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hunger games

  1. Shen: King of Digimon

    Private/Closed Dimension Games

    ...... With a flash of light, the world came into view. Beings had been brought here against their wishes, forced to compete in a competition. A competition of survival. Somehow...this was in their heads upon entry. As if it were psychically placed there. Each contestant was ferried down from...
  2. Shen: King of Digimon

    Private/Closed The Dimension Games.

    A single program has forced notable players together, one with no clear administrator. Its goal would also be simple, with little moderation or rules: Be the last one standing. Right of survival. Battle Royale. One winner. Despite the history these characters may share or not share, they must...
  3. Void_Nugget

    Ask to Join Hunger Games RP Discussion

    This is a Hunger Games rp based quite a few years after the Hunger Games books and films and the games are back and booming. The new games work like this. Each district gets two people (who are 10) who stay at the games until they are 19. Each person has a score and there is no overall winner...
  4. Bumbletime

    Open Hunger games: A new genaration

    This is another generation of hunger games, this takes place Before the 1st book (I have not read the 2nd or 3rd) and has 8 slots. One character each as well. The plot is that something will happen halfway through the game, when only 8 tributes are left, that the main characters must stop. I'd...
  5. Fraseandchico

    Open My Hunger Games(PREQUEL)

    So, I Joined A Hunger Games RP A While Back, But, It Is Getting Closed Down, Sadly, So I Am Choosing To Make My Own Now! Here Are Some Rules 1. RULES 2. Flip a Coin To See if your Characters dies Or Not... It Works. 3. Play Two Characters, But They have To be The Same District. 4. Once All...