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  1. Riolu and Zorua

    Open The Aaria Mountains (Romance and adventure sign ups)

    Another roleplay made my me. Enjoy :blush: So all Pokémon in the Aaria region gather in one spot. It's called the Aaria mountains (it actally isn't a steep mountain. Just a city in a large hill like about 3,000 ft tall) They gather due to its the mating season. Where Pokémon choose their...
  2. Shiny Blue Gardevoir

    Open Sweet Pecha Berries And Sharp Iapapa Berries (Romance RP)

    (Let's begin with the rules of this RP) Rules: 1.) Fakemon are allowed, as long as they are yours, or you have the creator's permission to use them 2.) You cannot force another player's character to fall in love with yours. 3.) Even if you have permission to use legendaries, please don't use...