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The night sky slowly turned into dawn, the cold air that once filled the city of Jubilife had faded away. The sun shoned between the blinds of the dorm window, and onto the face of a sleeping trainer. His eyes, squinted in annoyance, but soon opened slowly. His vision blurry, as if he had just woken up from hibernation. His hearing had been muffled for several seconds, until the chirping of the starly outside came in clear as day. "summer vacation starts today huh.." he said to himself as he looked toward the blinds that had been shielding him from the morning light.

Summer vacation was official today, and classes for trainer Qynn have just ended. Most of the school had gone days before, and some, with no place to go have chosen to stay on campus and ride out their summer ether in study hall or at the beach.

Qynn sits up from his bed and raises his arms tall, taking in a huge stretch from his sleep. "I guess today is going to be a La-.." his thought interrupted by the ping notification that had been going off on his laptop. Qynn made his way over to his laptop to see a strange email from someone he does not know. He first peers around his room to see both Pinch and Arc asleep in their favourite sleeping areas. Qynn smiled softly and turned his attention back to the email.

"Hello! <Qynn Fair>. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm gathering strong trainers from across the world to aid me on a important task and journey. I've gathered thousands of data, and through much research I've chosen you and others to aid me. I will explain everything in person if you wish to accept this opportunity. But knowing what kind of trainer you are already, I doubt you'll pass this up. I will provide starter Pokémon if necessary. Please meet me at Hotel Grand Lake located at the crossroads between Sunyshore city, Veilstone city and Pastoria City at 2pm. Can't wait to meet you!

Researcher Juniper"

Qynn eyes had widen slightly. He knows of Cedric Juniper, one of the top researchers in his field of biology of pokemon. He's gone over a lot of his teachings while attending study hall. He couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet him, and maybe pick his brain about some things he's had questions about. He looked back at the last line of the email; Please meet me at Hotel Grand lake located at the crossroads between Sunyshore, Veilstone and Pastoria at 2pm. "2pm..-" he said under his breath. 2pm was four hours away, which gave him plenty of time to make it after a shower.

As Qynn made his way to the shower, he passed his picture of a past memory. He took in a deep breath and entered the shower, and many minutes later emerged from his shower and fully geared up. "Pinch, Arc. let's go" he said to them. Pinch stood tall, like the beautiful Drapion she is. Qynn held her pokeball out for her to return which she did so happily. Arc let out a yelp of joy and ran to his trainers side. "good morning arc, I'm counting on you again today" he said as he leaned down to pet the Jolteon on his head. Arc let out a happy purr and nodded. As they made their way out, Qynn scooped up what seemed to be a container that held a single Pokemon egg in his arms. "today is the day you hatch, I cant wait to meet you" he said to it.

As the door closed behind him and Arc, his heart pounded with excitement even tho his face said otherwise.
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Danny sat on a bed in a small inn. She was reading about the new Pokemon in the area. Even if this is her 10th time reading this book, she could never get over the interesting facts about them.
She patted her lucorio Pockets's head as he was sitting on the floor against the bed sleeping. He yawned and opened one eye to look at her " Sorry to wake you Pocket, but I was wondering if you wanted to get some food !" She smiled at her Pokemon as he jumped up and cheered " Lucorio ! " Danny couldn't help but laugh, she's never seen him excited to try new food before. Closing her book she stood up and fixed her boots on. She then pulled out a PokeBall from her bag and throw it out raveling a Roseali. " Sorry to wake u moon, but we're going to get food and I wanted to ask if you want anything for later, if you wanna go back to sleep" Moon then looked at her and cheered spinning around. " I'll take it as you don't wanna go back to sleep." Picking up her few things late about the room she suddenly heard a ding. ' Huh ? Dad couldn't have sent me anything, he's at work . ' She walked to her phone currently resting on the near by table and saw a email? Danny curious as ever opened it and gasped.

"Hello! <Trainer>. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm gathering strong trainers from across the world to aid me on a important task and journey. I've gathered thousands of data, and through much research I've chosen you and others to aid me. I will explain everything in person if you wish to accept this opportunity. But knowing what kind of trainer you are already, I doubt you'll pass this up. I will provide starter Pokémon if necessary. Please meet me at Hotel Grand Lake located at the crossroads between sunyshore city, Veilstone city and Pastoria City at 2pm. Can't wait to meet you!

Researcher Juniper"

Moon and pocket looked at Danny curious of what she gasped about. " Guys, we have a new adventure to take ! " She cheered jumping in and down. Her Pokemon then let out a call in equal excitement. " But before I'll stop and get you guys some food " She chuckled as she nearly forgot her earlier plans. Packing up her few things she walked out her door making sure to tell the inn owner that she was leaving and that she was grateful for the room and payed. Moon, Pocket, and Danny where now ready for there new adventure. . . And some food.
The sun shone high in the sky and the weather begun to heat up. Almost 85 degrees, Qynn held his arm over his eyes as he looked up upon the clear blue skys. A couple of starly and a staraptor; probably the leader; passed over him. Arc was cheerfully strolling along Qynn's side as usual. He looked down at his friend, running through memories of their past endeavors and battles. He couldn't help but become distracted and accidently bump into a group of trainers that had been strolling on the opposite side of the side walk. "A-ah.. S-sorry" he said with a nervous tone. The group of trainers had giggled a bit at his carelessness but didn't see it as harm. Qynn kept his pace, as not to far from his sight was the Magnet train that would take him to Pastoria City which would be an easy walk from there with plenty of time to spare.

As Qynn boarded the train, he noticed it had been more full than usual, and it made him pretty nervous. His serious scale had become slightly uneased in a way, that really only Arc would notice. Arc looked up at his trainer and nuzzled his leg firmly; Jolt! jolt! he yelped. the pokemon nudged Qynn into the train, he knew if he didn't soon Qynn might have changed his mind and they would have missed their deadline. Qynn looked down at Arc and nodded, "Right.. I'm going" he said back to him. He took his seat in the way back, so that no one would disturb him. He took a deep breath, it filled his chest up enough to and let it go, calming his nerves as best as possible. He gandered to his left and saw a small boy who had been playing with his mother, happy and squealing. Qynn leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. The sun made its way past the trees, as the train begun its journey. It engulfed the train so well you couldn't tell the lights were on in the train; his dark caramel skin soaked up the sun so well it was almost as if he had been glowing.

The train, after two hours had finally come to its stop. Pastoria City home of the great marsh and Crasher Wake. He's heard rumours of this great gym leader from his mom way back when, but hadn't had the time to really check out the tales. Qynn grabbed his bag from under his seat. As he stood up and slung his bag over his shoulder, the young boy across from him looked up at him as if he was a giant. His eyes had gleamed with amazement at how tall Qynn was. As he made his way off the train, the gust of wind as the train pulled off hit him and it felt so good.

Him and Arc, with an hour to spare, made it to the Hotel Grand Lake Resort. All around him were Rich or Modern families that had traveled from all over the world for a summer at a private resort and beach. Kids at play and parents sun bathing by the water, he couldn't help but feel slightly uneasy. Qynn wasn't use to dry airy summers, mostly humid and damp ones; smog of city air and humid forest air was all he was ever use to. But with the feeling of uneasiness came comfort because it was something new for him and he's always interested in new experiences.

He made his way to the grand hotel. The doors slide open as he was half way up the carpet. The rush of cool air conditioning hit him so hard he couldn't help but let out a sneeze. Arc chuckled as his owners surprising reaction. Qynn rubbed his nose with a paper towel he had in his bag and smirked a little at Arc's laugh. "Qynn?" said an unfamiliar voice. He looked to his right and at a table; nicely placed in front of a big window was an old man, who had held his hand up. His face wrinkled but full of life, with a smile that lights up the table, his hair dirty blonde from top to beard and a yellow stripped collared shirt. "Professor Juniper?" he replied back as he made his way to the table. Cedric stood up and held his hand out towards the young trainer. He stood just about chest height to Qynn; They shook hands firmly. "Call me Cedric, the professor title is now held by my amazing daughter!" He said with a deep calming voice. Qynn smiled, the nerves in his body were shakin up from excitement. "My boy you're so tall! what do you eat!?" he asked jokingly. Qynn rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment unable to answer his question honestly. "Please! Please! sit, you're the first one here. Have you eaten at all?" he asked as he slide back into the chair. Qynn blushed a little, without realizing it he had left his dorm without even a smidge of something in his stomach. Not to mention Arc and Pinch. "No sir, I completely forgot. Do you mind if I?" he asked. "but of course! let's get to know each other better over some breakfast as we wait for the rest of the team to join. I'm sure they'll probably like to eat too" replied Cedric.

He didn't want to say it, but the thought of dealing with other trainers together for this task gave Qynn anxiety. Once again only to be hidden behind his monotone serious facial features.

They begun a small conversation as Qynn placed an small order for him and his Pokemon.
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Previously 'Candle'
Very few hours had past marking that Wilbur slept very little and officially was tired. But it hadn’t stopped him from awakening to the warm sun that was almost like an Ember was just blasted from the sun. The quiet sleeping Pokémon that lay at the end of the bed made Wilbur shudder as he realized that North wasn’t there, it was only Spy and Swan.

I bet it’s begun to cook me breakfast.

Thoughts raced through his head, he knew that the pancakes North would cook would taste different they always did! But he had never commented about it, the only thing accused of having had tasted a bad pancake was always his facial expression. His three Pokémon knew and were always trying to get food that he would like but it was no match with him being “unable to taste properly”. Knowing the pancakes would take more then just a few minutes, Wilbur pulled out the sliver laptop that had stickers on the cover such as a guitar and a green Dino. He lifted the cover and typed in his password into the screen that asked him for it. Wilbur rummaged in the pictures of him and his Pokémon before decking on checking emails. He clicked on the first box in the category, “Important” to check what it was. He read it aloud.

"Hello! Wilbur Bowie. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm gathering strong trainers from across the world to aid me on a important task and journey. I've gathered thousands of data, and through much research I've chosen you and others to aid me. I will explain everything in person if you wish to accept this opportunity. But knowing what kind of trainer you are already, I doubt you'll pass this up. I will provide starter Pokémon if necessary. Please meet me at Hotel Grand Lake located at the crossroads between sunyshore city, Veilstone city and Pastoria City at 2pm. Can't wait to meet you!

Researcher Juniper"

Again, he sat in thought for a moment before reliving the time down in the corner of the laptop screen highlighted in white. “Fu-“ He said, closing the laptop and jumping to the closet to grab a travel bag.

During a span of 15-30 minutes, he was dressed in a yellow sweater, black trousers, and some shoes and had everything packed. A black beanie and glasses were slapped on and his guitar was also on his back. All three of his Pokémon were placed inside their Pokéball. He was ready to leave.

Wilbur left the house and got to the train station as quick as he could, jumping into it at the last second as it was about to leave. Relieved, he went to go find a ‘Cedric’. “Mr. Cedric!” He called, hopping to find him soon. But he decided to just sit down instead. As he sat he looked over to a boy and a older man looking figure talking. “I won’t find Cedric!” He somewhat yelled in a British fury. “I hope…”
Danny road her bike, why who knows she was already in the area of the city. Her travels have been a great help for her a fair bit, she was grateful she wouldn't have to take a train. What? There not a good place for her. Back to the story though, carefully biking down the routes she could help but smile. She loved seeing the different Pokemon roaming around. Moon was sitting in the basket on the front of her bike, while pocket sat on the back of he bike. Both of her Pokemon munching on a few berries from her bag that she bought earlier. Danny didn't care tho, she was just happy her Pokemon where healthy. Reaching the final route of her trip she slowed down to look at the Pokemon.

She was fascinated with the bird Pokemon flying above her, 'maybe I should catch one later on.' She thought. Looking around, she noticed some of the Pokemon movie Ng away from a angry Staraptor. Danny then walked over and saw it protecting a berry bush. " Staraptor ! " It warned her, as she placed a hand on her hip and sighed. " Listen here Staraptor, don't be a jerk and horde all the berries ! You have share with others like it or not. " The Staraptor only shouted at her angrily. " Don't you get that sad with me ! How share with the others !" Danny then had a intense stare down with the Pokemon, it eventually giving up and walking away from there berry bush grumpier then ever. She then smiled as few smaller Pokemon ran over to take a few, then to watch then scamper off. Danny then realized what she came to originally do and check the time. " Oh no it's getting late !!" Danny cored out panicked running back to her bike and Pokemon. Then speeding off she finally after a few minutes reached the city. Slowing down due to her being in a more populated area she reached the resort finally. Relieved as ever she parked and locked her bike up. Walking into the resort she let out a gasp. Danny was amazed by the sight of the place. She never seen something to magnificent. It memerized her, a few people started at her concerningly but chocked it up as a country bumpkin who's never seen a city. They weren't wrong she came from twin leaf, a small 4-5 house town.
Cedric and Qynn shared a few laughs at the table. The old man really had a knack for conversation. "You are quite the young poke scientist Qynn" he said with genuine support in his voice. Qynn smiled, his eyes warmed up a bit. He became embarrassed by his acknowledgement; Professor Juniper really reminded him of his father the more they talked. The trainer dug his fork into his eggs, scattering them back and forth amongst his sausage and fruit. "before my father past, he had hopes that I'd follow in his foot steps. And we would a father and son duo." he said, as a soft smirk between his lips, soon turned into a straight face. Cedric's expression had turned from joyful to concerned. "sorry to hear about his passing, how did he pass?" he asked. Qynn shook his head, as to brush off the hazy memories. He didn't want to ruin the mood with conversation over his father's death. Qynn took a quick glance around the table, to find something to change to topic with, when he noticed a fairly large brief case against the leg of Cedric's chair. "Is that your luggage?" Qynn asked. The old man blinked twice, he wondered why the boy was so quick to change subject from his previous question but decided not to pry and continue on with the conversation. "Oh! Yes, that is a surprise for when everyone arrives, but speaking of everyone. I see some of your confused companions now" he said with a smile.

Qynn gazed towards the sliding door he had just came through not to long ago. A girl he'd never seen before, stood dazed in the center of the lobby floor. The prejudice stares that circled the room were louder than most of the conversations that echoed around the hotel lobby area. He understood those eyes all to well. Her hair a beautiful blonde, that reminded him of the clean sand from sixth island, it was probably just as soft, probably softer. The curls that rippled from the top of her head down to her shoulders really blended well with her oversized sweater. She looked more than comfy with how the turtleneck was loosely wrapped around her neck, but he wondered if she was overheating in there with the weather at such a high temperature.

Professor Cedrick, stood up with one hand behind his back and one in the air. "Yes! Hello, trainers!" he shouted as he walked towards the girl. Qynn's face became slightly confused, for he had used the plural word trainers, but only one trainer he could make out. "Yes, you young lady, and the young lad over there sitting in the chair" he said, as he pointed to the trainer who had been sitting at a empty table across the way. Qynn was surprised that the Professor's spatial awareness, he managed to still spot both trainers in midst of their own conversation.

The other trainer, smaller in body mass from himself, had skin slightly lighter than his. It reminded Qynn of a cinnamon bun straight out the oven. His hair curly hair, the colour of dark caramel, one of the best deserts; at least to Qynn. He stood taller than the trainer, which really surprised Qynn. He's never met someone taller than him, it was almost as if he had that look similar to the little boy from the train that called him a giant. His yellow sweater, slightly darker than Cedric's collared shirt really paired well with his overall look. He thought to himself he was gorgeous, all while he kept his face expressionless.

Qynn stood up beside the table, he clenched his poke egg incubator close to him with one arm. He more of less didn't care about his companions for this journey, but to keep team moral politeness was always necessary; he honestly hoped no one else had showed up but surprises happen around every corner he thought to himself.

Arc and Pinch had been enjoying a delicious poke breakfast not to far away from the table they had taken. Pinch noticed her trainer stood up and kept close eyes on him and the situation. Arc kept his little Jolteon nose deep in his Pokemon food; Arc has always been a sucker for good Pokemon grub.

"Please, Please! the two of you this way. Welcome. me and this young man here were just getting to know each other before both of your arrivals" he said as he stood between both trainers glancing over at Qynn as well. "Introduce yourself to eachother, let your pokemon get to know each other and if you haven't eaten order some food on me before we begin our task briefing" he said with a joyful laugh after.
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Hello! Gale Volts. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm gathering strong trainers from across the world to aid me on a important task and journey. I've gathered thousands of data, and through much research I've chosen you and others to aid me. I will explain everything in person if you wish to accept this opportunity. But knowing what kind of trainer you are already, I doubt you'll pass this up. I will provide starter Pokémon if necessary. Please meet me at Hotel Grand Lake located at the crossroads between sunyshore city, Veilstone city and Pastoria City at 2pm. Can't wait to meet you!

Gale arrived in Sinnoh from his 5 hr. flight. He was scared he would be late, so he BOLTED straight from the airport to the Hotel with his Toxtricity where he supposed to meet the professor. He was running and running, not even looking behind him. He looked from his map, and up at the road ahead to keep running. FINALLY after a few hours, he arrived. Gale was pale in the face and was about to pass out. He walked into the room and said, “I’m h-h-h-here... I’m not... l-late, a-a-am i.........?” He said, almost out of breath. “Ha ha ha ha...” Gale fell face-first on the floor. “Ugh....”
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Danny was still in her country bumpkin amaziment. That was untill her lucorio Pocket walked in holding Moon. He walked over to Danny " Lucorio. . " When he didn't get a response he 'lighty' slapped her on the back of her head. " Ow! What was that for pocket !?" Rubbing the back of her head, finally looking over to see the Professor.

"Oh. . OH! Ahh- sorry about that. ." She said Abit embarrassed. Pocket then patted her head, shaking his in the process. Danny then glared at the taller Pokemon, still angry at him for hitting her. But then remembered she was told to indrotuce herself. " I'm Danny Davidson I'm from Twin Leaf a small town Abit away from here, These are my Pokemon. My lucorio Pocket, and Moon my Roseali !" She gave a wide smile after indroducting her Pokemon.


Previously 'Candle'
Wilbur nodded softly, pulling up his glasses over his nose and towards his brown eyes. He had also moved the brown curly hair out of his eyes and began to speak slowly. “Wilbur Bowie,” he said, “24 years old.” He added in a rush, pulling off the light brown guitar case from his back and putting it at his feet. He still sat at the edge of next booth over from where the trainers were. “And you are?” He asked politely.

Awaiting a reply, North jumped from its Pokèball which sat restlessly in his bag, and onto the table. “Raichu!” It said, sitting on its yellow ended tail as he levitated in the moving train. “Oi.. North..” Wilbur sighed, moving to pat the Alohan Raichu’s head.
She was already up with her bed made and her four girls out of their Luxury balls for the moment as she was fixing her hair with a ribbon to pull it up high into a long ponytail after washing up. She suddenly heard a notification on her laptop screen which was already open as she approached it seeing an unknown email by someone. She went to open it with the cursor of her mouse reading the email that was written inside.

"Hello! JC Wolfa. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm gathering strong trainers from across the world to aid me on a important task and journey. I've gathered thousands of data, and through much research I've chosen you and others to aid me. I will explain everything in person if you wish to accept this opportunity. But knowing what kind of trainer you are already, I doubt you'll pass this up. I will provide starter Pokémon if necessary. Please meet me at Hotel Grand Lake located at the crossroads between sunyshore city, Veilstone city and Pastoria City at 2pm. Can't wait to meet you!

Researcher Juniper"

She was a bit surprised by this sudden email before closing it standing up firmly. “Well girls, looks like we will be going on another adventure” she said looking towards them as they all cried out happily to agree as she had finished getting ready before grabbing her journal and her special pen along with her tech kit and slipped it into her side bag. She returned just three of the girls into their luxury balls leaving only Blue out. She grabbed her skateboard before leaving her apartment leaving a note for her brothers that she was going on another adventure requested by Cedric himself. She made sure the door was locked before heading out. She thought about taking the train but had a better idea to get there quicker. She pulled out one of the Luxury balls as it popped open revealing Stellica, her Corviknight. “Ready for flight Stellica” she asked. She gave a metallic cry before she and Blue went on her back before she took off into the skies to Pastoria city.

The flight was long but quick as Stellica landed on the ground in Pastoria city as she patted her wing to thank her before was returned to her Luxury ball. Blue leaped on her shoulders before she placed down her skateboard giving it a push before riding it along the ground. She had her violin case on her back keeping it steady as she rode before finally arriving looking at the time seeing she was still early. She picked up her skateboard holding it in open hand before she walked in seeing other trainers had already arrived as she fixed her wolf mask to keep her facial appearance hidden before she approached the table with the group. “Excuse me, are you Cedric Juniper” she asked sternly but calmly as her another hand was in her pocket as Blue rested on her shoulders watching the group.

- Gale slowly got up, still a bit dizzy. -

“Ay, uh... sorry for faintin’ just now. You know, running for 3 hours straight will do that to ya. He he he...” “Uhm, a-anyway! I’m here from the email you sent me. I hopped straight on a plane, and ran here. Uhh, what’s the mission again? I forgot. And also... are you... Cedric Juniper?” Toxtricity played a little medoldy on his stomach. “Oh, that reminds me! This is Toxitricity, he’s my uh-“ - Gale and Toxtricity put on their sunglasses. - “Partner in crime.” Toxtricity and Gale did a fist-bump. The two turned around and crossed their arms. And stood back to back lookin’ all tough and cool.


Previously Mx.Shift
A quiet yawn sounded from the corner of the room from which arose a light purple Pokémon, taller then a Growlith but almost similar in body shape. It was Float, a recently caught Espeon that Clay had grown attached to but not as much as Derps. Speaking the small blue Pokémon, it also lifted its head out from under the blanket to peek at the Espeon who it had slowly grown to despise. “Hello Derpy Derps.” Clay giggled, lifting the Wooper to cradle in his arms. “Wooper!” It said happily, rubbing into Clay’s chest as a sign of friendliness.

After the cuddle came brushing teeth, getting dressed and trying to flatten down his brown messy hair. He sighed, pulling himself away from the mirror to stop trying seeing as trying to flatten it was a worthless loss of time everyday. Duh duh! The sound a notification, likely his laptop, rang causing Clay to run over to the open laptop to check what it was seemingly about. It was an unknown email which gave him the chills even thinking about if it was a scam or not. “No… probably not.” He said to himself, sitting down to allow himself to breath and click onto the strange looking email. It seemed carefully worded and likely made by a robot was Clay’s guess but he read it aloud anyways.

Hello! Clay Scotch. Let me Introduce myself, I am Cedric Juniper. I'm gathering strong trainers from across the world to aid me on a important task and journey. I've gathered thousands of data, and through much research I've chosen you and others to aid me. I will explain everything in person if you wish to accept this opportunity. But knowing what kind of trainer you are already, I doubt you'll pass this up. I will provide starter Pokémon if necessary. Please meet me at Hotel Grand Lake located at the crossroads between sunyshore city, Veilstone city and Pastoria City at 2pm. Can't wait to meet you!

Researcher Juniper"

“Huh.” Clay said, it seemed to have been sent by someone who likely knew him. “Derps! Float!” His voice rang through the small house o the Pokémon who had began to growl at each other. “I think we’re going to go see something.” He said to the two, pulling Float into the Espeon and allowing Wooper to climb onto his shoulder. A ticket all the way to Far East Sinnoh would be quite a pain seeing he was currently in the town of Nimbasa City, Unova. A plane ticket would cost a lot of Pokédollars but in other ways Clay really really wanted to see what this was all about.

He arrived at the airport, marking down the time the white plane left for Sinnoh and how long it estimated it was going to take on his wrist with a pen. “Perfect, it will work out perfectly.” Clay thought, going through everything before heading over to where the plane was going to take off.
In the fastest way possible: Clay had gotten off the plane, went through security, trailed off through town and managed to run to where the closest train station was. The train itself had started moving at slow speeds, meaning he could’ve caught it if he jumped through the back and went through the halls down the train looking for a Cedric Juniper. So the plan unfolded with now flaws despite the fact he had to run which was ehh and ok to him seeing as it was much harder running on the train tracks than on racing tracks. “Hello! Is there a Cedric Juniper around?” Clay asked as he reached the car he was supposed to be in.

( pretty much everyone in the train car over by Cedric-)
Cedric chucked at the relationship between Danny and her Pokemon. "That's a wonderful partner you have there." he said still in a midst chuckle. "I can see a lot of love between you three. Nice to meet you Danny, It's a pleasure to be working with you." he said as he extended out his hand, and shook hers. "Would you like some food?, you're as early as this one over here." he said as he pointed to quiet Qynn as he nervously stood at the corner of the table. He chuckles "He's not as scary as he looks, also! we share the same hair colour! beautiful"

As Cedric held a conversation with the girl. Qynn noticed Wilbur had been sitting on the opposite side of him. He watched as the other trainer sat his guitar case down on the floor, he then studied the case a bit before his gaze went back to the boy's. They shared a long look, but than Qynn's gaze quickly looked down at the corner of the table. Too shy to talk, he held his case close to his chest in his arm. "I'm-.. Qynn" he said quietly. "Nice to meet you both.." keeping as little attention away from him. Soon surprised by his Alolan Raichu who had sprung from his Poke bag and onto the table. He let out a soft but not so noticeable smile at both Wilbur and North's interactions. Warmed by both Wilbur and Danny introducing themselves right off the back. He turned to be welcomed by a new face.

"Yes I am Cedric, are you here about my email.. Welcome, Welcome. You're not late,.. matter of fact none of you are late. Haha, you all are actually very early" he said with the happiest of tones. "Please introduce yourself to everyone" he added. The first thing he noticed before anything was the girl's Umbreon that rested comfortably on her shoulder, next was the wolf's mask that took a good portion of her face. "that's an interesting mask you got there, where did you get it if you don't mind me asking?"

several minutes later..

Cedric surprised and startled by the boy who crashed into the lobby of the hotel. Out of breath, in a terrible sweat and pale as the snow, the lad showed up like a bolt of lightning. A worried smile crept up on Cedric face, while a bead of sweat dripped down his temple. " I'm h-h-h-here.. I'm not.. l-late, a-a-am i....?" he said, he wobbled a bit and tried to stand tall but fell face-first on the floor. The thud cause an awkward silence through out the room. Moments later, when the boy awaken, he explained his day to the group and Professor. "Haha~ Gale you and your partner are full of energy. Just what we need for this adventure" he said with sparks in his eyes.

With the attention he had given Gale and his energetic partner. He almost overheard someone who had been calling his name for what seemed to be a couple of minutes. he turned to see another young man hiking up the lobby. "Hello! is there a Cedric Juniper around?" he shouted. Some of the guest had already been eyeballing the group since the first three. Cedric smiled, and held his hand way up for the boy, He swished it side to side lightly and gestured for the boy his way. "Over here son!" he replied back. His first reaction has the boy got closer that he was much shorter than the group, and it took him by surprised given the difference between him and the rest, like Wilbur. "please please introduce yourself as well."

Finally the group was together, Introductions were done; everyone was met. Six emails, total six trainers. Cedric's face lite up in excitement. His vision had come true and at this moment, the Professor stood dead center of between the tables. "Ok, now that all of that is out of the way, on to the task at hand" He picked his brief case off the floor and laid it in between the group before he opened it. He took out a decently sized electric screen and turned it out. Off the screen came a hologram of a gaint cave. The image twirled in place, like a music box ballerina. "This is a recently discovered Inner cave unearthed in Mount Coronet a couple of months ago by both my daughter and I. We've had plans on taking this journey ourselves with Leon from the Galar region but with the recent spike in disastrous events in the Galar region he was unable to help at this time, plus, Aurea and I have been swamped with research as of lately and will not be able to explore it ourselves. That's were you guys come in." he said excited as ever. He clicked a remote he had secretly pulled from his pockets. The hologram switched from the caves outer look to a three stack floor blueprint. "we sent a team of pokemon down to get these blueprints but they were knocked out and dragged back to the entrance before we could find out more about the third floor, so we want you to go in and see what was the cause" Cedric glanced around the table and turned off the hologram. He walked back to his bag removing files, six each and passed them out to each trainer. "In this folder you'll find the layout of both the first and half of the second floor blueprints that could help with the journey, as well as a list of some of the pokemon record"

first floor:
  • Sneasel
  • Weezing
  • Houndoom
  • Pinsir
  • Haunter
  • sobleye
second floor:
  • Crobat
  • Golbat
  • Weavile
  • Abomasnow
Qynn skimmed the small uncomplete list, and shuddered at Houndoom being on it. He knew if there was Houndoom there would be other fire type Pokemon. His nerves began to work up, so bad that Pinch could feel it in the other room. The scorpion type Pokemon, banged on the giant windowed wall that separated them. The loud thud interrupted the mood of the meeting. Qynn scanned the room after someone got startled by the thud and turned to see Pinch, who had been causing the aggressive sound. He held his hand up and bent one of his pinkies to give her the signal that it was okay, and that he was ok. The Pokemon quickly settled down and made it's away from some of the Pokemon that had been in the room. "Qynn is that your drapion?" asked Cedric. Qynn knodded and let out a soft breath. "I apologize, please continue" he said quickly so that the conversation wasn't on him anymore.

"Right, no need for apologies. I was just wrapping up here. As of today, You can rest and enjoy the resort. Each of your files has your room keys. We leave tomorrow at 1pm. Please enjoy, get the resources you need and call your families if you have to. I'm sure they'll be worried if you didn't return home or give a call for a dangerous adventure." he said. "oh Also, I was able to retrieve some young pokemon that had wondered outside of the cave, if anyone would like a new teammate to cherish". The Professor reached into his bag for the last time and took out three Pokeballs. Out came Houndour, Helioptile
and Rockruff from each one of the monster balls.

Houndour, looked around the room and shyly backed his way behind Helioptile and Rockruff. Helioptile rawring with excitement and Rockruff licked his paw unamused.

"if anyone would like to choose any of the three please walk up and greet them" said Cedric.
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Danny was deep in though alot just happened. She was looking at the list she was given and let out a scared sigh. She has passed trauma with houndooms. " I- Please tell me Houndooms are really rate in these caves... " she almost muttered. When the Professor called out the 3 Pokemon and she saw the Houndor. She let out a small squeak and backed up to the corner of the room. Even tho it was only the beginning stages of Houndooms. It still terrified her.

" I'll pick last... " She awkwardly trembled. Danny highly didn't like fire types, or even part fire types. " Maybe,.. " She also added on.
She held the file in one of her hands before just answering one question. “I made the mask if that’s what you want to know…” she said calmly before seeing Cedric show three Pokémon, a houndour, a Helioptile, and a rockruff. Her eyes took her attention to the rockruff as she went to approach her bending down her level. “My aren’t you an eager one, would you like to come with me?” She asked her as she barked wagging her tail leaping into her arms rubbing her rocky neck on her as she chuckled slightly. “Ruff! Ruff!(It would be my honor!)” she said as only she could understand her. “I’ll take this Rockruff Cedric, I am probably the only one that can train her right and properly evolved her” she said looking to him as Blue gently greeted the Rockruff with a wag of her tail and smile. “Umbre!” She said.



