedule. He was due to meet with Captain Yami later, he knew, but he had a bit of time to kill. He left his lodgings and headed for Smarts Street. An old friend of his was sure to be at work there, although there was a chance she wouldn't appreciate any form of disturbance.
Entering the now-familiar alchemical lab, Conley was greeted by the clinking of glass and driftwood, the smell of dry seaweed and noxious powders. Everywhere were trinkets from the sea and all sorts of ingredients in boxes, glasses and even an old shoe. He could hear the sound of a flute playing, coming from the back of the room, and as he went father in his childhood friend, Amani, came into view.
The two had been friends for as long as either could remember, but until Conley joined the revolution, neither had seen the other in many years. Once they had re-united, though, the two became fast friends once again. Amani was an excellent alchemist, and her talents were aided by the Hydro vision she bore. She also played her flute when she was thinking hard or was nervous, so Conley guessed that she was probably working on a difficult project.
However, he knew that wouldn't stop her from taking a break to chat. He gave a smile as she caught sight of him, and the two began to chat. They talked of the old times, their new jobs with the rebellion, and a dozen other small topics.

It was because of this that Conley lost track of time, and found himself about to be late for the meeting. He hurried through the streets of the Revolution base, saying hellos to a couple of the people he passed, until he made it to HQ. He went inside and up the stairs towards the Captain's office, pushed the doors open, and found himself as late as he had thought. He gave a formal bow, picked up in his years of training to become a Knight of Favonius.
"Apologies for my lateness, Captain. I got a bit distracted talking to one of the alchemists."
He paused a moment to clear his throat and take note of who was in the room, before continuing.
"For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm Conley, Tactician for the Revolution. I fight with my sword and a Geo Vision, and I'm often in charge of certain aspects of the logistics for raids and skirmishes."
With a nod to some of those gathered, he stepped aside and found a spot on the wall where he could lean comfortably and await further orders.
Captain Yami nodded with a smile at everyone who presented themselves and when they finished her smile had turned into a grin. However, her eyes seemed to show some malicious behind them. She devoted her life to being the leader of the rebellion group that she believed one day would restore Tyvat to its glorious days. Therefore, she had a problem with people not taking their positions seriously.

"I love how we have such an amazing different combination of vision wielders." Yamira placed her right hand around her right check and chin as she smiled, each second her smile slowing disappearing. "Competent warriors with amazing abilities and personalities. I am impressed how much potential our group shows." Her smile faded away as her eyes showed raged. "It would be a shame that all this potential would go to waste and get slaughtered by a bunch of Millelith!" She placed her hands on her hips. "Your skills and visions are worthless once one of their spears goes through your chest. You are not here to play the solo hero, you are here to work together to achieve a common goal, liberty for everyone!" She took a deep breath to relax herself and and crossed her arms under her chest. "Having said that, if one of you is late, falls asleep or shows any signs of disrespect to others, then ALL OF YOU pay the same punishment as your teammate. Now, let's get down to business, punishments are done after a good days work."

Captain Yami walked over to a common chest that was in the upper center part of the room, basically behind her. She opened it up to reveal a few pieces of armor and some clothes inside. She pointed at Meifeng and Kuzi and signal for them to get closer.

"These two will disguise themselves as Liyue soldiers using the uniforms in this chest. We will follow behind, of course out of sight. Once Meifeng and Kuzi arrive, they need to start a conversation with the guards so they can drop their defenses. Once the two give us the signal..." She raised her right hand and made a fist, "We will ambush the small group of Liyue soldiers, take their supplies and tie them up. I'm sure they will eventually get out and survive." She seemed to be using sarcasm on the last part. "So you two get into your outfits, the rest of you, prepare to leave, travel light and remember... DO NOT do anything that could give us away."

Captain Yumi wave her hand, telling them to leave as she showed Meifeng a place where she could change, but didn't bother with Kuzi. Afterwards, Yamira packed a small lunch into a pouch tied around her right leg and headed to the exit of the base, standing before the fake stone that worked as a door. She stretched her arms upwards and then proceeded to show her claymore to some children that had ran up to see them off.
Once the mission briefing was complete, Conley left the office and went back to his lodgings. He didn't need much, but having some food on hand for the journey was a good idea. He also wanted to check over his sword before they went on the road. It was an old Iron Sting, a type of blade crafted in Liyue Harbor. It was said that the blade wasn't originally from the nation of contracts, but it was adopted by their craftsmen. The thin blade was difficult to use for some, but it complemented Conley's somewhat self-taught style of precise strikes very well. The Iron Sting was also favored by people who wanted to mix the elements as they fought, although Conley wasn't usually too worried about that when he was in battle.
He gave the blade a good look-over, making sure it hadn't sustained any damage or dulling in recent fights. He was already confident that the blade was strong, but it never hurt to double check. Everything seemed in order, so he packed up food and some bandages, as well as re-attaching his spyglass to his belt. Then he made for the secret door that concealed the entire Revolution base, where he joined those waiting there for the mission to begin. He idly checked his nails as he stood there, occasionally glancing up at Captain Yami as she entertained a small group of children. Seeing their happy faces brought a smile to his own.


