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Open Sweet Pecha Berries And Sharp Iapapa Berries (Romance RP)

(Let's begin with the rules of this RP)


1.) Fakemon are allowed, as long as they are yours, or you have the creator's permission to use them

2.) You cannot force another player's character to fall in love with yours.

3.) Even if you have permission to use legendaries, please don't use them here.

4.) Aside from this, standard RP rules apply.

(Now, onto the RP)

It is the time of year when pokemon of all species start searching for mates, partners whom they will spend their lives with, and maybe even start families with. Some pokemon will be looking for mates of the opposite gender, others will be looking for a same-sex partner. Some may look for a partner who is of their own species, and others will be looking to find mates who are not the same species as them.

But all of the pokemon hoping to fall in love meet at the same place; Specchio Falls, one of the Vitala region's beauty spots. The waterfall is crystal clear, and surrounding it are trees filled with beautiful, juicy berries and plush glass, as clear and as green as a polished peridot.

Shizuma, a young gardevoir who had been at Specchio Falls for three days, sat with her feet in the water, nibbling a grilled pecha berry as she pictured the kind of mate whom she hoped to find. Another gardevoir would be nice, preferably a female one. Or a froslass, that'd work for her, too. But any pokemon who managed to impress her could leave this place as her mate.

Another pokemon sat beside her, feet dangling in the water as well as they too nibbled on a berry, grilled by a kindly braixen who loved to make sweets for everyone.

Shizuma finished her berry, and turned to the right. "Have I seen you around here before, or is it your first day?"
Mayleen's mane fluttered in the gentle wind, with stripes of burning crimson and sunny yellow carried to rest on the broadness of her back. The Pyroar poked her toes hesitantly at the surface of the crystalline waters, before deciding against it with a slight growl as she lumbered back to her basking spot in the green grass. She didn't know how to make heads or tails of this place, or what she hoped to get out of it. Well, the obvious answer was "love," but in truth, how would she know love when she found it? Would they be a female or male? Pyroar or non-Pyroar? Kind and sensitive, or brash and bold? The possibilities were functionally endless. Mayleen didn't like to think about it.

The sun's pleasant warmth invigorated her lithe body, and it was only after she had rolled the rest of her sour bunch of bluk berries into her encompassing maw did she register that the nearby Gardevoir was indeed talking to her. With her naturally-narrowed eyes widening, she hastily swallowed down the berries, wincing at the desired sourness as she wiped the sides of her mouth with her paw.

"I don't think you have. It's my first day here," Mayleen spoke in a rumbling voice, fit for the king of the jungle.
"My apologies. There's a huge group of pyroar here, so I assumed that you were with them," Shizuma replied, crossing her slender legs, "They all seem to be interested in this one Luxray, even though he seems like a huge douche."

Shizuma was reminded of her first hour in Specchio Falls, in which that luxray had attempted to grope a gardevoir--A male one--And had only left him alone when he... Touched him, and realised that he was male. And then her thoughts wandered to that machoke who had flexed his muscles at her while he used cheesy pick-up lines.

"I know I've only been here three days, but I've yet to fnd anyone who even interests me so far," the gardevoir mused, "What about you?"
Mayleen shrugged with her paws, setting her mouth in a lopsided position to accentuate her confusion. "I don't know," she admitted, still pondering her idea of a mate and raking her mind for interesting characters. "I'm not interested in a douchey Luxray, that much is for sure."

That didn't really narrow down her options by much, but it was what it was, and she was just happy to kick back in a place so surreal as Specchio falls. The berries sat comfortably in her stomach, filling her with warmth, and she rustled the soft grass, stretching out even more so to catch the sun's rays.

"Let's see... there was this one mopey Marowak hanging out alone. He seemed kind of interesting, but not in a way I could put up with for more than a few days. Oh, there was a Noivern too, swooping down with a flower behind her ear. She was sweet, way too sweet, and a bit of a flirt. I must've bored her, because she flew off to go entice some other poor Pokemon."
"Hmpf. Sounds like you've met an interesting bunch, to say the least," the gardevoir answered, finally getting out of the water, "I do so hate cheap flirts. Considering that we're all here to find mates for life, it surprises me that pokemon like that noivern would even think about coming to a place like this."

