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possible romance

  1. The legend of pika

    Open Call of duty zombies roleplay discussion sign ups

    Its ww1: about the times of orgins. Theirs group 935, but then theirs a subgroup call 682. This group was made to counter and kill 935 incase of betrail, or if they ever turned into the undead. However, during orgins, this after 935 left, this group left to investigate the site, and extermanate...
  2. kyuukestu

    Ask to Join World's Requiem

    This Rp will be created using the settings from the novel Dominion's End. (with a few tweaks here and there.) Because of how the basic settings have been set, the RP has the potential to become a bit too in-cohesive, which I'm trying avoid. So as of now the RP will not be starting but, I will be...
  3. CorruptedVirus

    Open Everyone Holds a Purpose

    So I had this idea of a possible RP after listening to a few too many sad songs. It takes place in Alola around the same time as the games and would be an over branching story. Our characters are people who've been criminals in various organizations and regions (the organizations can be canon...