Previously Schrift007
Mikey perked up as Yamira spoke. He felt slightly uneasy around her, was this fear? He had no reason to fear her right? It was something about her seriousness that put him off, the way she had made him feel so small. He laughed a bit when she mentioned one of them being asleep. With the meeting now over, Mikey walked up to the chest. Sure his name wasn't called out but what's the harm in simply nabbing a few things from inside? Looking at the chest's insides he laughed a bit. He'd seen much better things when he was with the treasure hoarders. If this is how the guards dress, surely this must be an easy mission, he thought as he went back to his little hut.

Mikey lived in a small hut, that didn't really stand out much. Sure it looked poorer and dirtier but it was the inside that mattered. Inside the hut it was only 1 large room that was Mikey's bedroom. A small table in the middle, a large cushioned basket that was built into the ground. It looked more like a dog basket that anything but that was his bed. Walking over, Mikey lifted the mattress inside the basket. Lifting it up, revealed two simple wooden stands on the underside of the bed. Flipping them both out to hold up the mattress, he looked down to the chest underneath the bed. He looked around until he pulled out his usual green vest and trousers plus a few other things. A simple neck scarf he used to wear when he was with the treasure hoarders, and his sword. The Skyrider sword. Getting changed, he took his sword and made way to the exit of the base.

Mikey seemed ready now, awake and energetic for combat. As he arrived he sneaked behind one of the kids with Yami, as he got close he simply placed both his hands on their shoulders from behind as he shouted a loud "BOO!". He seemed much more energetic than earlier. Though to his slight surprise this person he snuck up on was none other than one of the kids he had smacked around last night. He let out a nervous chuckle looking at the kid's bruises. Man he didn't show mercy last night. But it wasn't long till he got back to laughing at the kid's slightly shaken reaction from Mikey suddenly out of nowhere scaring him.


Previously Night's Shadow
Meifeng snapped a crisp salute to the captain and followed her to the separate, smaller room. She set her spear on the table, Milo slithering off her shoulders to curl up beside it, before she began to strip off her clothing. She expertly unwound the ribbons in her hair in a few seconds, laying them on the table with the rest of her things, then picked up the folded Millelith uniform. It looks as though it would fit well enough. As she clipped the vest on top of the shirt, messing with the clasps behind her back, she shook out her shock of short white hair. She’d leave Milo behind with her clothes and bells. The chain her Vision was on was looped around her neck, hidden beneath the shirt to rest against her sternum.

The girl picked up her spear with ease, but hesitated before strapping it to her back again. It was beautifully crafted, a Kitain Cross Spear with veins of purple across its gold-colored surface. Despite its rather hefty weight, when wielded properly it was balanced perfectly, and the weight of it seemed to melt as it became like an extension of Meifeng’s own body. She had wielded many blades in her lifetime, but it was this blade that felt right in her hands. Meifeng gave the spear a few practiced twirls before returning it to her back.

A quick glance in the mirror told Meifeng she looked as much like a Millelith soldier as she was going to get, and another glance at the table showed that the viper had fallen asleep coiled around her things. No one with half a brain cell would try to screw with them, unless they wanted a couple puncture marks in their hand and a mild neurotoxin in their system. Alright, Meifeng thought. It’s showtime. She strode from the room and from the office, not making any detours on the way to the exit. When she emerged into the natural light, it felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, with the warmth of the sunlight cascading onto her head and shoulders. The girl allowed herself a soft sigh of satisfaction before standing at ease, leaning against the side of the mountain.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Atlas followed suit by exiting the room with the others. As he left he was approached by an older looking guy who was holding a bag out to Atlas "these are those supplies you asked for, you gonna pay this time kid" Atlas made a big thing of searching through his pockets "ah damn sorry mate looks like I'm a little short right now just add thos to the long line of stuff I owe you" he said before grabbing the bag and saluting the guy as he walked away chuckling to himself as he went.


Previously Deathstalker62
As the others left the room, Yako simply nodded and left the room alongside everyone else after the briefing, him remaining quiet all throughout, even when he made his way back to his own home - a small hut containing a bonfire with a metal pot hanging over it that was attached to a wooden frame, a wooden washing basin, a mat to sit on while sleeping, some shelves with glass bottles, bowls and other eating utensils, plenty of leather bags meant for gathering ingredients and loot leaned against the shelves and his Claymore leaned against the exit of the hut. Not much else was there within his hut - Yako didn't bother getting much else due to the fact that he really didn't need much to live. The bonfire with the pot provided him with the ability to cook himself food, the bags and glass bottles on the shelves allowed him to gather ingredients and water from the outside, while the mat, as small as it was, is big enough for him to sleep on as Yako had trained himself to sleep while sitting, as to always be prepared when something happens that wakes him up.

