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long term

  1. |Bread|

    Ask to Join The Camp Of Stars (Discussion)

    Welcome to the Camp Of Stars. Where the chosen child of each star will come together to learn of each star and it’s history. As a plus this year The Camp Of Stars will be giving a quest to those who seem fit enough to climb Kanira Mountain and find their home star’s regional sword. Once the...
  2. NotaViolinist

    Private/Closed Into the Pokéverse

    May contain: cartoon violence, light descriptions of viscera (blood/innards). Please be aware of your triggers before joining! Also check the discussion board for rules. ~ "Professor Laurel?" Aine called into the suspiciously quiet laboratory. "Are you here?" "In the basement!" Came the...
  3. Honedgelover1342

    Open Kalos Chronicles

    (Yes, I know the Title doesn't stick out.) Brady was walking out of the third gym, now just earning the Rumble Badge, most people doubted his strength because he was only 13, but they were quickly corrected when either his Aggron or Nidoking beat them, he was targeted by many Shiny Collectors...
  4. CorruptedVirus

    Open Everyone Holds a Purpose

    So I had this idea of a possible RP after listening to a few too many sad songs. It takes place in Alola around the same time as the games and would be an over branching story. Our characters are people who've been criminals in various organizations and regions (the organizations can be canon...
  5. Lechancie

    Ask to Join .:Kalos Pokemon Academy:.

    .:Kalos Pokemon Academy:. You are like any other kid sitting at home while other kids are starting up for pokemon training. You want to get ready as well but haven't heard back from any of the schools you signed up for. You grown anxious with ever passing moment. You have no idea what your...