She rubbed her feet against the rock on which she was sitting, enjoying its slightly-rough texture. As a pair of vaporeon darted past her in the water, splashing and giggling as they went, she moved onto the grass, and was pleasantly surprised by how warm it was.
At the base of the lake, just past the waterfall's bottom, sat a rather large rock, coated in moss. On the moss that grew on the rock lay a lighter-green something, head down and eyes lazily looking around at the passerby. Even though she had been here for a day, the poor Espeon could not find anyone she was even remotely interested in- and that was saying something, because she's interested in mostly everyone. Slowly, her blue eyes moved from left to right to follow the movements of a pair of Vaporeon, who swam onto shore not that far from a Gardevoir and Pyroar. With a sigh, Elda rolled over onto her back, directly into the water.

She wasn't quite sure what to think of the water's temperature. It wasn't too hot, but it wasn't too cold. For a moment or two, the shiny Espeon stayed there, allowing her bright body to sink deeper and become cooler. Just before her paws hit the dirt of its bottom, Elda moved them herself, pushing off and swimming back up to the top, making sure she did not splash anyone in the process. Following in the Water-type Eeveelutions' footsteps, she walked onto the grassy bank, not bothering to shake the excess water from her body as she decided to join in on the conversation the others were having.

Next to the Gardevoir, Elda sat, flicking the water out of her ears and wringing out the tips of her tail. "I hope you don't mind me barging in, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I can't find anyone, either. Is it just me, or are there a limited supply of acceptable Pokemon around here?" asked the Espeon, standing as she stretched her limbs, sitting down once again after doing so. "Not quite sure what I expected, though, honestly."
Maura overheard the conversation. "I'm sorry to intrude upon this conversation but I have noticed that as well." The Lopunny walked over to them. "I was hoping to see a little more of a selection. All I've found so far was a meatball of a Lucario and a flirtatious Persian."
"The struggle of being a pretty gal in a place like this," Mayleen murmured, turning pleasant as she invited the two newcomers to stay a while. "The more the merrier. Laying in the grass like this is divine. Good company to top it off? Makes the disappointment of the other Pokemon here worth it."

She took a glance at the Espeon. The grace in which she swum was certainly intriguing, if a bit obscure and specific a thing to notice. The surface tension seemed to disobey itself when paired with her glossy coat, or so it seemed from Mayleen's perspective. Her shiny fur matched the green grass at that.
Shizuma observed the lopunny closely, having become interested in her all too quickly. She'd not met very many lopunnies, or normal types at all, for that matter, in her lifetime. All of the lopunnies that she had met had been attractive, far too attractive, and terribly flirtatious. And Shizuma always made the stupid mistake of falling for them, only to be dumped for some other pokemon when they got bored with her. What was about those fluffy ears, and those graceful legs that attracted her to them, anyway?

"I suppose you're right," the gardevoir added, tearing her eyes away from the Lopunny, "Just look around. The water's so clear, that if you look into it, you see a perfect reflection of yourself. At night, you can see every single star in the sky. And there's always plenty to eat as well. There's a lot to things to do here which are far more interesting than falling in love, and yet, I came in the simple hopes that when I leave this place, I won't be leaving alone."

Her gaze was on the lopunny once more. She tried to shift it to the shiny espeon--Who was, by the way, quite the rare sight. Shinies weren't just something that you came across every day, and to finally see one in the flesh was quite a treat--But she soon found her eyes resting on the Lopunny again.
"So true, it hurts," replied Elda to the Pyroar, now laying with a hind paw outstretched behind her, forepaws folded under her chin, one eye closed while the other watched the water before it. "I just kind of hoped that someone decent enough would show themselves sooner, y'know?"

As a Lopunny joined the group, the shiny Espeon glanced up to her, then the Gardevoir, and lastly to the Pyroar. With a light, innocent smile on her face, Elda couldn't help but notice the way the much-taller Psychic-type looked at the Normal-type. To break the tension, she eased her way back into a conversation. "'A flirtatious Persian,' you say? If only they were not what you say they are..."

