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  1. BonslyJuice

    Art Requests

    Hey, how's it going? I'm Potato, and I'm here to ake your ideas into reality! I'm somehwat limited and varied. Here are the things that I mainly do: - Megas/Primals (Can give me ideas for abilities and moves, in addition to looks) - Fighting Scenes (longer wait) - Characters from RPs (require...
  2. BonslyJuice

    Open Kinetic World: The Reboot Discussion

    Hey, guys! I'm re-making the Kinetic World RP here. I do apologize for not responding to people. I've been very preoccupied. If you would like to join, all you need to do is choose a kinetic ability form this list: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Kinetic_Abilities (List of Kinetic...