Yako briefly filled himself some of the leftovers in the pot from last night's cooking and downed it in just a few gulps to give himself a boost of energy, just in the case he needed it, yet also to fill his stomach for the time being. Then, Yako just simply put the used bowl on the shelf again, on a spot separate from the clean ones, turned to grab The Bell and exited his hut again. With everything done, Yako put his Claymore into the sheath on his back and headed out of the HQ, briefly shielding his eyes to adjust to the change in light as he headed outside. Wordlessly, Yako had just stood by the entrance, waiting until everyone was ready to move out.
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Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Kuzi felt a sting of anxiousness as his name was mentioned, listening intently. He nodded at Captain Yoshi's orders and made his way towards the chest, taking a portion of it's contents and leaving the room to a small hut that he's called home for a few months. It seemed to be in a mess at all times, an assortment of items covering the wooden floor that he had the slightest idea how it worked. A few... questionably smelling items could be seen stuffed inside of the shelves, alongside a few wooden bowls. Placing his spear on the cluttered floor and taking off most of his clothes, Kuzi tied his Vision around his shoulder blade with a piece of string he found lying around. It left a slightly noticeable lump underneath his vest strap, however it was hidden more by the Liyue uniform he had just put on. He looked inside the mirror that was slanted on the wall, and one of the few items he used that was still intact. Seeing what he had on reminded of a bad memory, thinking for a second before shaking the bad feeling off. Kuzi took a few breaths and left the hut, taking his weapon and heading towards the exit. Once there, Kuzi stood at the entrance, waiting for the mission to start, feeling a bit uneasy.
Captain Yami had the children run off back towards the village and gave those who went outside without her instructions an odd look. Some people were just not good at following orders. Now it was time for the fun part to begin, walking. To other it was boring, to Yamira, it was a chance to walk, see nature and enjoy the nice fresh breeze that traveled between the mountains of Liyue.

"Alright move along." She called out as she stepped through the stone that worked as a door for their base and began walking down the rocky path towards the bottom valley. "Yako! Atlas!" The captain called out to the group. "Run ahead and have our boat ready, Kuiz and Meifeng must be the only ones on deck once we get in, Mike and Conley scout the area to make sure no witnesses are around to see us before we board the ship, then make your way to the boat before we leave."

With the orders given, Yamira kept making her way down to wards the small corner of the island where they had a ship hidden by large stones around it. It didn't take long before she was on the ship and proceeded to go down into the bottom cabin, where they would wait while they crossed the ocean towards Guili Plains. The trip would take an hour or two, depended on the wind, which meant the group could take that small moment to interact amongst each other. The captain took a sit behind a dark wooden desk with her arms crossed and her legs crossed, she loved the feeling of adventure and was trying her best to hide her smile. Once everyone was on board they set off, with the sun now on the sky and illuminating their way.


Previously Night's Shadow
Meifeng began walking, following the captain, close but not too close. The air was crisp and bright, and smelled slightly sweet, as though the sunbeams themselves carried wolfhooks and lavender melons from far away. She stopped herself just short of reaching for Milo, the bush viper no longer around her shoulders, as she remembered him left with the rest of her things. She’d have to be careful not to slip into any old habits once she started conversing with their targets, but for now she didn’t have to worry. The girl ran pale, slender fingers through a persistent tangle in her short hair as the group continued ahead.

As they boarded the ship, Meifeng was glad she’d be able to stay on deck. The weather was fantastic, and she wanted to enjoy it as long as possible. The breeze kicked up spray from the ship’s wake, and salt stung her cheeks like starlight on a clear night. She inhaled deeply with a small smile, idly thinking that it was ideal picnic weather and that it would be nice to take a nap on a warm rock outside. “Hey,” she said to Kuzi for no real reason other than making small talk. The sunshine had her in a chatting mood. “You ready? This is my first disguise job, hopefully I don’t screw it up.” She gave a cheeky grin, though only half joking.


Previously Deathstalker62
((Was completely out of ideas for the last few days, so I just squeezed out a bare minimum here. Hope I've done no errors on it because I really didn't try all that much with this post.))

Yako was just stood by the mountainside, leaning against it, silently awaiting orders. When he was told to go check on the boat alongside Atlas, Yako did not hesitate when he was told to go and sprinted off towards the boat. Yako soon reached the boat and went to check up the exterior hull that he could see from where he was without needing to enter the water. He found no damages to it, so Yako lowered the ladder of the boat that allowed people to get aboard and climbed it, first walking over to the other end to check the other side of the hull, finding nothing. Then, Yako simply went into the bottom cabin, finished with his examination of the ship, having leaned against the wall of the ship.

