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  1. Gamefreak1996

    Private/Closed One Piece: New Dynasty (AU)

    Background Wealth, Fame, Power; Gold Roger, the king of the pirates, obtained this and everything else the world had to offer! And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas: You want my treasure? It's yours! I left everything I have gathered in one place! Now all you have to do is find...
  2. Merciless Medic

    Other Basing Team Around Alo-Raichu

    Now, I am new to competitive play and I kind of want to be a little casual and fun about this rather than serious, but I can adapt fairly well to all of this (since it helps watching people like PIMPNITE, but he is in another league altogether and most likely has been doing it for at least a...
  3. arally

    Ask to Join Warrior Cats: New Heights [Discussion]

    Before I get into anything else, since this is a Warriors based roleplay, I ask of you to have at least read ONE or more of the books in the series and are familiar with how things work in the warrior cats world. Thanks! It took quite a bit to make this, so I'm hoping it will be successful. I...
  4. Teapot

    New Member Introductions

    Here you can post an introduction and tell us a bit about yourself: what brought you to Pokecharms, your hobbies, and any other details you feel like sharing. By no means are new members required to post here, but it's available for those who want it. Regular members are welcome to introduce...
  5. C_L

    Ask to Join Looking for Company in Kanto

    Howdy, my name is CL, and I've recently moved to Kanto from Johto. I roughly know the place, but I'm not too familiar. I'm hoping to travel around and become a little independent, but I'd like some company. Basically I'm looking for some people who roughly know the region to help me get around...
  6. Ultimate Roleplayer

    Open Transformers new universe

    In this universe all the transformers you know from the series, and movies dont exist except for unicron, and primus. The rules will be the same as pokecharms Transformers bio: Name: Personality: Appearance: Decepticon or autobot: What vehicle do you turn into: Rank(if you dont know the ranks...
  7. BonslyJuice

    Ask to Join Prep for Heirs of Anarchy RP

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be making a new RP based around abilities, but we have a major constriction: We'll only have 7 spots open. Please sign up below, and I will let you know ASAP if you'll make the cut. The situation is post-Apocalyptic Earth, or as it's so affectionately called in this...
  8. C_L

    Ask to Join A New Adventure

    Hi there, my name is Beyond, and before we start I'd like to say that this is my first time on these forums and my first time roleplaying online. I'd also like to clarify that I don't want anyone who wishes to participate in my RP to carry out any explicit roleplay, or lurk for...