Sure, that probably sounded super dumb and awkward, but Elda couldn't help but think of the Classy Cat Pokémon as a potential mate. If only they were not a flirt, then maybe it could...

No. Forget it. That would never happen. That Persian was, in fact, a flirt, according to this Lopunny, so it wouldn't work in any way other than a heartbreak. Besides, there were so many fish in the sea, even if fish-like Pokémon were at the bottom of her list of likes, so she should probably go find someone decent- someone that wasn't a flirt and didn't try to impress others.

Her mental rant was over. With the side of her head now resting on her paws, Elda could look at the others clearer and easier than before. Closing her eye for a moment, taking a deep breath, she reopened it slowly.

"Elda," she said before she could stop herself. "That's my name. Elda. It's nice to meet some Pokémon as kind as you three who are in the same boat as me." She smiled, genuinely, eye closed once again. "Let's hope we can find someone soon."
Max tried his best to limp away with his injured leg. He looked across to a gang of giggling female cat Pokemon, a Glameow, a Delcatty and a Liepard. "What are you guys laughing at? You said you would always have my back!" The Pokemon continued to laugh. The Liepard spoke up. "Real smooth Romeo, totally saving that Medicham from that Luxray. She could obviously handle herself." The Liepard looked down at the large teeth marks on his leg, still sparking with small jolts. Max ignored the pain and grimaced. "Really Lena? Mocking me again?" Before she could make a snarky reply, a Persian wandered between the two. He laughed in his smooth, calm manner. "Don't worry, that Luxray and his Mightyena and Arcanine friends certainly aren't going to cause that much trouble after what I did." He looked at the expression of Max and quickly improvised. "Oh, and your Fire Blast totally was accurate, huge help obviously." Max looked to the ground and walked off. "I knew I shouldn't have stayed here with you guys. Had I just taken the Fire stones I went to get back home none of this would have happened!" He marched as dramatically as he could out of the are, trying his best to soldier on through the gripping paralysis.

His attempts were unsuccessful however, and he fell to the ground, sitting on his injured leg, just short of a group of female Pokemon. "Fool!" He thought to himself. "Ninetales are supposed to be smooth, suave and calm. The three S's. Or was it C's... can't think with this paralysis." He attempted a smile towards the group, but he had to grit his teeth under it all as he was obviously in discomfort.
The melancholic peal of a castrati stranger rang out from the water's edge, the sun beating down on the singer's bulbous neck like a giant fist. Those closest to him paused as if struck with a bullet while others ignored him completely. The melody was without words, completely comprised of raw emotion and the singer's own voice.
Lir was sure of himself that those who had been here much longer than he were used to the stray Lapras wandering through Specchio Falls and warbling out their own mating calls before leaving empty handed. It wasn't as though Lir was desperate for anyone to call his own, or that anyone other than a second Lapras would have the nerve to try to approach him. Laprases were infamous for being high-strung and promiscuous, and many didn't find a mate until late in their life due to their dwindling population.
Still, the Lapras crooned his siren's song and bobbed above the lake's surface, eyes shut as to feel every note he belted out.
A very tall Aggron was laying about on a smooth rock relaxing in the soothing sun as it was his first time he has sun bathed, As he was doing so the group of Vaporeon jumped back in the water making a big splash that was aimed at him. The Aggron got a little ticked off but he went back to his sun bathing ignoring the Vaporeon. He got up and stretched not use to laying on a rock for so long as he walked to go gather some fruit from one of the trees, But a female fancy pants Sneasel came along and glared at the Aggron with flirtation. She started to straight up flirt with him but he didn't take on with it.

He walked past the Sneasel and saw the tree of Salac fruit he was looking for, He picked some from the branches that some Metapod were stringed on to and started to nibble on the fresh fruit. A small Minun went next to him and glared at the pile of fruit he has picked, It asked for a piece and the Aggron sliced it up a piece of his Salac fruit. The little Minun thanked him and trotted off to group of Buizel. The Aggron then noticed the group of pokemon talking beside the lake.
"I'm Maura. Glad I'm not in this boat alone." Maura said. The Lopunny smiled. She looked at everyone who had joined the conversation. The Gardevoir, the Pyroar, and the Shiny Espeon. A bit of an unusual group, yes, but they all seemed pretty nice. "So. What are the qualities you guys are looking for in a mate?" she asked.
"I'm really not asking for very much," Shizuma began, repositioning herself on her rock, "All I want is an attractive female pokemon who's as ready to commit as I am."

