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Open Fire Emblem: The War of Peace vs Glory, Hoshido vs Nohr

Roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fire-emblem-the-war-of-peace-vs-glory-hoshido-vs-nohr.15330/

Hi Guys! Welcome To a fire emblem fates Roleplay! this Is Based In An Alternate Universe, Where The Main Character Of Fire Emblem Fates Does Not, and never, Exists, where the War Goes On For What seems Like For Ever, And Valla Is Still Unknown To Men or Women apart From Azura and King Garon, You Are A Recruit Of One Of These Two Sides, Near the End Of the War, Here Are some Rules
1. read the general roleplay rules
2. choose ONE side, No Switching halfway through, but you can Learn halfway through about Valla, and bring people there to finish the war the right way
3. you Can get relationships with other characters, and have children
4. Choose 3 skills

Here's the form( Or To be More Specific, mine)

Name: Soreo Blano
Age: 34
Attire: Greenish-white Chestplate and leggings, Silver, messy hair, peachy skin, Blue Gloves, Purple Eyes
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, but can be Deadly in a fight, very open, and doesn't hesitate to say his opinion
Weapon(s): Swords
Side: Hoshido
Skills: Astra, Duellist's Blow, Vantage. abilities later learned(Max. Abilities allowed all together: 6): Ultra Astra, Shadow Strikes
Born In: Izumo
Beliefs: Believes Peace is The Most Important thing in the world, alongside, Uh, Hana, princess sakura's subordinate.
Class: Sword-Master
Other: has A huge Crush on Hana, Princess Sakura's Best subordinate, Azura's Retainer(Yes. She is In Hoshido at the beginning)

GOOD LUCK(Ask to join)!
¬ ¬
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You invited me. SO HERE I AM!
Name: Sazi Ibuki
Age: 23
Attire: Blue stylized hair and blue eyes. He wears a black ninja garb and has a blue scarf.
Gender: Male
Personality: Sarcastic and tries to be a comedian. He follows the Ninja Code to a point, except for adding lods of salt to his food.
Weapon(s): Sword and Shuriken
Side: Hoshido
Skills: Lethality, Poison Strike, Lock Touch
Born In: Shirasagi
Beliefs: He beliefs that peace comes first, but a little glory doesn't hurt sometimes. He is absolutly loyal to his Master Takumi.
Class: Master Ninja
Other: Sazi has a small crush on Oboro, Takumi's retainer.
I need to join this. NOW.

Name: Eyouko Tuaki.
Age: 29
Attire: Greenish-white Chestplate and formal leggings, Red, Clean hair, Darker skin, Red gloves, Blue Eyes
Gender: Male
Personality: kind, But won't hesitate to kill.
Weapon(s): Bow and Arrow, dagger
Side: Hoshido
Skills: Aether
Born In: Izumo
Beliefs: Hates fighting, but will do it for his kingdom
Class: Samuri-Archer
Other: Princess Sakura's protecter.
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I'm winging this if that's ok

Name: Jensin (I dunno!?)
Age: 28
Attire: pure white chestplate and formal pants has a green hood form camouflage
Gender: Female
Personality: calm and collected will kill the enemy but only if they have kill a ally
Weapon(s): bow and poison tipped arrows, light sword
Side: hoshido
Skills: quick draw
Born In: Izumo
Beliefs: Belives in the eye for an eye idea but will stand down if told to
Class: forest knight
Other: Has a major crush on eyouko
Name: Zen
Age: 23
Attire: Always wearing his Hevey armour of which can save him from most attacks
Gender: female
Personality: Fights to the end and is a hot head
Weapon(s): broad sword and heavy shield
Side: Hoshido
Skills: armsthrift
Born In: Shirasagi
Beliefs: He beliefs that peace comes first, but loves to reap the reward of battle
Class: Mecrenary
Other: Has a small crush sazi
Although Mercenaries and Knights belong in Nohr, I digress, becuase of reasons.


Hoshido is based of Japan and Nohr is based on Europe.
@*that* guy @Cutepikachu343 @HydreigonBorn37 You Can All Post Now, Although I Just Had A Thought, What If Halfway Through The Battle on The Plains, Princess Sakura Appears, LOL! Cause I am Supposed To Stop The Nohrains Fighting before she comes.
Also, If You Want, You Can Control The Important characters as long as you(Unless they are weak)DON'T MAKE THEM WEAK!
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Attire:White chestplate,black leggings,blue curly hair,peach skin,white and purple shirt,yellow eyes
Personality:nice,can be very hard in a fight.
Weapon:Sword and bow
Born in:Izumi
Other:is a really good sword fighter
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Name: Daniel
Age: 26
Attire:Blue Noharian armor, Blonde hair Blue eyes. Black horse
Gender: Male
Personality: Gruff serious and rude. He is generally kind to Prince Leo and his Retainers.
Weapon(s): Sword and Electricty Tome
Side: Nohr
Skills: Tunderburn, Strength +2, Vantage
Born In: Nohr
Beliefs:THAt Nohr is the only true place and all of it's opposition must die
Class: Dark Knight
Other: None
Nice! That Form is accepted!

I Am Gonna Make another form!

Name: Pepy Carlos
Age: 23
Attire: Black Nohrain Chesplate(Women's version), grey Iron leggings, Black Helmet, Brown, Long, Neat/Tidy Hair, Blue Eyes, Peachy Skin, Grey Horse named 'Silver'
Gender: Female
Personality: Likes To play Dirty, rude, Sarcastic, Is Only Kind To Fellow Nohrains and her horse.
Weapons: Yumi, swords, Horseback
side: Nohr
Skills: Rally Skill, ShurikenBreaker, Has A (ORIGANAL) Personal Skill Called Dark arrow( Releases a Black Arrow That Can Break Shields.)
Born In: Nohr
Beliefs: Hoshido is standing in the way of Greatness, and must therefore die.
Class: Bow Knight
other: Really Good archer and sword fighter
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