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  1. K

    Open Criminal - A life of crime

    No need to ask to join, just add onto the story. If you don’t wanna make a new character, just continue with the ol’ criminal acts. My character: Colin Colin cocked his pistol to the side. Aiming pointlessly at a hole in the wall. And abandoned warehouse. Evening. “You’ll do…” A voice...
  2. Fraseandchico

    Ask to Join Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

    (Discussion Thread Here If You're Interested! https://pokecharms.com/threads/fire-emblem-the-war-of-peace-vs-glory-hoshido-vs-nohr.15304/) Soreo Walked Onto The Hoshido Fields, Where Nohrain Troops Were Getting Ready To Invade, He Sighed. "Well. Looks Like We Have A battle On Our hands. Worst...
  3. Fraseandchico

    Open Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

    Roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fire-emblem-the-war-of-peace-vs-glory-hoshido-vs-nohr.15330/ Hi Guys! Welcome To a fire emblem fates Roleplay! this Is Based In An Alternate Universe, Where The Main Character Of Fire Emblem Fates Does Not, and never, Exists, where the War Goes On For...