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  1. GalacticDeg

    Private/Closed Seven Together

    DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together-discussion.19768/ Jayden Chambers stepped out of Professor Oak's helicopter, holding his bag and looked around. The location was a flower-covered field, and in the close distance, a town. The town was probably Nuvema Town. The helicopter...
  2. Pokéboy098

    Ask to Join The Second Great Pokémon War Discussion: Sign up now!!!

    This is the discussion forum for The Second Great Pokémon War RP. This RP is about a scenario where a huge war happens in the Pokémon universe. This war pits certain regions against each other, and the actual RP takes place in one region. It can either be Sinnoh, Johto, Kanto, or Kalos. Vote on...
  3. GalacticDeg

    Ask to Join Seven Together (Discussion)

    ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together.19795/ STORYLINE Seven trainers are sent by each Professor to Unova's Nuvema Town. (B2W2 Pokemon) The Professors have spotted something odd there in Unova. What it is, they don't know. What they do know, is that the thing needs to be...
  4. PikaZ

    Teams for each Region

    What are your teams for each region? Mine are: Kanto: Mega Venusaur Mega Beedrill Aerodactyl Jolteon Tentacruel Mega Gengar Johto: Typhlosion Mega Ampharos Azumarill Furret Umbreon Skarmory Hoenn: Mega Swampert Hariyama Mega Manectric Absol Mega Altaria Mega Metagross Sinnoh: Torterra Staraptor...
  5. The Delivery Pancham

    Private/Closed Pokemon Journey through all the regions! Discussion

    This will be a private closed role play! This thread will be a private closed by the tenth of March! To join this roleplay you will need to sign up. And remember we are starting in Kanto! Remember you can put N/A Name: Gender: Hometown: Age: Hair: Eyes: Clothing: Identifying marks...
  6. Legitmoon

    Open The Deserted Region

    Note: I didn't post the page yet! The page will be up once all the spots are full! Also, this is a remake AND BETTER version of Survival Of Kanto. I accidentally did double posting and one liners, which I didn't know, so the page got locked. I'm deciding to do the same thing once again, but...
  7. BonslyJuice

    Open Pokèmon Ultraviolet Version: Where Universes Cross

    Hello everybody! My name is Lordpotatollama, but you can just call me Potato. I'm fairly new to the community, so I'd appreciate criticizm. Not hate or attacks, criticizm. There's a diff. ;3; ANYWAYS, this RP is in a timeline where Ash doesn't exist. You are a pokèmon trainer OR breeder OR Gym...
  8. GokuPT99

    Tenku Region RP: A New Region! (Ask To Join!)

    This Is A New Region! Not New Pokemons But New Gym Leaders, New Areas, New Trainers! New Teams To Fight! New Elite Four! And The New Leader! And A New Story! There Are Just 3 Starters, So I'll Accept One Other Person, Because My Friend GeekyFlareon We'll Be Joining This RP! Summary: In The...