The gardevoir considered adding, And you seem perfect, but in the end, she decided that it was best not to, lest she come across as cheap as that luxray, or the lucario that Maura mentioned. Instead, she kept her gave fixed on the lopunny, quietly extending her arm to her as she greeted, "My name is Shizuma. Charmed."
Winter sat down across the lake from them the pure white Guardevior looked at the lake with little interest as she saw the odd group of pokemon she sighed in sorrow she had hoped to find a mate only to find several bisharps trying to pin her down and have there way with her not that she would let them of course. She was tatical and resourceful when it came to a fight and new her way around such things.
Maura nodded. "The Lucario that I said was a meatball. Well, his name is Miz. I knew him back when he was a Riolu. He was a meatball then too. Anyways, it's nice to meet you Shizuma." Since the Psychic type didn't have a hand, Maura took the arm that Shizuma had extended and shook it. "At least you know which gender you'd like. I'm not so sure."
"I wish I could be as open as you," the gardevoir complained, "I wish I could just go with any pokemon who's nice enough, but unfortunately, my preference is set. I absolutely must have a female partner."

She noticed that the sun was starting to set behind them as a blinding orange light hit her, reflecting off of the mirror-like surface of the water. Soon, she'd get to see that beautiful starry sky which Specchio Falls was famed for at night, and the resident lanturn would light up the water like illumises did in the sky.

"What do you say that we get grilled berries, and continue this conversation somewhere we can see that stars better?" Shizuma offered.
Elda pricked an ear up as the sound of some form of mating call could be heard not very far away. Although she wanted to learn more about its source, the Espeon stay glued to her spot, smiling lightly and closing her eyes. "'What am I looking for in a mate'?" she questioned, not opening her eyes, but tilting her head in thought. "Well, anyone, really, so long as they're not complete flirts or wannabes." The Lopunny's voice filled her ears next, and Elda nodded along with it. "Same with me," she added, head now back on her paws. "I have no idea what kind of partner I'd like the most..."

Hearing a rather unpleasant thud against the sound of the call she still did not look into, Elda quickly snapped her eyes open and whipped her head around to look at a Ninetales, who seemed to be clumsier than most. That fact didn't lessen the creature's beauty, though, and the shiny soon found herself blushing. For a moment, in a vain attempt to rid of the blush, she tucked her face into one arm and pawed at her eye with the other, almost as if she had a terrible itch, and the action merely made the redness of her face become a pinkish hue. Figuring that she looked fine enough, she looked back up to the Fire-type, furrowing her brow when she noticed his expression. Standing up, the Espeon re-positioned herself so she now faced him, sitting in an elegant manner.

"Excuse me?" she asked, trying to get his attention. "Are you alright? You seem like you're in pain... What happened?" Elda raised a paw slightly, in such a way that almost made it seem like she was resisting the urge to go heal him. Quickly, she glanced back to the others, wondering if they, too, would help.
A little bit away from the conversation, a Jolteon was wandering around. "Uh... so.. why did I come here? Meh, can't bother remembering," Storm smirked. He came to a lake where some pokemon were, he approached them. "Hi, my name is Storm!" He smiled at them.
Valor huffed as he made his way through the vegetation, the male bisharp not amused with flirty females and tried to move away from them. His best friend laughed beside him, the gallade walking into the path his dark type friend was making, "you could be useful and actually help me you know".

"Calm down grumpy pants besides its way to funny just to sit here and watch. What's with you anyway? You've had multiple willing partners actually talk to you but you just freeze and run away or ignore them! I'm not sure that's what Talia had in mind when she sent us here," the gallade smirked as he crossed his blades arms. Valor just grumbled under his breathe until they stopped to in a clearing of sorts that housed some groups of pokemon, "come on Valor! You now she wants us to be happy".

