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  1. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed The Oscillation: Fractured Skies (Discussion Thread)

    Monday, September 19th "You heard the rumors, right? What a lunatic! That girl...what was her name? Zola...? Yea, she's been going around telling everybody she saw the future. Ain't that crazy! What a psycho! I don't know about you, but there's no way any of that crazy talk she was spouting...
  2. Foxex

    Private/Closed Becoming a Legendary Hero (SU&D)

    Hello peoples, I’ve been wanting to post an RP about a long-term passion project that I’ve been working on since I was back in middle school, it’s a story I’ve been writing and I think would be a great RP setting and also as something that can evolve it in ways I would have never thought of. The...