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  1. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Midnight Hunters RP

    Interested? Feel free to join ^^- https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/midnight-hunters.29498/#post-925452 Tuesday, 7:46 pm At the late evening, Stagecoaches were passing through the streets, while kids hold their Mommies' hands to not run off anywhere far from day. it seemed to be a normal...
  2. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Ultima Hunters (RP)

    @JadeStar, @LunarSilvally, @Night's Shadow, @CrazyWolf, @Gamingfan, @Spoiled Bread Want to join our rp? There is a Discussion thread ^^ https://pokecharms.com/threads/ultima-hunters.22536/#post-859311 3 years ago "Why I had to agree to this!" Jaden cursed as he run for his life. Noise was...
  3. Clite of Dragonbow

    Ask to Join Ultima Hunters

    In year 204X, a big gates appeard on entire Earth and the creatures called 'Nawi' invaded humanity. Everyone thought that humankind will be destroyed, but.. Suddenly, humanity was saved by the organization called 'Ultima Hunters'. Who used weapons based on Nawi's physiology, called 'Ultima'...
  4. BlueMew392

    Ask to Join Life as a Hunter

    (If you want to join, sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-hunter-discussion.16214/#post-466347) Deep within the Sinnoh region, lies an organization where it specializes in Pokemon Hunting. The leader, a woman named Janette Gold, was inspired to create this organization after...
  5. BlueMew392

    Ask to Join Pokemon Hunter Discussion

    Pokemon Hunter J has left quite a reputation as a hunter. In fact, one person decided to follow in her footsteps and create a team of Pokemon Hunters. You are one of those hunters and your job is to get the Pokemon you're assigned to get by any means necessary, even if it means stealing it from...