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  1. nyquil

    Ask to Join The Rise of Froslass!

    join here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-rise-of-froslass.28362/#post-918549 The night sky slowly turned into dawn, the cold air that once filled the city of Jubilife had faded away. The sun shoned between the blinds of the dorm window, and onto the face of a sleeping trainer. His eyes...
  2. nyquil

    Private/Closed The Rise of Froslass!

    Your journey starts the beginning of summer break. Cedric Juniper, father of Pokémon Professor Juniper has sent you a email highlighting a new adventure and he needs strong able body trainers to carry out a task for him. "Hello! <Trainer>. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm...