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  1. Dead account

    Ask to Join OverWatch: Watching Over ((Roleplay))

    Samuel was walking around in the Overwatch Base, going to the kitchen and microwaving whats left of the noodles from yesterday, as Genji passed trought "Hello Samuel, I do not think microwave is a good idea, your food will get soggy" Genji told him "Don't tell me what to do " Sam responded as he...
  2. Crimson Sun

    Private/Closed Roleplay Ideas Discussion

    Hey guys, Crimson here. So I have multiple ideas on a role-play, but I believe I'm only capable of doing one role play creation. This is why there's this discussion here. Just give me your thoughts, ideas or whatever to be honest. Just just bluntly ignore it lol. These are the ideas that could...
  3. Crimson Sun

    Ask to Join Overwatch: Resurgence

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/overwatch-rp.19257/ @Sarah316 @Godjacob @Mr.Glaceon @vaultie "Are you with me?" That was the call that started the revival of Overwatch. Winston, the former de facto leader of Overwatch, now current Overwatch Commander, had initiated the recall of all the...
  4. Crimson Sun

    Private/Closed Overwatch RP Discussion

    Quite a couple decades ago, the Omnic Crisis began. Humans found themselves at a losing war against robots. Thus, the United Nation had declared a need to form an organization, called Overwatch, by bring best operatives within each nation. Overwatch was a success and the humans had claimed...
  5. SinnerFromBeyond

    Open Overwatch: Heroes Reborn

    Over the years Overwatch has broken down and heroes have fallen. But now the only remaining member, Zenyata, is collecting more heroes to stop a new force of evil, Mech-Tech. Please have the following character bio Name: Hero name: Role: healing,support,defense,,offense Age: Gender: Appearance...