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Open Everyone Holds a Purpose

So I had this idea of a possible RP after listening to a few too many sad songs. It takes place in Alola around the same time as the games and would be an over branching story.

Our characters are people who've been criminals in various organizations and regions (the organizations can be canon or made up), all of whom escaped to Alola for one reason or another. It could be that they were feeling for their life or simply wished to turn a new leaf, whatever the reason they fled to the distant region.

It's there that they hear of a place willing to take them in since no one else was willing to take in former criminals. It was called Sanctuary, a home and safe haven for crooks looking to redeem themselves and forget. A large, warm looking mansion that resided on Poni Island, far away from the towns of the city, it looked the part of the happy home. A place to rehabilitate criminals and thieves and turn them into productive citizens. Their mantra, "Everyone Holds a Purpose", is more true than the workers lead on.

As time passes, it starts to become clear that Sanctuary is anything but. Our characters slowly start to forget themselves as the home's haze starts to drift in. Childhood memories are the first to go and then it escalates to them not being able to remember key people in their lives. The workers couldn't be more thrilled as they start to turn into blank slates. Everyone Holds a Purpose, Sanctuary decides what that purpose is. Is it still redemption if you never remember what you did wrong?

That's the gist of it. I'm thinking that there'd be only three spots open to join this RP since I was planning on having it be fairly long and story like. If you're interested in joining just send me a PM with your OC in the following template with the backstory and I'll be happy to put you in.

Name: Aaron

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Region of Origin: Kanto

Appearance: He's a rather pale man with matching strawberry blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Aaron is known for using rather glittery items in his fashion and makeup. Wearing dark blue eye shadow and pale lip gloss, he could pass for a woman if he grew out his hair and wore a corset. His tight skinny jeans and light pink v-neck help pass along the idea that he might be a model, though the various pairs of stilettos makes it hard to say he might have been in some sort of band. The one key feature on Aaron however, is the dark red 'R' he carries on his right arm.

Personality: Aaron is always a flashy person. He's more than happy to show off his body, his Pokemon, his jewelry, whatever. If you try to out do him, he'll happily one up you with no remorse. And if he can't, well he'll be a tad bitter about it. After all, Aaron needs to make sure he keeps up his vain and selfish attitude and for someone to out do him is just no good. Partially snobby and more than happy to insult people to their faces, Aaron tends to stay away from most people. He finds it easier to reject people before they reject him.

Crime: Aaron used to work as an enforcer at one point for Team Rocket. Having been tasked with keeping the Grunts in line, handing down punishments, and doing most of the stealing, he was known to be a cruel man to enemies and a strong ally to the Grunts. However, that ended after he messed up a large heist for Giovanni... Aaron was quick to take as much money as he could and fled from Kanto the furthest region as he could before Giovanni could get a hold of him.

Team: Gengar, Lopunny, Jigglypuff, Eevee, Jinx, Meowth