"I do acknowledge her concern but look at her! No partner as she's perfectly fine besides a gentlemon doesn't pressure their partner into partnering, Chase," Valor hissed at his friend plopping into the ground with a huff. Chase just laughed at this and looked around to see if there was anyone he could mess with.
Winter sat on a rock in the middle of the lake her dress In the water as she sat there she heard chase and Valor talking looking up she blushed bright red seeing the gallade the pure white Guardevior having a hard tell hiding her blush as she staired at chase it only got brighter
Storm noticed a Bisharp and Gallade, he smiled. Approaching them, he said, "Hey, what's up?" The Jolteon smiled. He then noticed a Gardevior blushing, looking at the Gallade. "Uh, I think you have an admirer!" He smirked towards the Gardevoir.
"It would seem I do. Maybe I should just talk to her breifly," Chase slowly inched away but his arm was caught by Valor, who glared up him. The psychic type side and faced his friend with a curious look, "what"?

"If your going over try not to be rude. I don't want to be the one to separate you and your attacker if you do something wrong," Valour chided before turning to look at the jolteon. He relaxed his stance and let his friend go, who then started toward the gardevior. The bisharp looked around trying to get a better look at his surroundings, "sorry you had to see that? I'm afraid I don't know your name, mine is Valour. He is Chase and the reason I was chiding him is because he can be an idiot".
Winter looked up hearing the water being Disturbed seeing the gallade she tilted her head as blush starting to cover her face as she soon looked away from him and at the water a sharpedo jumped out at her which she swatted away "nice try maybe next time" she said with a smirk as she watched the sharpido swim away
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Lir's song came to the close at the sound of a final melancholic note and he slowly deflated until his head was but an inch away from the water's surface. The affect made it seem as though he were bowing, although he received little praise or admiration for his performance. The Lapras waded his way to the water's shore, body sleek with the lake's water. He stretched out his amorphous muscles, shedding the moisture from his skin and scratching at his face with the back of his airfoil.
"You sing beautifully," a Leavanny attempted to tell him with a pleasant smile. He stared at them blankly for a couple seconds and nodded, brushing past them ploddingly.
Unfortunately for the Leavanny, Lir was completely deaf.
Rufus sat under a tree being his lazy self. The Pangoro had his eyes shut as if he were trying to think of something. "... Nothing much 'round here..." He murmured to himself. Rufus has seen his fair share of female Pokemon in the forest, none of them catching his attention. He'd sigh, his large molars jutting out. He opened his eyes, the onyx color scanning the area around him. Several trees circled around him and the Pond he sat in front of, shadows casting down his thickly furred legs. Rufus would fix the twig he had constanly held in his mouth since birth noticing it had grown a Cherry blossom on the end of the twig. "Huh? That's strange..." Rufus thought. He shut his eyes again and continued to rest under the tree.
Max was hoping no-one would question him when an Espeon, whose green fur matched the grass and seemed to shine in the sunlight, came over and sat elegantly in front of him. As she asked her question, he squirmed uncomfortably, trying to readjust so his sitting position was graceful like hers. He was just trying his best to cover his paralysed leg with something, so he looked extremely uncomfortable as he batted his tails, trying to cover up his injury as he repositioned himself.