" If Anchor is raised and sails are opened, we are ready to go. "


Previously Shadow_Pup
Atlas followed with the group as he listened to the Captain's orders. Upon receiving instructions he dashed ahead of the group with Yako and made it to the ship, sadly for Atlas there didn't seem to be anyone he could delegate his current task to so he sighed and set about checking the boat and adjusting the sails and all the sort of dull tasks he despised doing. Once everyone was onboard he raised the anchor before swiftly making his way below deck where he found a comfortable place for a nap and closed his eyes allowing himself to drift to sleep.
As per the captain's orders, Conley began a reconnaissance loop around the area. He split off to the left of the group and picked up the pace to get ahead, eventually jogging a bit. Then he quickly scaled one of the rocks jutting out of the sandy shores, glanced around briefly with just his eyes, and then began a more thorough scan with his telescope. All he saw were waves, stones, a couple crabs, and a pair of Hilichurls sitting on the beach to the North. They were far enough away that Conley ignored them. Even if they should become aggravated for some reason, there were far more than enough people on this expedition to handle them.

Sliding his telescope shut, the tactician clipped it back onto his belt and clambered back down the rock. He hustled back to the main group and gave his report. From there, he didn't have much to do aside from boarding the boat with the rest of his companions and going below decks as Captain Yami had asked.

He ducked his head as he went below, just to be careful. He really wasn't tall enough to hit his head as he went down the short set of stairs, but he preferred to be safe rather than sorry. He took a seat on a small chair and prepared for the short voyage to begin. His hand went down to his belt, touching the smooth glass of a potion bottle. Inside was a red liquid, a special concoction given to him by Amani. He glanced down at it, thinking how fortunate he was not to have been forced to use it yet.
"We're here." Captain Yoshi walked off the bottom and along the docks as a few fishermen bowed their head lightly at her and she replied with a smile.

Using this small forgotten area had always been useful to them, being able to reach main land with little effort. The sun was just past noon and the mountains around them were alive with wildlife and a cloudy sky. The team traveled in between the mountains, avoiding any main paths that could get them caught and staying within the shadows as much as possible. They even walked by an Abyss Mage and his crew without being noticed, which was crucial to keep their stealth going. It was around 4 pm that they finally reached a large pond. Around it was a group of Liyue soldiers, laughing and eating, most likely takin a break. Near them were a few crates being guarded by two very large men with armor.

"Alright, our two decoys are going to walk in with Atlas, make sure it looks like he was just arrested." Yamira looked around her group and singled the two dressed up as soldiers to get ready. "Knowing them, they will try and take turns picking on him, that's when we attack. We hit hard and fast, the two guarding the crates will have to come after us and that is when we split. Two of you, whoever is free from a battle, go and get a crate each and start heading back to the boat, the rest it is our job to take them all out and leave them unconscious." She smiled and took a deep breath. "Go!"

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Zenith had awoken in his bed, as usual, waking up at about 6:30 in the morning. It had been a weekday today, which meant he had to go teach archery for a few hours.

He would have loved to join to rob those Liyue soldiers he'd heard about a few days before, but he was pretty busy today, and didn't need more stuff to do afterwards. He got up from his bed, and went on over to set up his class if he wanted to be ready for it in about an hour. He walked over to the location of his classes, which isn't much, just a square building, with some dummies on one side of the building, with a wall that separates where people will shoot their bows from the dummies, and three bows with five arrows inside of quivers are on a side of the wall, ready to be used by people who'd like to learn how.

Normally, his tutoring opens at about 8 AM in the morning, an hour for each class that happens up until 12 Noon. It's always like this since he'd opened it, and in his opinion it helped out a lot in practicing archery for fighters in the revolution, or kids who wanna learn how to use a bow for self-defense.

Since the place was basically cleaned up, Zenith wanted to go for a walk outside, maybe go and practice himself, as he wanted to be prepared for anything if something ever happens, though it's not likely that something would happen at all, as most of the cities of Teyvat are either scared, or don't think the revolution is real.

(Few Hours Later)

Zenith's class had started, about 12 kids had come to learn, and he wanted to help each one. His class was about to end in a few minutes, which meant about two more turns.

Though all the kids were already done with their turns, so Zenith had ended the class with a tip for them, He said that they should always aim for the head, as it will deal more damage than anywhere else in the body.

Since his class had finished, Zenith went back to his house to relax himself, as he was pretty tired at that point, but that wasn't productive for him, so he went outside the cave, saying the keyword as he went out to get practice on his bow.

He aimed his bow, and shot at three trees all in a row, but none were bullseyes. Zenith knew he was good, but he wasn't too good and he knew it. Though he did hope that the group that went off the island is fine, as he knew that going off the island is very dangerous, because of other countries.