Previously 'Candle'
Wilbur watched as the girl picked the Rockruff. “Hmm.” He said lowly, looking out the window that allowed warm yellow-orange sun to brighten it up. “Hey,” he turned towards Cedric, “can we like go to our rooms or something. I’m pretty hungry and so is Spy, Swan and North.” He gave glance towards the black bag and guitar case.

He knew that the list of Pokémon displayed on the tablet were somewhat hard to battle in the long run. Wilbur suddenly doubted himself, maybe he wasn’t right for this mission after all. Maybe this was all a sudden thought caused by robots. Maybe he would die… He put it all aside or at least tried.

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Pocket walked over to the Houndor and lightly picked him up. " Lucario (( Just realized I been spelling it wrong the whole time xD )) ?" Hugging the Pokemon her turned and looked at his trainer, seems the fighting type Pokemon likes the pup. " I- Pocket please put them down . . ." She looked at her pokemon with a worried face.

"Lucario ! " Pocket spoke in retaliation, he wanted to keep the Houndor. Danny just caved internally as she let out a sigh. " F-Fine." Pocket then let out a happy cheer and spun around with the Houndor. Houndor then panicked an wiggled out of pockets grip running over to Danny hiding behind her. She still panicking internally picked up the dog like Pokemon, gently holding it. " I guess I need to give you a name now. . . How about Opal ?" Houndor now Opal looked up her, " Houndor. " He seemed to like the new name.
Blue looked over to the girl that seemed afraid of the Houndour for some reason and seemed to want to show her that there is no need to be afraid of it unless she had her reasons to be. Blue sat down before looking up at her partner crying out to her. “Umbre….(“JC?”) she said. JC looked down to her from her response. “Yes, what is it Blue?” She asked her. “Umbre?” She lifted her paw to point at the girl with the Houndour before nodding. “Oh, alright” she said before approaching the girl with the Lucario. “Is it your first time raising a Houndour?” She asked her gently as Wolfa smiled wagging her tail at the girl while she was resting in her arms.

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"Um. . . Kinda, I also have a bad past with Houndors, and houndooms. PTSD my dad calls it I think ?" She akwardly says looking at blue. " I wouldn't have chosen Houndor if pocket didn't go up and pick him. . ." It was akward for her and she couldn't hide it. Her childhood trauma was plan as day, well that is if you payed attention to the burn scars on her face. " Lucario ! ( Well you need to face your fears someday!) Lucario ( Plus we're going into a cave with them, you can be afraid of them if we need to battle one !)" Pocket called out defensively. Plus he was curious of the Houndor now named opal, maybe he can be strong and independent soon. " What ever you say pocket. . ." She didn't really wanna fight over something simple.

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She only nodded before speaking. “My older brother has one named Cerabus and she became a strong Houndoom in the end not to mention a determined and serious one but when trained correctly, they can be a Pokémon that will protect you from even the riskiest of danger, and will protect you as if their life depends on it. They make reliable team members in the end so don’t regret the decision of getting one for your team and him being a dark/fire type is a very good advantage so you should thank your Lucario for that. Just have faith in him and he won’t let you down” she said as Blue smiled looking at the girl. “Umbre!(“Cerubus is a very strong lady Houndoom indeed)” Blue said looking at the Lucario reminding her of Belle, JC’s Lucario then looked to JC. “What is it Blue?” She asked as Blue raised her paw to point at the girls Lucario. “Oh, I see how long have you had your Lucario, Pocket correct, been a while since I have seen one other then my Belle” she stated looking to the girl.

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She though about what the girl had said. She was right Opal could be a great addition to her adventure, all she needed was a little push to see that. She smiled at the girl after processing what was said. " Yea! I guess your right. " She said. It'll take time but Danny knew the dog Pokemon would grow on her after awhile. Danny then asked about her Lucario. " I helped him around 9 years ago, he only evolved around 5 years ago, he took his time with evolving. But yea 9 years ^^ " She explained tilting her head the the side. " Oh ? I never noticed that pocket was the only lucario around. Or at least out of his pokeball."

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“Well, that’s a long while you had him then that’s good, must mean your bond with him is very strong even through his aura” she said as she suddenly felt a certain Luxury ball shake slightly behind her as she knew which one it was. She kept her guard up for now as she returned Wolfa to her Pokeball for now placing it behind her in her poke belt once it got smaller. “I can always give you tips on how to start raising it properly if you want it” she added giving a gentle smile to her under the mask before is disappeared. “Maybe Pocket would like to meet Belle, if he doesn’t mind but of course when the time is right” she said looking to her.

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