"No, I'm fine." He tried to keep his cool, despite the yellow fur of his face quickly starting to become red as his voice was barely projecting due to his gritted teeth. He tried his best to aim his line of sight slightly above the Pokemon to avoid the huge glare he was getting from the sun that weirdly reflected off of her green fur. He had never been outside of his home this much before, and he had never seen a Pokemon this different before. He quickly stopped holding his teeth as he had finally found a comfortable way of sitting where he could hide his injury behind his tail and also communicate effectively. He swiftly resumed a calmer, more flirtatious but obviously put on voice. "Obviously I'm fine. Nothing wrong here."
Rufus noticed that his legs were starting to go numb. "Ach... I hate it when this happens..." He snorted and got up, his coat-like fur falling behind him. He took a few steps, the numbness slowly leaving his legs. "... Tch, might as well find someplace else if I got up..." Rufus dusted himself off and continued down a thin dirt path that seemingly lead to nowhere. His mighty arms swung against his sides, fists clenched. "Remember son, always keep those fists closed. You never know when you're gonna need em'." Rufus's fathers words rang in his head. He knew to obey his father, no matter how apart they were now. Rufus stopped in his tracks and looked back at the cherry blossom that had recently bloomed on the end of the twig he held. Seeing the soft pink color seemed to have calmed Rufus down when he gave a small smile. He enjoyed the blossom there.
Chase made his way over to the water's edge. The psychic type debating if he should go in or not but ultimately did. Wading into the water he made his way slowly to Winter, taking care not to step on any water types that were swimming around. He laughed when he saw her smack the sharpidk away, "nice one there. Not many I know have the reflexes to do such a feat. I must ask though what do you find so amusing about me and my companion, have we done something to warrant your stare. Perhaps we made to much noise, if that is the case I apologize".
Ooh um....uh i-I-i never seen a gallade like you before or any that Is um....I i-Ill shut up not" she said blushing out of embarrassment as she sent a fairy blast at a grados that tryed to bite her
Rufus eventually found an end to the forest and spotted a Gardevoir and Gallade. "... Ech, mushy..." Rufus made a way around the two Pokemon and continued on his way to nowhere.
"Well thank for your compliment. You are also intriguing as well. A pure white gardevior is not as common as you might think," Chase smiled folding his hands behind his back. The psychic type smiled as he watched smaller water types swim about and splash around, all around having a good time. He looked back at winter and bowed elegantly, having practiced the move countless times before, "where are my manors? My name is chase, may I get yours"?

Valour heard a squeal a little ways away where a female Persian was groped by a proud luxray. The luxray did not give up on his pursuit, Valour decided to be a gentlemon and intervene. Standing up he nodded to the jolteon then marched over to where the eletrical rule and normal type were in disagreement, "excuse me sir but the way you are treating her is horrible and I think it would be best if you back off".
Rufus stopped and leaned against a rather large tree, watching the scene. "... Prick." Rufus would mutter under his breath. He fixed his all-too-natural glare onto the Luxray, deciding if he should fight him or not. His fists remained clenched, his fathers words forever embedded in his head.
"Ah I guess selective breeding then. Rare roses of beauty must be such as you must be protected," Chase stood from his bow, holding himself tall and proud. The gallade looked over the falls and scenery around them with a smile, "this place is beautiful is it not. Natural beauty surrounding us with sweet scents and eye catching colours".

Valour and the luxray now stood toe to toe, the Persian using the distraction to run away. The electric type just laughed and puffed out his chest more, "and what are you going to do if I don't? Oh I'm so scared, little Pawnaird trying to act all bid and tuff".

"I'll have you know that I am indeed willing to fight if it means you'll leave and to cause any more distress to those who do not want your advances," Valour huffed, standing tall and proper. The dark type's eyes narrowing as what he said was just laughed off, stance going rigid as he was insulted. He was not prepared for the lightningbolt that was sent his way, the bipedal Pokemon being sent flying back at the hit. He crashed a little whiles away and stood once again, "oh really! That's it! You want to be disrespectful, let's be disrespectful".
Rufus smirked. "Now we're talkin'!" He watched the battle, amused. He'd call out to the Pawniard: "If ye' need any assistance just ask whenever..." Rufus fixed his gaze back onto the Luxray. He chuckled to himself as another Cherry blossom bloomed on the end of the twig. "Again?" He thought. "Strange..."
A-Oh um I'm really the only albino pokemon I know of and every one here ether ignores me or try to kill me but why that is I don't know all I want is to find someone that will love me for me and not try to end my life" she said as she stood up
Valour charged forward, two white blades similar to a gallade's appearing on his arm. The bisharp dodged another thunderbolt attack and forced the luxray to leap back or be hit by the dark type's attack. Valour continued to move forward, swiping again and again at the electic type. The luxray moved around one of the blades and snapped his jaws down onto Valour's shoulder, as the dark type's knees buckled as waves of eletrical energy.

"Albinism has many superstitions that come go along with it. Many don't know the truths," Chase hummed and offered his hand to hand to help the gardevior up. The gallade heard the scuffle his friend was in and sighed loudly.